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Our Goal’s to Help Change the World by Helping YOU to Shine Bright! Now one of the top self-help & spirituality shows in 193 countries w/a new inspirational, motivational, spiritual, law of attraction or health-oriented guest DAILY! Plus guided meditations! After overcoming 2 near-death accidents, Host Michael Sandler felt a calling to start a life-changing show to help you live the life of your dreams! Guests Include John Gray, Bob Proctor, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Anthony William, Arielle Ford, and countless more! Our goal is to leave you an ear-to-ear grin and an actionable plan to achieve your goals! Get ready to live your greatest life and to Shine Bright!
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Nov 5, 2016

If you’ve ever struggled with your health, whether energy and fatigue, blood sugar challenges, auto-immune disorders, heart-disease or more, then do we have the Magnesium Miracle show for you. 

Today I’ll be talk with Dr. Carolyn Dean, the undisputed magnesium queen of the world. She’s a global leader in the magnesium movement to help to heal all of us, and the award-winning author of at least 33 books, especially on magnesium including an all-time favorite of mine the Magnesium Miracle. 

And that’s what I want to talk with her about today, about discovering the missing link to total health, reducing the risk of heart-disease, preventing strokes and obesity, treating diabetes, and even improving mood and memory.

Health & Nutrition Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. What magnesium does for the bones
  2. How many people are magnesium deficient
  3. Why are we magnesium deficient
  4. Why more sunlight and vitamin d means we need more magnesium
  5. What’s going on with magnesium in the soil
  6. How can we tell if we’re magnesium deficient?
  7. What are magnesium deficiency syndromes
  8. Magnesium 101 and what it affects in the body
  9. Why magnesium may be the most important mineral in the body
  10. What we can learn from Tim Rusert’s heart-disease
  11. What does magnesium deficiency have to do with heart-disease
  12. How can magnesium help with infertility
  13. Can baby’s in utero be magnesium deficient
  14. How magnesium can help people with anxiety – and also depression
  15. EMpowerplus at
  16. What does magnesium have to do with asthma?
  17. How magnesium can help with muscle cramps and with periods and cramps
  18. How migraines can dramatically help with migraines and how headaches can be helped
  19. How topical magnesium can help with tendinitis and overuse injuries
  20. How Epson salts can help
  21. What is pico magnesium?
  22. What are the different type’s of magnesium and what works best?
  23. Can you take too much magnesium?
  24. What foods can help with magnesium?
  25. What can we learn about hypertension or high blood pressure and magnesium
  26. com or

Dr. Carolyn Dean – Top Signs You’re Magnesium Deficient, Why the Challenge & What to Do About It! Health | Fitness | Healing | Alternative Medicine | Nutrition | Inspiration | Motivation | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire

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Nov 4, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted more love, greater love, or to find the greatest love of your life, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Laura Berman, Nationally syndicated Radio show host and New York Times Best-Selling author of Real Sex for Real Women, and the author of Quantum Love, Use Your Body’s Atomic Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire.

And so today we’ll talk about quantum love what it is, how we can cultivate it, and ways to bring it into our lives, consider this show the law of attraction meets love.

That plus we’ll talk about the energy of kissing, the power of the number nine, why three minutes matter, and how in the world to manifest quantum sex.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What is an AFGE?
  2. What was Dr. Laura Berman’s dark night of the soul
  3. How it was predicted Laura was about to have a crisis
  4. Why Robert Ohotto suggested Laura Berman needed to ‘land her plane’.
  5. How ‘The Secret’ and the Law of Attraction affected Dr. Berman
  6. How Dr. Laura Berman went to see Therise Rowley, psychic intuitive
  7. How it turns out her son is clairsentient
  8. How she was able to repair the relationship with her eldest son while healing from breast cancer
  9. What was the seed for her healing?
  10. How she was forced to look at her fear and scarcity
  11. What she was forced to learn about from her cancer
  12. What were the inflammatory causes of her cancer
  13. How we’re essentially human tuning forks and what this means for our relationships and our emotions
  14. What Neurobiologist Jill Bolte Taylor who wrote ‘Stroke of Insight’ teaches us about ‘blank slate’
  15. What ‘home frequency’ and how it can change your life
  16. What the importance is of resonance and having people match you at your frequency
  17. What was Dr. Berman’s ah ha moment that started her down the road to Quantum Love
  18. What’s a Jedi-mind trick for your relationship
  19. How your vibrational frequency or ‘state’ can be quantifiably measured
  20. What is a quantum love map?
  21. How Dr. Michael Beckwith was woven into the Quantum Love Map.
  22. How do you get yourself unstuck from ego frequencies.
  23. What does it mean to get clear about what you want out of love – and how to manifest love
  24. How to manifest love when you want a relationship, or in a relationship (how to start at the end)
  25. Love’s Danielle Laporte’s Fire-Starter Sessions – and what happened on a particular New Year’s Eve
    1. What are your core-desired feelings? (Really important in the law of attraction world and the quantum love world)
  26. What are quantum love goals?
  27. Find out how you really want to feel in love
  28. Why it’s so important to put yourself in the time of imagining
  29. How you can move yourself into the frequency of your emotion to help bring about or manifest a match
  30. How to quantum match (entrainment) to overcome relationship difficulties
  31. How do we overcome limiting beliefs (which is typically the stopping point in the law of attraction)
  32. How to change our subconscious thoughts?
  33. What is Quantum Sex?
  34. What is mind-body-spirit pleasure?
  35. What does an ‘energy hangover’ mean for singles and sex?
  36. Why you may want to protect your heart if you’re having casual sex
  37. What’s the intention blessing and how does that help with your different sexual scenarios
  38. How a rose-quartz phallus helped someone to heal from deep emotional wounds
  39. What is the pink sparkly vagina?
  40. What is the energy of kissing?
  41. What is testicular breathing?
  42. How to understand your attention and the power of thoughts when it comes to sex and quantum sex (and what your chakras have to do with it)
  43. How to build a circle of energy to create a full body sensation for full body arousal and orgasm
  44. What is a fire-breath orgasm?
  45. What parents should teach their kids about quantum love (and quantum parenting)
  46. Where can people go to find out more – book, radio show (35 markets)
  47. Guided Open-Hearted Meditation (can also be a biofeedback system for yourself) 

Dr Laura Berman On The Secret & Law of Attraction for Love, Relationships & Better Sex! + Guided Meditation | Health | Fitness | Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Inspirational | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire

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Nov 3, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to shake things lose, improve your life, or step way outside of the box, then do we have the flip things on their head, show for you.

Today we’ll talk about how to break through your paradigms, find new paths, and discover new ways to succeed.

That plus we’ll talk about changing seasons, getting out of ruts, warmth-warmth, where’s the warmth, and what to do when your significant other’ is 10,000 miles away.

Paradigm Busting Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. What’s the benefit of getting rattled around every now and again
  2. What’s the importance of getting out of your paradigm
  3. What to do during a blue moment?
  4. What to do when you’re in the thick of the challenges?
  5. What’s the importance of growth and challenges?
  6. What we can learn from Pele on Hawaii?
  7. What discomfort is a gift in disguise
  8. Why tight and narrow doorways can be beneficial for our lives
  9. What it means to break through paradigms
  10. What it means to be hyper-optimistic
  11. What hyper-gratitude has to do with anything
  12. What is Ho’opono’pono
  13. What happened in a prison psychiatric ward in Hawaii through Ho’opono’pono
  14. What’s the importance of ‘this too shall pass’
  15. What it means to remain present through your challenges
  16. What’s a great Napoleon Hill exercise of going into your fears
  17. How running in the cold has been helping Michael
  18. Why going into your fears can be so healthy for you
  19. What barefoot running in the snow has to do with anything
  20. What’s the importance of relaxing into your fear and anxieties
  21. Why changing seasons is so beneficial for us
  22. Why it’s important to be forced to change your habits
  23. What to do when you’re going through a Dark Night of the Soul
  24. What’s the benefit of a gratitude list?
  25. To find more from CJ

CJ Liu on Busting Thru Paradigms, Shaking Things Up and Finding New Ways for Success! Health | Fitness | Career | Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Meditation | Inspirational | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire

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Nov 2, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to achieve great things, and enjoy the process along the way, then do we have the Fully Engaged Show for You!

Today I’ll be talking with best-selling author Thomas M. Sterner, accomplished musician and composer, and the best-selling author of The Practicing Mind, and his latest, Fully Engaged.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, how to use the Practicing Mind to accomplish our goals with ease and a sense of calm awareness.

That plus we’ll talk about butterfly brains, Laura Decker and sailing, a GPS gone awry, music theory class madness, the power of practicing golf, the little book that could, and an overnight success in only ten years flat, and why in the world you don’t want the stagehand to let the pianist in early!

Be Here Now (Mindfulness) Self-Help and Self-Improvement Topics Include:

  1. What does attachment and practice have to do with our lives
  2. Why we need to stop clinging to the goal
  3. What the real purpose of a goal is
  4. How to find joy in the process
  5. How he took a leap of faith from professional musician to piano technician extraordinaire
  6. How he got into golf and what it had to do with sports psychology and eastern thought
  7. What’s the importance of being in the present moment
  8. What being in the present moment can do for us
  9. Why golf is such a zen sport
  10. What was the goal of writing The Practicing Mind
  11. What the spirit of music did for him
  12. What’s wrong with the way people practice?
  13. What is Thought Awareness Training?
  14. What is a butterfly brain?
  15. What is present mind functioning?
  16. What’s it mean to be more biased to the observer?
  17. What’s the importance of procedures for flying a plane
  18. What’s the concept of ‘sterile concept’ for a pilot
  19. What’s the importance of meditation (what he calls thought awareness training)
  20. How to understand you are not your thoughts and that you are the ‘observer’
  21. How to use meditation to observe your mind
  22. Why are people better at meditation than we think
  23. Why he’s not a big fan of guided meditations
  24. What are perfect opportunities to practice
  25. Why ‘mistakes’ get a bad wrap
  26. Why we want to risk making mistakes
  27. What was a music class gone bad?
  28. What’s the importance of the question ‘and then what’?
  29. What did he learn from Laura Decker in her sailing around the world in her teens (made a movie on her – Maiden Voyage)
  30. What was learned from the process of his mother passing away
  31. What did he learn from his mom about love?
  32. What’s the importance of non-judgment to yourself
  33. How can we help parents to help their kids become fully engaged
  34. to find Fully Engaged, also, and email

Tom Sterner on How to Achieve Goals, Find Happiness & Be in the Here & Now, Plus Mindfulness & Meditation! Health | Career | Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Inspirational | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire

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Nov 1, 2016

If you’ve ever struggled to get things done, keep on top of your inbox, or keep from singing the to do blues, or the "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, If Only I Had the Time" shuffle, then do we have the time free, stress-reducing, show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with David Allen, the undisputed king and best-selling author of getting things done.

And that’s just what we’re going to talk with David about, how in the world do we get things done, without more pressure, more stress, more hours, and less life at the end of our days.

Plus we’ll talk about cleaning out our inbox, de-cluttering our lives, jumping chasms over weekends, and how in the world to move past amorphic blobs of undoability.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What David means by having 35 jobs by 35.
  2. How David Allen went from those 35 jobs to Lockheed, Palm Pilot, then GTD (Getting Things Done)
  3. How to leverage consciousness or tap in so we can work less
  4. How Getting Things Done is much more elegant and easier if you’re on a spiritual path (whether it’s the Tao, Buddha, or whichever it is)
  5. How David see’s the spiritual significance in everything AND how Getting Things Done helps us on our spiritual paths.
  6. Why things need to be stopped, renegotiated or completed…and how Getting Things Done helps you with the completion process.
  7. How Getting Things Done helps us have more freedom, more space, work less, and plug in more to intuition, heart, spirit, or whatever you want to call the higher source of that ‘small still voice’ or what guides us.
  8. What are 5 steps we engage in to get things under control
  9. Why getting things done is not about getting things done, it’s really about getting appropirately engaged with everything in your life so you’re totally present with it.
  10. Why GTD is ‘lean for your brain’
  11. How much time does it take to get Getting Things Done going (in home, business, or anywhere)
  12. How to free yourself from feeling overwhelming
  13. What’s an amorphic blob of undoability
  14. What’s wrong with a to do list?
  15. Why a to-do list is not really a to-do list
  16. What’s the problem with people’s to-lists and calendars
  17. How to take care of all of your ‘open loops’
  18. What’s great about mindfulness, but how to make things even easier
  19. Why you don’t want to meditate on cat food
  20. And what you want to make sure you do when you meditate to help you focus
  21. Using Inspire Nation as an example for Getting Things Done
  22. Why you want to get everything down to identify the open loops
    1. And how long you want to block off to do this
  23. Why it’s important to start with where people’s attention is, rather than where it should be.
  24. Why it’s important to break down the beginning steps of a project
  25. How David Allen discusses the Inspire Nation Club with Michael, and the importance of an “@Jessica List”
  26. Why you don’t want to use pop-ups to remind you of things
  27. Why there’s an inverse relationship between ‘on your mind’ and ‘getting done’
  28. Why you don’t need to meditate to figure projects out, but instead need to practice these techniques and ‘build the cognitive muscles’
  29. Why you want to start where you’re at.
  30. Why you want to get it all down so that you don’t have to over-structure, but can have information there ready to go if you need it.
  31. Where to start with your paperwork
    1. What’s an important algorithm to help you get through your paperwork.
    2. What’s a foolproof way to start filing?
    3. Why he’s a HUGE fan of a labelmaker “there’s magic to a labeler”
    4. The Dymo PNP labeler is the simplest.
  32. A quick way to begin to clean up email.
  33. How to do this with Gmail
  34. Why a lot of googlers use Getting Things Done (GTD)
  35. How to use gmail as a list-manager
  36. How to use your google-drive spreadsheet as your organizer
  37. What you can do to start today
  38. What’s the importance of writing things down
  39. What’s the importance of a list manager
  40. Why you want to buy David Allen’s Getting Things Done book
    1. The center of the book will help coach you through – it’s a manual for people.
    3. Also has seminars worldwide
      1. Russia
      2. India
      3. Brazil
      4. Europe
      5. Scandinavia
  1. How David has freed himself from time
  2. Why chill should be the new normal
  3. Why you want appropriately doing to be appropriately being (and what in the world that means)
  4. Why the most being people may also be the highest doing people
  5. A challenging invitation: What would you do if you had more space/time in your life…how would you use it???

David Allen, World Famous Time Management Expert, Shares Secrets Behind Getting Things Done While Reducing Stress & Anxiety, Increasing Freedom & Productivity! Inspiration | Spirituality | Business | Career | Entrepreneur | Health | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire

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