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Mar 26, 2016

If you’re struggling with health challenges, unsure where to turn, and wonder why in the world your body is betraying you, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with neuropsychiatrist, physician, and medical intuitive, Mona Lisa Schulz, best-selling author of numerous books including The Intuitive Advisor and All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuiton

Today we’ll be talking about the connection between your body and your life, what injuries and illness are trying to tell you, how to listen, and what steps to take to get you healthier, happier, and pain or illness free again, beginning today.

That plus we’ll talk about gall bladders and green pants, hitting walls, accidental tourists, trauma Olympics, and why if the world ended today, there’d still be cockroaches, and Cher.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What she began writing when she was 5
  2. How long she had to keep her intuitive skills quiet
  3. What happened on her first day as a psychiatrist
  4. How she predicted someone’s gall bladder case before she even met the patient.
  5. How nurses could predict medical emergencies in advance
  6. How to learn to listen, or listen in your dreams, or look around for someone who looks unusual.
  7. What is ‘hamburger helper’ for intuition?
  8. How not listening to emotional intuition leads to having to listen to medical intuition
  9. Why it’s important to watch your mood and watch your body.
  10. Why medicative intuitives typically have a ‘screw loose’
  11. And why medical intuitives usually have poor health, or have had dramatic health challenges
  12. Book Clan of the Cave Bear from the 1980’s
  13. Why shaman’s are often not normal, or have abnormal health
  14. Why black sheep often have special gifts
  15. What is ‘The Song of the Soul’
  16. Why you don’t want to blame yourself for your health conditions
  17. Medical conditions help give you steering or guidance but aren’t there for blame or guilt.
  18. How to use the healing chart in Mona Lis Schulz’s book as a dashboard to tell you what’s going on with your body.
  19. How injuries and illness can be divided into seven energy or emotional centers
  20. How to read the ‘dashboard’ of your body to know how to take action
  21. What a rash or low bone density can tell you.
  22. What lights up when you’re having difficult with money or love
  23. Why people tend to have two lights at a time
  24. What lower back pain means
  25. What do problems with kidney’s and kidney stones mean?
  26. What’s the danger of retirement and kidney stones.
  27. What happen when a man loses power and money in the world what happens to his prostrate
  28. What passion and partnership means for your health
  29. What communication has to do with your health
  30. What perception has to do with health
  31. What spirituality has to do with your health
  32. What ADHD means from a medical intuitive perspective
  33. How to compensate with ADHD with nutritional supplements and herbs, but how to love your brain as it is as well.
  34. Where would you send someone if they have cancer?
  35. What it means if a life-threatening disorder is out of your control
  36. How Jung got in an argument with Freud over dreams and symbols
  37. How cats affect MonaLisa Schulz’s radio show, and Inspire Nation too!
  38. Why cats brought a snake into MonaLisa’s radio show, and what she did about it!
  39. Why you should use every symbol and every image to find out what it means
  40. When things are life-threatening look at 7th chakra and take a fearless inventory of your work
  41. Why you should write a life grant (proposal to your higher power) to your higher self
    1. How long you want to live
    2. What do you want to do
    3. What personel and financial support do you need, granted to you to achieve that purpose
    4. Dream – look around – look at animals – feng shui to declog energy – have a counselor or spiritual advisor discuss feelings – go to nutritional counselor – herbalist – and go to traditional main-stream medicine
  42. Why the book is called ALL IS WELL, Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition
  43. What would you do if you were a parent and a child was sick?
  44. To Have an Intuitive Reading or Learn More About Medical Intuition or call 207-846-6475, also teaches 7 day long intensive medical intuitive certification programs
  45. What can you tell us about toxic mold syndrome?
  46. What’s an effective treatment for allergies?

Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz Shows You How to Communicate With Your Body to Overcome Health Challenges, Heal & Grow Strong (And Save Your Life!), Using Medicine, Intuition, Nutrition, and Affirmations! As Seen On Oprah! Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help

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