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May 31, 2016

If you’ve ever felt you’ve needed to shake things up, get out of your comfort zone, and discover who you are, what you’re made of, and what you can do in life, then do we have confidence building show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Roz Savage, likely the greatest female rowing adventurer of all times, and the author of Rowing the Atlantic, and Stop Drifting Start Rowing, One Woman’s Search for Happiness and Meaning Alone in the Pacific.

Today we’ll talk about stepping outside your comfort zone, serving a higher purpose, discovering your own inner strength, overcoming demons and finding the courage to continue, no matter what.

That plus we’ll talk about rowing naked, cheer me up chocolate, and the secret power of bean sprouts.


  1. Why there’s no ‘wrong kind’ of sunshine
  2. What got her interested in rowing, and rowing across the Atlantic (without the natural born fitness or athletic ability)
  3. What was the ‘real world’ like for Roz Savage
  4. How she worked as a management consultant for 11 years
  5. How she learned money wasn’t going to make you happy
  6. What is Carl Jung’s individuation, and how do you start finding out who you are and what’s your purpose.
  7. What exercise helped her shift her life.
  8. How she moved past the fear she was going to fail
  9. How an adventure backpacking in Peru helped change her life – after being influenced by the Celestine Prophecy
  10. How she beings learning to follow her intuition
  11. How meditation can help to keep us from being wrapped up in the drama of our lives
  12. What was Roz’s real-word experiment with meditation and Buddhist detachment
  13. What she learned from Deborah Veal
  14. What was her environmental awakening along with Roz’s personal awakening
  15. How her epiphany came for this rowing adventure
  16. What were the emotions like leading up to the race
  17. How she had felt like a real impostor in the past
  18. How scream therapy (or pillow thumping) can be very helpful, particularly on the open ocean
  19. What kept her going
  20. How you get the resilience to go through anything
  21. What it means to unmoor the boat
  22. ‘one cannot discover new oceans without having the courage to lose sight of the shore’ – andre Sheid
  23. Winston Churchill “success is your ability to go from failure to failure with no loss in enthusiasm”
  24. Who were mr. self-doubt, mr. criticual, and mr. competitive
  25. When did she start giving kindness and compassion toward herself?
  26. What happened when her satellite phone broke
  27. What Roz’s newest adventure is:
  28. What courage means
  29. and to find about about rowing go to and for coaching plus a ton of videos on youtube plus podcasts.
  30. What Carol Dweck and her growth mindset has to do with being more courageous
  31. Advice for kids to help them become more resilient, have more grit, and have more courage
  32. Why you never want to underestimate the importance of tiny choices and tiny actions
May 30, 2016

If you’ve ever read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, or wondered what the Secret to Success is, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Joel Fotinos, a winner of science and mind’s spiritual heroes of the year award, vice-president and publisher at TarcherPerigree, Napoleon Hill expert, the voice of 14 audio books including Think and Grow Rich and the Law of Success, a best-selling author and co-author with well over 120,000 books sold, and the publisher of a new favorite book of mine, the Road to Success: Putting the Principles of Think and Grow Rich Into Action In Your Life.

Today we’ll talk about the principles of napoleon hill and how to translate his words into your practical advice for your happiness and success.

That plus we’ll talk about the power of play, bushels of chestnuts, why calamity and failures a good thing, and perhaps the most creative way to get someone bedridden out of bed.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How Joel become a Napoleon Hill Junkie
  2. What financial disaster do for him
  3. How he came across Think and Grow Rich, and How Michael Sandler came across Think and Grow Rich
  4. What was an early takeaway from Napoleon Hill
  5. What’s the importance of a definite goal
  6. How did Joel begin figuring out his direction or aim
  7. How Joel overcame credit card debt from 23 credit cards
  8. How Joel wanted to become a millionaire and how he used the principles of Napoleon Hill’s Think and grow Rich to get out of credit card debt in three years.
  9. How he began to have faith
  10. Why the real work for him was switching around his lack thinking
  11. What was the Golden Rule Magazine
  12. How did Andrew Carnegie influence Napoleon Hill
  13. What did prayer mean to Napoleon Hill
  14. How did Up from Slavery by Booker T Washington, influence Napoleon Hill
  15. Why you’re not judged by what you’ve achieved, but the obstacles you’ve overcome
  16. How Napoleon Hill grew up in poverty with a primitive education and turned his life around.
  17. How Napoleon Hill pitches himself to General Ayres
  18. What’s the importance to Napoleon Hill in forgiveness?
  19. What’s the power of helping others
  20. What does Happiness have to do with Napoleon Hill
  21. Is Think and Grow rich hard work, or is happiness involved
  22. How Napoleon Hill describes happiness as a compass for determining what it is we want in life
  23. What’s Napoleon Hill think about the power of imagination?
  24. What does Edwin C. Barnes have to do with anything?
  25. Why Napoleon says bees are smarter than man
  26. How to take action to overcome obstacles, and what the great lessons are in your obstacles and every ‘failure’ you overcome.
  27. What can Roz Savage teach us about taking action; massive achievement through tiny incremental gain
  28. Why does Napoleon Hill believe self-control is so important
  29. What Napoleon Hill means by doing more than what you’re paid to do
    1. How the Golden Rule or the ‘law of retaliation’ is how to help others and succeeding in life
  30. What Amy Cuddy’s book presence says about interns which applies to what Napoleon Hill is sharing about being a go-giver (John David Mann) and helping others
  31. How do you think success to be successful?
  32. How autosuggestion is loading your mind, or flooding your mind with positive ideas (positivity) and positive action steps
  33. How do we use Napoleon Hill tools of autosuggestion?
  34. Why you may want one, two, or three goals in your life, and how to bring them about, even on a daily basis
  35. What’s the power of writing down our action steps, goals, and results each morning and each night
  36. What would Napoleon Hill say about kindness and compassion to yourself if you do slip up.
  37. How Road to Success can be useful for teen-agers and college students

Joel Fotonis, Napoleon Hill Editor & Expert Shows How to Put Think and Grow Rich Into Action For Success, Happiness & Wealth! + Guided Meditation! Business | Career | Spiritual | Spirituality | Entrepreneur | Self-Help | Motivational | Inspire

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May 29, 2016

Every once in a while a book comes along that makes me step back, or even snaps my head back, gently, but just a little bit. Usually it occurs with some goose-bumps or an Uggah-Buggah feeling that lets me know I’m on track, or that what I’m reading has some real truth behind it.

We’ll today we’re all in for a very special treat. I’ve just finished a new favorite spiritual book. It’s like Eckhart Tolle Meets Tony Robbins…which is a very strange thing to say. But I just read one of the most beautiful spiritual books I’ve ever read, and what like most about it isn’t just the messages, which are beautiful beyond belief, but the how-to aspect, which is often lacking in great spiritual books, plus the mantras included to help me let go, reprogram, and dust-off the connection to what’s always, already there. Mantras. I love the mantras!

And so today I have the real honor of having Matt Kahn on our show. He’s a spiritual visionary, and the amazing author of Whatever Arises, Love That.

Today we’ll talk about embracing our hearts, loving whatever arises, and moving beyond victim-hood to empowerment and even ending spiritual codependency. Plus we’ll look at what flocks of geese and jackhammers have to do with love, what brick walls have to do with enlightment, and why fish tacos may have a taste that’s beyond belief.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What was Matt’s early spiritual experiences he revealed to his good Jewish mom.
  2. What was Matt’s out of body dream experience at age 10
  3. What did Matt’s dad share with him about his dream?
  4. How do we move past spiritual co-dependency?
  5. How we can handle our energy sensitivity?
  6. Why what you are feeling is what’s being healed.
  7. Learning how to love what arises in our bodies.
  8. What destiny and free will really mean.
  9. How the choices we make affect the quality of our journey
  10. The importance of bringing a heart-centered approach into our life’s journey (including meditation)
  11. What happens when we give our hearts permission to open – our own personal love revolution
  12. How to become the source of our own love and approval.
  13. How do we begin to love ourselves and love all we are?
  14. How to make a personal love statement.
    1. What are the words that I never heard, or never heard enough of?
    2. How to rewire your mind and shift your mind for self-love
    3. Why your compassion and understanding for other grows when you begin to love yourself
  15. What to do when someone judges us?
  16. What if instead of trying not to judge, we use judgement to remind us to love our own heart!
  17. What it means “whatever arises love that”
  18. What sending love to geese and jackhammers has to do with loving what arises.
  19. What it means that “judgment is only next in line to being loved”
  20. How to realize that to live life in the biggest way, your choices determine the quality of your experiences.
  21. How do we handle over-active nervous systems?

Matt Kahn Shares The Life-Transforming Practice of Loving Whatever Arises for Greater Peace, Happiness & Success! Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Career | Meditation | Inspirational | Health | Self-Help | Improvement | Inspire

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May 28, 2016

If you’ve ever felt there’s more to life than meets the eye, or than the things you see around you, then do we have the eye-opening, paradigm-shifting, Toto, we ain’t in Kansas anymore, show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Dean Radin, the chief scientist at the institute for Noetic Science. And the award winning author The Conscious Universe (HarperOne, 1997), Entangled Minds and the 2014 Silver Nautilus Book Award winner, Supernormal.

Today we’ll talk about the science behind the paranormal, what’s been proven, what hasn’t, and why real science…and conclusions have been hijacked.

That plus we’ll talk about what Dean looks forward to in 2036, how to almost accidentally start World War III, what’s the importance of 10 million, billion, billion to one, and why you want to use a grapefruit as a sham-brain, what misfiring posterior parietal cortexes have to do with anything and what happened at the PK party.

Questions & Topics Include:

  1. How the book ESP, a Scientific Evaluation struck him.
  2. How he began to study Psi at the University of Illinois
  3. What is precognition and what were precognition tests
  4. How’d he almost start WWIII
  5. The Journal of Irreproducible Results
  6. Whats wrong with Wikipedia
  7. What is
  8. What’s going on with Psi research and why it is
  9. What Zootopia has to do with Yoga
  10. What yoga was really meant for
  11. How Yoga has opened people’s awareness
  12. Why scientists often miss what’s going on
  13. What’s going on with consciousness?
  14. What’s the science behind Psi
  15. What’s odds against chance mean?
  16. What is meta-analysis
  17. What’s the file drawer effect?
  18. What is precognition and what has Dean Radin studied
  19. What studies have been done on telepathy
  20. What’s the ganzfeld effect
  21. Why isn’t this studied in India
  22. What do psychologists commonly say about these phenomena
  23. How meditation can help
  24. What meditation (and yoga lore says) was originally intended for
  25. How meditation helps evoke this phenomena
  26. Why Tibetan Buddhism says ‘ignore the fireworks’ in meditation, but why you may need to pay attention to the fireworks
  27. What is remote viewing and how does it relate to clairvoyance?
  28. What do studies show about remote viewing
  29. What is idealism
  30. What does vipassana have to do with this?
  31. How do you find the Institute for Noetic Sciences or, and website

Dean Radin, PhD Shares the Mainstream Science Behind Your Hidden Paranormal Abilities From Precognition to Clairvoyance, ESP & More | Yoga | Spiritual | Spirituality | Psychic | Meditation | Tibetan Buddhism | Health | Career | Self-Help | Inspire

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May 27, 2016

Did you ever wish you could be happier right now, much happier? That life could be, well, happier in each moment, more puppies and roses, or that at least the sun could be shining more than half the time?

Well then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Tal Ben Shahar, a former Harvard pyschology professor and a leader in the field of positivity and happiness. He’s also the author of the best-selling book: Choose the Life You Want: The mindful Way to Happiness.

Today we’ll be talking about at least 10 key ways to CHOOSE Happiness in Each moment, plus the power of smiling and why we both do it before starting the show, plus why we might want to forgo that new Porsche, and instead head for Cabo pronto. Arriba!

Interview Topics Include:

  1. Got into studying happiness because wasn’t happy studying computers
  2. Generosity Brings Happiness
    1. There was a study that gave you money to go shopping
      1. Shoppers high had 1 day stick – then gone
      2. Those who were give money to instead give away, had more stick, even a week later
  • Hebrew word natan, palindrome, same word backwards, because of the relationship of giving and receiving
  1. Being Present Brings You Happiness
    1. Eric, Blind Home Designer
    2. Hellen Keller
    3. Brings happiness and boosts immune system
  2. Being in a state of Gratitude brings you happiness
    1. Hellen Keller was a consummate appreciator
  3. Being Present and Grateful is a super-powerful happiness duo
    1. What Barbara Frederickson calls heartfelt positivity – feeling good in the moment
    2. Einstein , either nothing is a miracle or everything is
  4. What are key ways to be mindful for happiness
    1. Like working out
      1. Can go to gym
      2. Or bring activity to everything
    2. Mindfulness
      1. Can meditate
      2. Or can make every moment a mindfulness practice
    3. Listening to someone contributes to their physical health
      1. Kids self-esteem is higher
      2. Also affects employees in workplace – sick less when listened to more by boss or colleagues
      3. One of best predictors of job productivity is the answer to “do you have a best friend at work” – having someone hear us out.
    4. Having Pets contributes to wellbeing and happiness
    5. In every moment can cultivate mindfulness
      1. Amy Cutty – Physical Posture
      2. Doing dishes can be mindful
      3. When eating –
    6. 5-10 minutes a day of mindful eating a day can improve our wellbeing
    7. Posture can improve wellbeing, happiness, and body chemistry
      1. High power pose –
        1. Rooster pose or big-shot pose
      2. Increases testosterone and reduces cortisol
        1. Demostrates confidence
      3. Weaker pose
        1. Increases stress hormones, decreases testerone
        2. Hunching forward at computer isn’t good for our psychology
      4. The permission to be human
        1. Allowing ourselves to experience any and all emotions
        2. Difficult of self-help gurus
          1. Can’t be happy all the time
          2. Cannot suppress or block emotions
        3. Allowing yourself to experience emotions
        4. The idea of the lucky person – phenomenon of luck and Dr. Wiseman
          1. More open
          2. Interpret events differently
        5. Be a benefit finder, not a fault-finder
        6. How to become more of a benefit finder
          1. Teach it
          2. Write about it
          3. Have reminders around you
        7. Bringing humor and lightness to your life
          1. The healing power of humor – Norman Cousins
            1. Prescribing humorous activities – the power of humor is remarkable
          2. Ellen Degeneres
            1. Combining Dance and Humor
          3. The Wonder Drug video on
            1. Ellen and TBD (Too Busy Disorder)
              1. So important to do less rather than more
            2. Changing our beliefs and the mind-body connection
              1. How do we shift those beliefs
              2. Carol Dweck –
                1. Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset – self fulfilling prophecy
              3. Having a fixed vs. a growth mindset
              4. Shoot for more positive experiences – even small experiences
                1. The value of experiences over goods
              5. Supporting a child’s dreams
              6. Spirituality – having a meaningful, purposeful experience
                1. See your work as significant or purposeful
                2. Doesn’t have to be in a great or big experience or ah ha moment, it can be in just about every moment of our lives.
              7. Happiness is in the details – in the minute-to-minute decisions we make
                1. Jon Kabat Zinn – wherever you go, there you are – being present to the experience


Tal Ben Shahar Positivity & Happiness Researcher from Harvard, Shows How to Get Happy in Each Moment Thru Mindfulness! Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Inspirational | Career | Meditation | Self-Help | Self-Improvement | Inspire

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May 26, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to live your truth, discover your purpose, and share your inner flame with the world, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking about finding your voice, your true authentic self for greater direction, confidence, happiness and contribution. We’ll talk about finding it through automatic writing, journaling, drawing, and other creative endeavors.

That plus we’ll talk about rumble rolls, running like grandpa, u-shaped valleys, a new hero, a plethora of podcasting, the meaning of 7 years, and a not-so-chance encounter with a red spotted newt.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How to find your voice
  2. What in the world is a red spotted newt?
  3. What it means when a reptile crosses your path?
  4. Why you want to watch out for ladybugs…and squirrels!
  5. The importance of getting moving and keeping your body moving.
  6. How to listen to your body
  7. How to find your voice and authentic self.
  8. How to find your voice through a spirit animal.
  9. How to find your body’s voice.
  10. Why you don’t want to die with the music still inside
  11. How to get your energy moving again
  12. How the day may come where you’re supposed to put yourself ahead of your spouse and kids—in other words the time to find your own voice
  13. When it’s time to trade a Maserati for a mini-van, and when it’s time to trade in the mini-van
  14. Which care are you any more?
  15. Why Tesla needs to bring back the roadster
  16. How a rumble roll can help.
  17. How to take 5 minutes an hour to take a break and get the body moving.
  18. How to make your business, work or career a moving meditation
  19. Why stepping away from the work, IS doing the work.
  20. How Jessica’s looking at how to reinvent herself, and how Michael’s looking at the next step for the show.
  21. Why automatic writing is so important
  22. What Todd Henry, Louder Than Words Has to say about finding your voice
  23. What the movie Chef can teach us – and why it’s so much fun!
  24. How early morning automatic writing, journaling or even drawing can help us find our voice.
  25. Christine Carter on The Sweet Spot
  26. How Dr. Bernie Siegel emanates love, and has a book on drawing, The Art of Healing
  27. What your dreams can tell you about your voice
  28. How we can use music to find their voice
  29. How music can set the stage to hear and be in a creative (intuitive) state – like meditation or guided meditation
  30. How shamanic ceremonies use music to take you on a meditative journey
  31. How we’re doing coaching for new podcasters to help people find their voice
  32. How Michael Sandler went silent while interviewing Aaron Baker
  33. The spiritual journey Aaron Baker has been on to go from a quadriplegic to riding his bicycle across the country, solo!
  34. A spiritual or intuitive challenge to try automatic writing each morning

Michael Sandler & CJ Liu discuss finding your inner voice, body, mind & soul, for greater health, fitness, happiness, wealth, creativity, joy & success! inspirational | motivational | spiritual | spirituality | meditation | self-help | self-improvement | guided meditation | Inspire

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May 25, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to have more confidence when talking, learn to speak in public, or at least not run for the hills when your name is called, then do we have the funny talking show for you!

Today I’ll be speaking with David Nihill, know affectionately by his stage name Irish Dave, about one of my new favorite public speaking, AND standup comedy books, Do You Talk Funny.

We’ll discuss his one year stunt to go from scared stupid of public speaking, to hosting a business conference, regularly performing stand-up comedy, and winning story-telling competitions in front of packed houses…all by studying some of the best public speakers in the world: stand up comedians. (Fantastic knowledge for self-improvement!)

That plus we’ll talk about Shakin Steven’s, poking sharks, and why you don’t want to give a macbook pro to a goat…unless he’s a good typist.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How a cliff-jump ended with a trip to the vet
  2. Arash Bayamakou Ted Talk – Arash Bayatmakou | TEDxMarin - YouTube
  3. Who was Shakin’ Stevens?
  4. What his lunatic plan was become a better public speaker
  5. AJ Jacobs style or Tim Ferris style for a 1 year project.
    1. 1 year pretending to be an accomplished comedian and seeing how far he can get
    2. Pretty much 1 year of lunacy
  6. How’d he become Irish Dave?
  7. What’s an estrogen entrée with a side of balls
  8. How you don’t necessarily overcome fears (such as stage fright or public speaking), but you manage them.
  9. What Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule (and Anders Ericsson) has to do with deliberate practice and improving.
  10. How he was learning from the best, and reviewing each show immediately afterwards
  11. Why the best Ted Talk speakers always learned from comedians
  12. What laughs per minute has to do with successful Ted Talks and business talks
  13. Why Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk is the most viewed Ted Talk of all time.
  14. What he learned from Seth Godin who’s great as a business speaker
    1. How Seth Godin is funny in part from using visual content
  15. How to make a laugh
  16. How do we craft a story.
  17. Why you want to get feedback from your audience
  18. How to figure out what’s behind funny
  19. What’s the Power of 3?
  20. What do chimps, pop tarts and words with k?
    1. Jerry Seinfeld Pop Tart YouTube Video: Seinfeld Pop Tart video
  21. Why a tight five’s much better than a sloppy 15
  22. What does Hand Movement have to do with Ted Talks
    1. How hand movement is linked to the virality of Ted Talks online
      1. Kermit Panic Video
    2. Joshua Foer Memory Champion, author of Moonwalking with Einstein, and his memory palace
    3. Why don’t you want to pet the hamster?
    4. How do you practice your talk?
    5. How do we embrace the fear of public speaking
    6. How he gave a Ted Talk to Arash
    7. His book: Do You Talk Funny,, get 80 tips from the book free
    8. How he performed for NPR’s the Moth…and made it to the finals in the competition!
    9. How Dave Chapelle practices
    10. Why we should have John Acuff on the show, and why he’s one of the funniest business speakers.
    11. How President Obama is using comedy
    12. David Nihill’s Moth Talk

David Nihill On Lessons Learned from 1 Year Challenge to Overcome Public Speaking Fear Thru Stand-Up Comedy! Ted Talk | Moth Talk | Business | Career | Spiritual | Spirituality | Success | Inspirational | Motivational | Mindful | Mindfulness | Happiness | Self-Help | Self-Improvement | Inspire

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May 24, 2016

If you’ve ever heard, read, or watched a movie about Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction, then do we have a special show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award Winning Historian, and the author of Occult America, and the vice-president, executive editor, and director of backlist and reissues at TarcherPerigree. He is also the author of a fascinating new book on Positive Thinking “ One Simple Idea.

Today we’ll talk about what Positive Thinking, New Thought, and the Law of Attraction really is, where it came from, how it came about, what’s real about it, and what isn’t, and how we can all use it to transform our lives.

That plus we’ll talk about hardware stores and milk, heart shaped pink buckets, and how we can transcend our cake and eat it too.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What book Elvis’s hair stylist gave him?
  2. How Elvis read books by Earnest Holmes, Madame HP Lebatsky, Manley P. Hall
  3. Gave him a copy got a copy of the Impersonal Life from Joseph Benner
  4. What do we do if we’re stuck in a 9 to 5 job?
  5. What’s a great book to discover your purpose?
  6. Why you want to read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich
  7. Bill Wilson and Bob Smith, co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous and Ebby Thatcher
  8. How do you help someone to find their one thing and light the fire underneath them
  9. How to get the subconscious working for at night or at any time through the day.
  10. Why we don’t want to blame ourselves for negative events…and why we don’t want to interpret Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret in this way.
  11. What you want to do if someone (or you) is sick.
  12. What is a D-Day approach to healing (including, but not limited to the spiritual and meditative side of things)
  13. What do we need to know about Wallace D. Wattles author of The Science of Getting Rich
  14. What can we learn about Ralph Waldo Emerson and the New Thought movement
  15. What is the definition of New Thought (Positivity and New Age and metaphysics movement)
  16. What it means that thoughts are causative – that thoughts become things
  17. Where did the Law of Attraction come from and when did it first come about?
  18. What Andrew Jackson Davis has to do with the Law of Attraction
  19. Who were the first new thought writers to talk about ‘what you think about you bring about
  20. Prentice Mulford and his book Your Forces and How to See Them. (also used by Christian D. Larsen)
  21. What is Hermeticism? (From Alexandria and Egypt in the time after Christ)
  22. What Greeks have to do with the positivity movement?
  23. Why ESP research has been hijacked, when there’s good literature and proper science behind it.
    1. JB Rine who had an ESP lab at Duke for several decades and did several hundred thousand trials
  24. What ESP has to do with positivity
  25. Why New Thought was originally focused around healing and then why it shifted in this country
  26. What can we learn from Earnest Holmes?
  27. Why Neville Goddard is Mitch’s personal favorite.
  28. What can we learn from Norman Vincent Peale?
  29. Who was American’s evangelizer of the positive
  30. What did Ronald Reagan have to do with positivity and positive thinking metaphysics
  31. How Reagan made positive thinking metaphysics mainstream Americanism.
  32. Who gave birth to the whole field and business of audiobooks today.
  33. What can we learn from Earl Nightingale and The Strangest Secret
  34. Where the Dr. Demartini statement ‘What we think about and thank about we bring about’ (Law of Attraction!)
  35. How do we transcend our cake and eat it too?
  36. How important is the meaning behind each word we chose to use.
  37. What’s wrong with the term ‘enlightenment’?
  38. How Mitch just wrote the article “Is there a right way to affirm” for Science and Mind Magazine
  39. Is there a best way to think and to pray?
  40. What’s it mean in New Thought or positivity to ‘think from the end’
  41. What are pink heart-shaped buckets?
  42. What did Rod Sterling of the Twilight Zone give us?
  43. What can William James tell us?
  44. What are some of Mitch’s most powerful personal practices?
  45. What’s the importance of expressing gratitude?
  46. What strange habit Michael and Mitch share on journaling
  47. What’s the power of writing down goals
  48. What’s the power of a 3 PM prayer
  49. Why Aldous Huxley felt kindness was the powerful tool
  50. What’s the importance of radical forgiveness
  51. Why it’s so important to abstain from humiliation
  52. What are a few more of his top must reads
    1. Resurrection by Neville Goddard
    2. William James Essay “Is Life Worth Living”
    3. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich
    4. The Power of Your Super Mind by Vernon Howard
  53. One Simple Idea is now out on paperback – Occult America also available wherever books sold
  54. Can find more at or on google put in Mitch Horowitz
  55. How there is a vast family tree behind new age, new thought, and positivity have such a rich and powerful history
  56. Guided Positive Thinking Law of Attraction Meditation

Mitch Horowitz Shares the Power of Positive Thinking & Law of Attraction from Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Earnest Holmes, Norman Peale, Neville Goddard, Earl Nightingale + Guided Meditation! Health | Business | Career | Self-Improvement | Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help | Inspire

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May 23, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to end the war with money, make peace with prosperity, and bring more wealth and ease into your life, then do we have the awakened show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with The Secret’s Dr. Joe Vitale, best-selling marketing and spirituality author, speaker, and coach, and author of a new instant favorite of mine for prosperity and healing our relationship with money, once and for all, The Awakened Millionaire.

So today we’ll talk about laying down our arms, making a truce, and discovering how to change our relationship with money and become awakened millionaires.

That plus we’ll talk about looking for butterflies, the power of push hands, sending cookies to debt collectors, the Incredible Hulk, JC Penney and the Golden Rule, and what a 1955 Gullwing Mercedes has to do with anything.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How Joe Vitale got into Rock and Roll – Playing it, That is!
  2. What he did to become a professional musician
  3. What are a few key secrets to success & career / business secrets to success
  4. How the people around you can help elevate you
  5. How Dr. Joe Vitale got started
  6. How Dr. Joe Vitale got into manual labor young…and what it taught him!
  7. How we become programmed for a scarcity mentality
  8. How college (Kent State) didn’t work for him
  9. How Dr. Joe Vitale became homeless, and what his subconscious had to do with it.
  10. How did he begin to re-write the script for himself.
  11. Why we’re at war with money
  12. What is wrong with the quote “money is the route of all evil”
  13. How does soul + money = more soul + more money
  14. How to merge spirituality with the material
  15. Why Walt Disney really wanted to make money from his movies (and have success from them)
  16. What’s the real meaning of a “millionaire”
  17. What are counterintentions and what is the secret in his life
  18. What’s missing from The Secret and causing the Law of Attraction to work?
  19. How intentions truly work
  20. What does fear and butterflies around success mean?
  21. How is surrendering a high spiritual act?
  22. What we can learn from the pianist Mitch Van Dusen
  23. How to look at negatives positive success
  24. What’s the big challenge with perfection
  25. What is the power or importance of speed and taking action
  26. Why speed is one of the missing secrets for getting results and success in life
  27. Why Jack Canfield says ‘action’ is in the word ‘attraction’
  28. What it means to co-create our reality
  29. Why the energy behind ‘good ideas’ can disappear if you hesitate
  30. How do we know when intuition strikes whether it’s a good idea or you’re going too far?
  31. How discern the difference between intuition and intellect
  32. What a billionaire suggests about your ideas
  33. Why we’re not thinking big enough, even Joe Vitale
  34. What Joe marvels about PT Barnum
  35. What’s the victim mentality we need to get past?
  36. Why it is what you accept?
  37. What does it mean to anchor in love and gratitude?
  38. Why Arnold Patton says the sole purpose of money is to express gratitude
  39. How to transform your relationship with money today!
  40. How to make your relationship with money based on gratitude
  41. Why we should look for butterflies with our reticular system (something he discussed in the Awakened Millionaire)
  42. How did use his reticular activating system to manifest a 1955 Gullwing Mercedes
  43. What is a 4D mystical adventure into the field of all possibilities to use the law of attraction
  44. What advice for parents to teach kids about money
  45. Why Dr. Joe Vitale is an inspiration adventurer
  46. Where to find the Awakened Millionaire
    1. The portal sight or
  47. A short guided meditation that can help lead to an awakening
  48. How to become an awakened millionaire!

Dr Joe Vitale from The Secret Shares How To Use the Law of Attraction to Become an Awakened Millionaire for Success, Happiness & Wealth + Guided Meditation! Inspiration | Motivation | Business | Career | Health | Fitness | Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help | Inspire

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May 22, 2016

If you’ve ever felt scared, struggled, or been at wits end with your life circumstances and how to make through the challenges, then do we have the ahhhhh bringing show for you.

Today I’ll talk with Mary O’Malley, author, counselor, and a leader if the field of awakening according to Neal Donald Walsh, Sharon Salzberg Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, and many, many more. She’s also the author of a beautiful new book, what’s in the way IS the way.

And today we’ll talk about transforming fear into clarity, healing beliefs that get you stuck, and moving through struggle into living fully in life.

That plus we’ll talk about the power of breath, butterflies and aliens, what we can learn from picking a strawberry, the YOU turn, I see you vs. the ICU, and why monsters sometimes have pink fingernails.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What’s a black ball of struggle?
  2. How she was a failure at life because she was even a failure at suicide
  3. How her belief shifted from believing she was bad and she was wrong
  4. Why the heart says there’s nothing to be fixed.
  5. How the heart-brain (such as the work from the Heart-Math Institute) views the world.
  6. How we can see our addiction to struggle
  7. What are the spells our brain is under
  8. How do we use our heart brain to move past fear
  9. How to move past the 65000 thoughts we have today (that are typically glued together with fear and judgment)
  10. How to follow the thread of our compulsions.
  11. She wrote ‘The Gift of Our Compulsions’ why our compulsions are our gifts
  12. How there’s such an intelligence in the universe
  13. How to move past dread
  14. How to move past the belief that you’re not doing life enough, or doing it right enough
  15. What are the three hidden spells of life?
  16. Why we feel we’re wrong, unworthy or bad
  17. What is the greatest fear of all human beings
  18. What’s the “you turn”
  19. What it means to be given the exact set of circumstances you need (from Eckhart)
  20. Why the challenges are part of the process, whether financial, physical, relational, or compulsions
  21. Why life is set up to bring up what has been bound up…
  22. What would life be like to realize that your financial difficulties
  23. How to fix your financial difficulties by healing your heart
  24. Why Pema Chodron, the Buddhist nun says “when something has taught you everything it’s here to teach you, it will leave”
  25. Why it’s so important to be able to listen to ourselves - a mindfulness practice
  26. How to learn how to work better with your child/children
  27. Maya Angelou – if you want to raise really healthy and grounded children, have your eyes light up at least once a day when we come in the room.
  28. How to learn to light up with ourselves
  29. (telegroups, skype appointments, cds, books)
  30. Also
  31. How to heal the wars inside of you to be a healing presence, to heal our world, one person at a time.
  32. A brief guided meditation / visualization

Mary O’Malley Shares How to Move Past Struggle, Heartache & Pain and Find Joy & Happiness in Each Moment! + Guided Meditation! Inspiration | Spiritual | Spirituality | Career | Health | Buddhism | Mindfulness | Positivity | Self-Help | Law of Attraction | Inspire

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May 21, 2016

If you’ve ever been sick, injured, anxious or found yourself unable to heal, then do we have the healing show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Amy B. Scher energy therapist, a leader in the field of mind-body-spirt healing, and author of a very special book, How to Heal Yourself When No One Else can.

And that’s what we’ll be talking about today, how to heal yourself from the inside out, what it means, what it looks like, how to do it, and how it can empower and transform your life.

That plus we’ll talk about Indian IV’s, Tina Turner Chanting, The power of Graceful begging, the bird by bird chant, an obsession with sticky notes, and when it’s time to leave yoga-land gracefully.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can
  2. How to heal yourself from the inside out
  3. What was life like as a marketing director for Harley Davidson
  4. How she went on Harley Davidson Runs and Rally’s
  5. 2005 started having severe sympotms
  6. Struggled for 2 years before being diagnosed with chronic lyme disease
  7. How much pain she was in, even trying to lay on the couch
  8. How’d she end up going to New Delhi
  9. How did she keep going?
  10. How we keep going with whatever we find when we have nothing
  11. How she was after the 9 week stem cell program
  12. How she healed for a few years
  13. How the symptoms began to return
  14. How traditional Chinese medicine helped
  15. How she shifted to feel ‘treatments’ weren’t the answer
  16. What Dr. Shrof in India kept telling her, that began to ring true
  17. How she was a positive person, but it was a lot more than positivity
  18. How Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine, and Dr. Bruce Lipton, Caroline Myss, Louis Hay made her realize she needed ‘more to make a shift’
  19. How the answer didn’t come from The Secret or studying the Law of Attraction.
  20. What playwright Katori Hall said
  21. Why you’re not in need of self-help but in need of self-love
  22. Dr. Joe Vitale talked about blocks to prosperity and how blocks to healing are similar blocks
  23. What’s a stress mess
  24. What is the triple-warmer meridian from Chinese medicine
  25. What’s the spiritual and healing power of surrender
  26. Why surrender does not mean you’re giving up.
  27. How does chanting help and what’s the chant she learned that Tina Turner does on YouTube.
    2. It’s called Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
  28. What are her favorite chants for healing
  29. What is graceful begging prayer?
  30. What does it mean to correct your polarity and what is grounding?
  31. How an Earthing mat can help
  32. How to crossover your meridians
  33. Donna Eden – Energy Medicine pioneer teaches many ways to do that.
  34. What is thymus tapping
  35. Having kids tap or thump their thymus to help them feel better or more grounded
  36. How she uses the positive power of sticky notes
  37. What are some favorite messages, mantras and quotes she puts on sticky notes
  38. A bit on how to install positive emotions in her body through sticky notes
  39. How Dr. Imoto showed that words, energy, meaning and emotions are interconnected.
  40. What Amy Scher’s version of journaling is (very law of attraction, manifestation, The Secret oriented)
  41. How can tapping and muscle-testing help
  42. What’s the meaning behind some key symptoms
  43. What does an essential tremor or hand problem mean?
  44. Meaning behind tinnitus or ear problems or ear infections
  45. Meaning behind gall bladder problems or needing a gall bladder removed
  46. What’s the meaning behind migraines
  47. What is linked to headaches?
  48. How does frustration and anger show itself?
  49. What’s the meaning behind extreme cramps and endometriosis
  50. What’s the meaning behind uterus problems
  51. What do leg challenges mean
  52. What’s the difference in meaning between the left and right side.
  53. What’s the meaning behind immune system challenges
    1. Dysfunction of the immune system
    2. Autoimmune disorders and lupus
  54. What’s the meaning behind heart disease and heart challenges
  55. What’s the meaning behind insomnia and sleep related conditions
  56. What’s the meaning behind adrenal challenges and fatigue?
  57. What’s the meaning behind thyroid conditions?
  58. How do we use muscle testing to gain awareness?
  59. What are her favorite muscle testing techniques?
  60. What’s muscle testing 101 as a healing technique
  61. To find out more on tapping, check out our interviews by Dr. Dawson Church
  62. How Thymus Tapping (the Thymus test and tap) can help us to find stuck emotions and clear them out.
  63. Advice for parents
  64. to find the book, and an online course
  65. What we can learn from Aaron Baker a quadriplegic who healed himself and who we had on the show
  66. What is the sweep guided meditation?
  67. A brief version of the sweep guided meditation

Amy B  Scher shares secrets to heal yourself, overcome pain, injuries, chronic illness thru meditation, energy medicine, chanting, tapping …! Includes heart disease, migraines, lyme & lupus | Inspiration | Motivation | Health | Healing | Law of Attraction | The Secret | Self-Help

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May 20, 2016

If you’ve ever had your life touched by a pet, a friends pet, or even heard of someone’s life being completely transformed by the love of, or for an animal, then do we have a special treat for you.

Today we’re talking with Dr. Bernie Siegel, the best-selling author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles. He’s one of the most well known doctors there, who talks about humanizing medicine, compassionate care, and the choice to live fully and die at peace. In 2011, Bernie was honored by the Watkins Review of London, England, as one of the Top 20 Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet

Of course, he’s also the author of the newly release Love, Animals and Miracles a book that speaks to my soul.

Today we’ll talk about the healing power of love and animals, how they’re much more than just furry or scaly creatures, and how they have an almost magical power to transform our lives and fit in, in our crazy world. If you’re looking for inspiration, or a smile, then today’s celebration of animals and the love and miracles they always bring is for you!

I can’t wait to hear the stories he’ll tell!

Notes from Interview Include:

  1. Why Dr. Siegel is a Jungian Surgeon
  2. Why a mechanical approach to medicine is broken
  3. Why animals always come from the heart
  4. What he learned from his pets
    1. House rabbit
  5. Past regression – once killed with a sword, now heal with a sword
  6. Animals all get along as family
  7. Even a turtle and fish became best buddies!
  8. You can communicate with animals
  9. Animals speaking to us
  10. Animals at Nursing Homes
  11. Animals healing us - the healing power of animals
  12. Healing vibration of cats – the purring
  13. Petting an animal changes your chemistry
  14. People recover from heart surgery better if go home to a pet
  15. For single women – get a dog, take a walk, you’re more likely to meet a guy
  16. Cats, Laptops, and Keyboards
  17. Being called to animal shelters
  18. Animals passing away and the messages they give us
  19. Furfy passing away – animals passing away in their sleep
    1. Wants animals to be surrounded by love, with us when passing away, not at the vets, it’s a much simpler transition
  20. Animals coming back “reinpregnating” vs. reincarnation
  21. Animals are here to teach us, and they become family.
  22. Save the worms!
  23. What saving a turtle, the FBI, and guns have to do with each other.
  24. Jackson Chameleons
  25. Monty the snake
  26. How do animals help us to heal?
  27. Having an animal to care for forces our bodies to heal – particularly for seniors!
  28. “The still pond” the mindful experience, or mindfulness experience of having a pet
  29. We need to learn from our animals how to be in the present moment
  30. Don’t focus on what’s not right, but focus on what IS right.
  31. Why you should name a pet Sex.
  32. Miracle Oscar and recovery from cancer
  33. The healing power of touch
  34. The power and importance of body memories
    1. Transplants and body memories
  35. Plus much, much more!!!

Dr. Bernie Siegel, Holistic Pioneer & Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles, Shares Inspiring Stories of How Pets Heal & Transform Our Lives! Inspirational | Happiness | Inspiring | Spirituality | Spiritual | Mindfulness | Health | Healing | Self-Help

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May 19, 2016

If you’ve ever wondered what am I doing, where am I going, or where in the world am I supposed to go from here, then do we have the directional show for you!

Today we’ll be talking about finding direction and purpose in your life. Where to look for it, how to spot the signs, how to make decisions and turn it into something real.

That plus we’ll talk about newsletter terror, kitties touching butts, eggs crying fowl, and why spending Sunday’s editing, is the greatest gift in the world.

Questions and Topics Include!

  1. How to train feral cats
  2. What kind of animal are you?
  3. Dr John Demartini from The Secret – "What I think about and thank about I bring about" (Law of Attraction) what do your values have to do with your purpose?
  4. What’s the difference between social norms and values
  5. How lacks in your life can help you discover your purpose
  6. What’s the power of linking
  7. What your personal space can tell you about your values
    1. What’s in your space, time, schedule
  8. What John David Mann can teach us about being a go-giver rather than a go-getter (and why the more you give, the more you get back)
  9. Aaron Hurst and The Purpose Economy – why it’s all about purpose
  10. The power of loving yourself and self-compassion
  11. How helping others in any facet by making yourself happy you bring more happiness to everyone
  12. Why we need to let go of judgment and thinking we’re a bad person
  13. What’s the mindful meditation practice to ‘just be’
  14. How being on-purpose is a heart-opening experience
  15. How your scale of time changes depending on what you’re doing
  16. How losing track of time is a good indication of being ‘on track’
  17. What Christine Carter, author The Sweet Spot can teach us to help us be on purpose.
  18. How to buy yourself the time (time management and mindfulness) to pause and be with yourself
  19. Several powerful time management tips including from David Allen of Getting Things Done to balance structure and flow
  20. What it means to front-load and buy freedom
  21. How front-loading as a time-management tool can buy you peace
  22. How we’re broadcasting love and happiness
  23. What the Journey of the Soul by Shepherd Hoodwin (also Shamanic Astrologer By Daniel Diamario ) can teach us about finding our purpose.
  24. What are the different categories of people (related to people’s purpose)
  25. What Therese Rowley author Mapping a New Reality can teach us about finding our purpose.
  26. What happened with Dr. John Demartini on the beach, and how he was influenced by Paul Bragg of Bragg’s Apple-Cider Vinegar.

Michael Sandler & CJ Liu Discuss Tools from The Secret’s Dr John Demartini (Mr Law of Attraction) & John David Mann for Finding Purpose + Business & Time Management Tools to Get Things Done! Inspirational | Motivational | Happiness | Meditation | Mindfulness | Meditation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Career | Self-Help

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May 18, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to be more observant, accurate, present, make better decisions, or take your game to a whole new level, then do we have the enhancing show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Amy Herman, lawyer, art historian and the founder of the the Art of Perception course, which trains doctors, police officers, the FBI, the military, state department, and fortune 500 companies; and author of a perspective changing new book, Visual Intelligence, Sharpen Your Perception, Change Your life.

Today we’ll be talking about strengthening your perceptions, helping you see things more clearer, find the answers you’ve been looking for, and articulate them in ways to get things done…plus the powerful words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, why when you change the way you look at things, the things look at change.

That plus we’ll look at an orangutan named Kevin, a gorilla in our midst, refrigerator blindness, keeping your head on a swivel, gemba walks, pick-pocketing the secret service, and how in the world to keep a secret from a flight attendant?

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. Visual Intelligence & Perception and the Art of Perception Course –
  2. From Dr. Wayne Dyer – Why when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
  3. How going along with police officers when in Law School changed you
  4. How did she end up ‘shooting’ someone at a conference
  5. What Men in Black has to do with Visual Intelligence
  6. Why you don’t want to mess with the mama-gene
  7. What does Motel soap (Derek Kayongo) have to do with anything?
  8. What does it mean to be visually curious
  9. What is situational awareness?
  10. How did the idea come to her to start teaching art work to medical students – originally a Yale program.
  11. The story behind Dr. Marc Silberman and Art History
  12. What wilting flowers can tell a health service provider
  13. What was a bold phone call to the NYPD after 911.
    1. “Hi, I’m Amy Herman, and I have a great idea…”
  14. Why Alexander Graham Bell says “we’re all to often walking through life with our eyes shut”
  15. How visual intelligence improves your awareness even after mindfulness or mindful training
  16. What it means to run in HD (Mindfulness Running)
  17. Myth-busting and a talking orangutan (who is on a Ted talk!)
  18. How our perception changes all the time and we don’t even realize it.
  19. How we all view the world from different vantage points.
  20. How do you keep a secret from the flight attendant
  21. How do we rethink our communications of our perceptions
  22. What we can learn from Michele Gielan, positivity researcher and author of Broadcasting Happiness
  23. How Amy Herman encourages people to embrace our visual world
  24. Why Beyonce scolded a fan
  25. What’s potentially wrong with taking photographs of pictures at art museums
  26. How cameras can take us out of the present moment, or out of being mindful
  27. How digital technology gives us an excuse not to interact with other people, or not to be mindful or present
  28. An inspiration of hers Apollo Robbins, a professional con-man ‘deception specialist’ who works on the right side of the law
  29. What’s the biological bias or survival mechanism.
  30. How do we increase our visual awareness
  31. What Dr. Michael Merzenich, the father of brain plasticity, says about walking (and knowing) your own neighborhood
  32. What we can all learn from 911 in New York City
  33. How to lay the groundwork before bringing subjectivity in
  34. What is Renshaw’s cow?
    1. Samuel Renshaw who worked with Navy Pilots in WWII
  35. What can we learn from the Kenyan Westgate Mall incident
  36. What we can learn from Jesse Itzler and Living with a Navy Seal.
  37. What she’s learned from taking US Special Ops Forces into Art Machines
  38. What is refrigerator blindness?
  39. What we’ve all mistaken about Michelangelo’s David
  40. Why everything deserves a second look
  41. What are the three R’s?
  42. What’s the concept from Toyota of being in the place (or being mindful) and going to the problem.
  43. What happened with her editor Eamon Dolan
  44. Advice for parents for conversations with their children to increase their perception or visual intelligence
  45. More about program at and book at

Amy Herman’s Shares Secrets Taught the FBI, Special Forces, Law Enforcement & Doctors to Increase Visual Intelligence to Transform Your Life!  Art of Perception | Happiness | Mindfulness | Meditation | Business | Career | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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May 17, 2016

If you’ve ever been told anything you wanted to achieve was impossible, whether your health, your wealth, career, family, sports, business, arts, or otherwise, then do we have the one-in-a-million show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Aaron Baker, a true hero of mine, who also happens to be one of the most able-bodied recovering quadriplegic athletes, business owner’s and inspiring people out there. Since his injury, he’s walked 20 miles across death valley, ridden his bike not once, but twice across the country. Go-carted, mountain biked, and does more in a day that doctors say was ‘impossible’ than most people will do in a lifetime.

And that’s what I want to talk with him about today. About believing in yourself no-matter what the experts tell you to achieve the impossible…or at least give it your best shot! We’ll talk about getting started, overcoming odds, and going after your dreams, like there’s no tomorrow.

That plus we’ll talk about pink training wheels, mountain-biking mammoth, go-karts and red bull, and why having your toe-nails painted all the colors of the rainbow, just may be the greatest gift in the world!

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. Overcoming Odds
  2. How happy he was getting his first motorcycle at age 3
  3. How he won Nationals and the World Championship
  4. How Ego and Confidence blended
  5. How he had the mindset to win, or the psychological edge over his competition
  6. How he was in the zone, space, flow, where he was almost invincible
  7. How seeing a quadriplegic friend completely unnerved him (who later became very successful with a family and working for Oracle)
  8. How his subconscious knew or was foreshadowing his accident
  9. What happened on the day of the accident
  10. Pre-race and new gear rituals he would do
  11. What happened while testing his racing motorcycle
  12. How did he keep breathing after he fell
  13. How he was peaceful with the experience and just allowed it to unfold.
  14. What was his Near Death Experience (NDE) while in the hospital
  15. How he’s come back through gratitude
  16. How he was so fortunate to have a ferocious (fierce) mother that was on his side for an optimal healing environment
  17. How his mom brought in nature music for his health
  18. Why he wouldn’t change a thing
  19. How he was allowing love to flow naturally
  20. Why all we can do with our lives is to share ourselves and ‘give it away”
  21. Why he had to stay so mindfully in the present, in the day-to-day, present moment
  22. How he was so mindful and present – which he needed in order to survive and then to heal
  23. How to stay in the moment (mindfulness) and work on one flicker or improvement at a time
  24. How having his toenails painted all the colors of the rainbow helped him turn inward, visualize and picture his toes moving again (how he used visualization and meditation to help himself to literally rewire himself!)
  25. How he used the law of attraction and visualization to start “rewiring and re-firing”
  26. How water helped him to heal (and how scary it was being put in the water the first time)
  27. How he was asking for more whenever he got treatments
  28. What a clean slate means, and what it truly means to move forward
  29. How the outlet for his energy became the workouts he was doing.
  30. What happened when he was 1 year into his recovery
  31. How he made it through when he wanted to end things…
  32. How he found a miracle partner in the healing process, Taylor Kevin Isaacs
  33. How they made it through financially
  34. How he did a tandem bike ride across the country with his mother.
  35. How he began pedaling his own bicycle!!! (And then did a SECOND bike-ride across the country, SOLO!!!)
  36. What is the trike he rode across the country
  37. How he debuted the trike at the LA marathon.
  38. How he walked solo 20 miles across Death Valley
  39. How much he’s been at peace through the process
  40. How he’s become an explorer of his potential, his body’s potential, his mind’s potential, and discovering the limits of his ability to create and make things happen – incredibly inspiring!!!
  41. How he qualified for the 2012 Olympics
  42. How to become an explorer of our own reality
  43. How much has visualization been a part of the process?
  44. What’s the power of gratitude?
  45. How mindful, present, and peaceful he needed to be in Death Valley
  46. How he created CORE with his mother, and then brought Taylor Kevin Isaacs along.
  47. What is the business he created, the rehab center CORE (Center of Restorative Exercise) in Northridge California
  48. The power of “what you think about you bring about” and how positivity and positive outcome affirmations and thoughts helped bring about CORE.
  49. How he met his wife
  50. What is the Wings for Life World Run – Sponsored by Red Bull
  51. Who are his sponsors:
    1. Fox Racing & Todd Hicks
    2. CORE Centers
    3. Wings for Life
    4. Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation
    5. Triumph Foundation
    6. Life Goes On Foundation
    7. Rock Racing
    8. Reactive Adaptations
      1. Mountain Biking – And YouTube Video Flying Down Mammoth
    9. To Find CORE – Go to
    11. Words of wisdom for people going through this.
    12. What it means to be willing to walk through the fire

Aaron Baker is a miracle man! He broke his neck & couldn't even breathe on his own & has defied all odds. He can walk, rode across the country & even hiked Death Valley! Inspiration | Meditation | Mindfulness | Motivation | Happiness | Fitness | Health | Spirituality | Self-Help | Inspire

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May 16, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to discover your voice, lead a meaningful life and become great at whatever you do, then do we have the inspiring show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Todd Henry, the best-selling author of Die Empty and The Accidental Creative, and one of my new favorite books on mastery, a subject I love to geek out on. It’s called Louder than Words.

And that’s what I want to talk about today, about harnessing the power of your own authentic voice and what that really truly means, to become the best at whatever your do, and feel great about it, or at least on path, while you’re in the process.

That plus we’ll talk about Elvis and truck driving, Amos and Taylor Swift, Chris Rock and little steps, book bullies, the ok plateau, premature optimization, and why in the world Jimi Hendrix would open for the Monkees.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How he met DJ Z-Trip
    1. LL Cool J and Other Hip Hop Artists at the Grammies with Z-Trip!
  2. What mastery has to do with voice?
  3. What’s the difference between an occupation and a vocation (business, career, vs passion)
  4. What is ‘unnecessary creativity’ and why is creativity so important (Something he talked about in his book The Accidental Creative).
  5. What Lisa Congdon says about creative endeavors and a U shape curve (similar to hiking down a canyon)
  6. What’s a false plateau when it comes to expertise, progress, and success
    1. Scott Belsky calls it the ‘project plateau’
  7. How do we move past fear
    1. Neil Fiore, PHD, author of the Now Habit, and the perceived consequences of failure
  8. John Acuff – why you don’t want to compare your start to someone else’s middle
  9. From The Accidental Creative – the Expectation Escalation
  10. What’s the Cognitive Bias?
  11. Why we don’t want to isolate yourself
  12. What’s the importance of the coach or the ‘mirror’
  13. What we can learn from Elvis and the Grand Ole’ Oprey and truck-driving
  14. What positive nuggets can we take from criticism
  15. What we can learn from Chris Rock in refining his skills
  16. What’s the ‘Deep End Fallacy’
  17. Why self-compassion and kindness is so important to overcome the inner critic
  18. Martin Seligman, the three ways of inner criticism
  19. What’s the OK Plateau from Joshua Foer in Moonwalking with Einstein
  20. What is crisis phase?
  21. What it means to be stuck in Busy Boredom (a concept from Todd Henry’s book Die Empty)
    1. Why it’s not about the job or career?
    2. Why you want to look at how to make it more creative and exciting
  22. How this has bearing on relationships as well
  23. What’s the Through Line?
  24. How was Jimi Hendrix an opening act for the Monkees
  25. What’s it mean to fail forward?
  26. Why failure is not a bad thing
  27. What’s the power of resilience
  28. How he keeps an index card of daily practices – called “The Dailies”
  29. What are the top 5 daily practices you want to make sure you get done every day as an infrastructure to help you be in game shape (think Navy Seals)
  30. How important is meditation?
  31. What Banff has to do with meditation (and silence)
  32. Donald Knuff – premature optimization (interview with Kevin Kelly and Tim Ferriss)
  33. Lewis Hyde from The Gift – why it’s so important to find out what is uniquely you, your unique contribution to the world
  34. What he’s teaching his kids about their authentic voices
  35. What kind of guitar does he play :o)
  36. What’s the importance of nature for him
  37. will also find his Accidental Creative podcast (plus find twitter feed there)

Todd Henry, Author of The Accidental Creative & Die Empty Shares The Power of Discovering Your Authentic Voice & Passion To Stand Apart & Find True Success Happiness & Creativity! Inspiration | Spirituality | Meditation | Mindfulness | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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May 15, 2016

If you’ve wanted to connect with the deceased, know they’re okay, and hear what they have to share, then do we have special show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Karen Noe, renowned New Jersey-based psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and healer with a two-year waiting list. She’s the host of the Angel Quest Radio Show, the Angel Quest Center in Ramsey New Jersey, and she is the author of Through the Eyes of Another and The Rainbow Follows the Storm, and Your Life After Their Death, A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss

And that’s what I want to talk with her about today, about communicating with our loved ones, and healing and living again after they’ve passed on.

That plus we’ll talk about the power of prayer and communicating with our pets who’ve passed on, plus Otis the cat, Mikey and Oreo, Ho’oponopono, 2 Quads, a boxing kangaroo, the real Aunt Jemima, Saint Francis, and what in the world is a walk-in?

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What she learned from a prank phone call.
  2. What was her experience with the light
  3. What it means to be an empath
  4. How do you protect yourself from other’s energy
  5. Donna Eden, Energy Medicine, and a technique called the Celtic Weave, to clean your aura and protect yourself.
  6. How tapping from Dr. Dawson Church can help as well.
  7. What a kangaroo with boxing gloves means
  8. How she gets messages from the deceased
  9. What’s a Without-A-Doubt Sign
  10. How we can tell without a doubt if our loved one is leaving us signs or visiting us
  11. Why it’s so important to write our loved ones who have passed on.
  12. What are the different signs people get from deceased loved ones.
  13. How to ask our loved ones for signs.
  14. How our loved ones visit us in our dreams
  15. How to see our pets after they’ve passed on
  16. How to get in touch with our cats and dogs who have passed on (and even parakeets too!)
  17. How can tapping help us?
  18. What statements you should use for tapping (EFT, Emotional Freedom Therapy)
  19. What is Hawaiian Prayer ho’oponopono – ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique (based on same principles of Law of Attraction
  20. How Dr. Hew Len started working with ho’oponopono with miraculous results
  21. What’s a place of zero limits?
  22. What is Reiki and how do you become a Reiki Master (how did Usui discover the secret of Reiki?)
  23. What are our loved ones trying to tell us when they communicate with us?
  24. What is most important to our loved ones once they’ve died.
  25. Why Bernadette wants her fiancée John to date after she passed on.
  26. What’s the importance of writing letters to our loved ones
  27. What happens when someone commits suicide
  28. How to let go of blame and guilt for what happened to a loved one who’s passed on, even or especially from suicide
  29. What’s the importance of raising our vibrations (frequency) (Think Happiness and Positivity!)
  30. Why Angels and Loved Ones require us to raise our frequency to be able to communicate.
  31. How a plant based, vegetarian, or vegan diet can help us vibrate at a higher level
  32. Why you want to bless your food.
  33. Why she became a vegan because of her work
  34. How her psychic abilities have improved since she got off of sugar
  35. How the Anthony William Medical Medium diet can help.
  36. Why chocolate is okay…particularly in green smoothies!
  37. How do we help our children if they’ve lost a parent or a loved one.
  38. How to help the child ask for ‘without a doubt’ signs.
  40. How meditation can help
  41. Why you only want to see a medium after getting a personal recommendation (hers is a two year waiting list)

Karen Noe Psychic Medium Shares How to Contacting Deceased Loves Ones & Pets (Cats & Dogs) for Peace, Reassurance, Clarity & Hope! Happiness | Kindness | Compassion | Healing | Mediumship | Spiritual | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help | Love

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May 14, 2016

If you’ve ever struggled with pain or soreness that won’t go away, either physical or mental including stress, anxiety, PTSD and depression, then do we have the show for you!

I am so excited to be talking with Dr. Dawson Church, a leader in the field of Energy Psychology, epigenetics and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and the award-winning best-selling author of The Genie in Your Genes, The EFT Manual, EFT for Weight-loss and EFT for Love Relationships along with many others.

So today we’ll be talking tapping, or EFT, what it is, how it works, and how this simple tool can radically affect the quality and health of lives, body, mind, and soul. We’ll talk about reducing pain and inflammation, healing injuries, helping blood-sugar levels, dropping stress, rewiring the mind, eliminating addictions, and even improving your relationships…plus if you’re into physical fitness, we’ll talk about losing weight, getting in great shape, and improving your performance. And last but certainly not least we’ll even talk about how tapping can improve your love life!

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What do you do in the morning to make it an inspired day?
  2. What are the drawback with affirmations?
  3. How to find the subconscious ‘tail-ender’.
  4. How to find subconscious road-blocks hanging back or sabotaging what we want to achieve.
  5. How to be congruent behind of your affirmations.
  6. How to introduce negative concepts in order to heal
  7. Why it’s important to process our negative experiences (for happiness & health)
  8. Why those with ACE – Adverse Childhood Experiences, have much higher rates of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and more
  9. Why early traumas affect us even 50 or more years more on in life.
  10. Why babies and young kids are in meditative brain-wave states.
  11. What different brain-wave states have to do with healing.
  12. Why EFT is acupuncture without needles
  13. Why EFT helps take you from a sympathetic (flight-or-flight) nervous system response to a parasympathetic (rest, relax, digest) response.
  14. How EFT can help you produce more DHEA naturally – and get your cortisol levels down.
  15. Why touch is such a powerful healing technique.
  16. How many physical problems are psychological in nature or have a large psychological component
  17. Why veterans with PTSD aren’t healing, but how EFT can help…and the double-randomized studies that prove it. What is the difference between youtube EFT vs. clinical EFT, which has over 100 peer reviewed papers behind it.
  18. What is energy psychology?
  19. What heart-math in the same way as EFT.
  20. Why are brains are wired to look for tigers in the grass.
  21. What is EFT 101
  22. – free EFT mini-manual
  23. The importance of a skin galvanometer
  24. What a set-up statement is and how to use it.
  25. How to retag our thoughts so they’re no longer threats
  26. How EFT helps with weight-loss
  27. How EFT helps with intimacy, love and relationships
  28. How kids with Autism can benefit, along with students with anxiety disorders and AHDH
  29. How to go from being a cortisol junkie to a feel-good junkie!
  30. How to wake up in the morning, and focus on the why—tapping into your life-purpose
  31. How to build new neural pathways in the brain to permanently wire-in positive thoughts.
  32. How to invoke the higher version of who you are each morning.
  33. How to grow a brain that’s pre-disposed to the positives.

Learn How to Use Tapping or EFT to Reduce Pain, Anxiety, Long-Term Illness, PTSD, Depression, High Blood Pressure, Weight-Loss & much, much more!!! Plus the Science Behind It!!! Inspiration | Motivation | Happiness | Positivity | Healing | Health | Spirituality | Self-Help

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May 13, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to be grumpy, unhappy, dis-satisfied, or at dis-ease with the world around you, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with the Buddhist Monk Ajahn Brahm, abbot of the Budhininyana Monastery in Sperentine Western Austalia, the spiritual director of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia, a spiritual adviser to numerous Buddhist societys and is the author of numerous books including Who Ordered this Truckload of Dung, Mindfulness Bliss and Beyond: A Meditatitor’s Handobook; the art of Disappearing, and a new fun favorite of mine, Don’t Worry by grumpy.

And that’s what we’ll be talking about today, about what it takes to be grumpy, dis-satisfied, and dis-ease with life, noise, and the world around and inside of us.

That plus we’ll talk about 50 strokes of the cat, the pushup routine, the 70% rule, Selling encyclopedias, a safe heaven for spiders, and why it’s so important to let go of the banana.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. Why you never want to do today what you can put off till tomorrow
  2. Why life is not doing stuff, but stopping doing stuff
  3. How he went from a theoretical physics degree to becoming a monk
  4. What physics and Buddhism have in common
  5. What’s the Buddhist monk method for peeling bananas, and how it brings you happiness.
  6. What is the s**t of life and why it’s so good for us.
  7. How to transform the s**t in life to set us free
  8. How to move past a culture of blame and punishment
  9. Why we should welcome mistakes
  10. Why punishment requires 50 strokes of the cat
  11. Why kindness is the antidote to guilt and needing punishment
  12. Control freak vs. "kindfulness" freak
  13. Why we need to give compassion to ourselves
  14. How to thrive through your challenges
  15. Why you should demand your right to be grumpy
  16. Why you can be happy being grump
  17. Why you don’t want to suppress your negative emotions.
  18. Why you don’t want to label anyone with anything, like schizophrenia
  19. How to improve our self-esteem
  20. Why we’re suspicious of praise and how to improve our self-worth
  21. How do we put down our burdens (for greater happiness)
  22. How important is meditation
  23. How to come from life, rather than fantasizing
  24. Why he’s not fat, but simply growing in kindness and compassion
  25. Why fat and happy is better than skinny and anxious
  26. How laughter helps protect your heart
  27. Google Brahm to find him…
  28. Be sure to check out his Google Talks Video.

Ajahn Brahm, Buddhist Monk, Shares The Secrets to Being Grumpy, Being Happy & Finding More Enjoyment, Self-Esteem & Compassion, Especially for Ourselves! Happiness | Positivity | Spiritual | Spirituality | Buddhism | Meditation | Self-Help | Inspire

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May 12, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to start something new, reach for your dreams, or dive into the unknown, but fear was holding you back, then do we have the fear releasing show for you!

Today we’ll talk about chasing your dreams, starting big projects, doing things others call ridiculous, crazy, or even insane, and what it takes to jump from the cliff.

That plus we’ll talk about making mistakes, running and screaming, Napoleon Hill, hair cuts on crack, making journals, running to phase 2 and how Jessica’s turned into a pull-up fiend.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What’s the power of intention (and how double-blind studies show crystals can help)
  2. How ceremonies help and help ground us and get us into a ‘state’
  3. Christine Carter and ‘the Sweet Spot’ and how our habits or rituals put us in the moment or the zone
  4. How to stretch and face your fear head on
  5. The power of letting go of ego
  6. The power of keeping your mind in a certain frame
  7. Of using mantras (spiritual and meditation solutions)
  8. Of tapping into your higher self
  9. What’s it mean to flatline?
  10. Why you don’t want to ‘strive’ to move forward
  11. Why making mistakes isn’t bad, and can even be good
  12. Why what’s in the way, is the way.
  13. How to move past the fear of failure and perfection
  14. How to move past these to get to the next step
  15. Why something that’s fail-proof probably isn’t worth doing.
  16. How to move past shame and guilt
  17. Why you need to go for things
  18. What is creative angst?
  19. Why plateaus are never what we think they are.
  20. Why you want to follow the words of The Secret and never say “this isn’t working”
  21. Why what you think about comes about,
  22. What Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich can teach us about The Law of Attraction and programming the subconscious
  23. How we can reprogram our subconscious while we sleep
  24. A law of attraction ‘woo-hoo’ manifestation exercise.
  25. Why you want to be a million watt radio station.
  26. To check out CJ visit:

Michael Sandler & CJ Liu share ways to find courage, overcome fear & find creativity, happiness, and success. Plus Napoleon Hill & Think and Grow Rich. Business | Career | Relationships | Spiritual | Spirituality | Running & Fitness | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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May 11, 2016

Today I’ll be talking with Michael Neill, best-selling author, international renowned transformative coach and creative spark plug to celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and the rest of us. He has a weekly radio show called Supercoach, and has a brilliant Ted Talk, Why Aren’t We Awesomer. And he has a beautiful new book, I found a LOT of fun, The Space Within: Finding Your Way Back Home.

So today we’ll talk about becoming awesomer by finding the space within, where you are already perfect, whole, and complete.. How to find it, how to tap into it, and how to use it for greater happiness, performance, creativity connection and of course, love at any moment of your life.

That plus we’ll talk about Bill Gates and Amnesia, what’s at the core of an onion, landing a spacecraft on Asteroid XCF-531, magical cows and milk, roller-coasters on lakes, a giant vacuum cleaner from hell, emotophobia, flying helicopters in the matrix, the magic of the surface Pro 4, and what your daughter Maizy’s favorite t-shirt, has to do with anything.

Questions and topics Include:

  1. What’s the best possible sense of not-thinking
  2. What is the vacuum cleaner from hell?
  3. What happened to him at age 32?
  4. Why the purpose of his book is to help people find their way ‘back home’.
  5. What Bill Gates and amnesia have to do with one another.
  6. Why we are ‘not that’ and what that means.
  7. How do we begin to understand our grandness or ‘who we truly are’
  8. What are (Tibetan Buddhism) ‘pointing out instructions’. (meditation instructions)
  9. What he discussed in his Ted Talk about phobia cures, panic attacks, and spiders (tarantulas)
  10. What is emotophobia???
  11. How to move past a bad day and judgment toward ourselves when having a bad day (think meditation)
  12. Why you want to abandon the pursuit of happiness
  13. What’s the power of insight vs. the effort of change?
  14. What can rollercoasters on rivers teach us?
  15. Why it’s a level of understanding that transforms our experience of life
  16. What ‘The Peace of Mind’ means
  17. What Michael learned from his Hay House radio show
  18. How we can turn the page and start again, time after time
  19. What’s the secret to our resilience
  20. What’s your mojo?
  21. What’s the definition of performance
  22. What is doing without a doer?
  23. What is the universal problem, and the universal solution
  24. What does asteroid XCF-531 have to do with anything
  25. (has newsletter Caffeine for the Soul) (information, special offers, free teleseminars and the like)

Michael Neill, 'Supercoach' & Viral Ted Talk ‘er, Shares The Secret to Instantly Plugging In To Greater Peace, Happiness & Inner Strength To Be More Awesomer! Positivity | Meditation | Inspiration | Spiritual | Spirituality | Career | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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May 10, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted do more, be more, reach for your dreams, or simply feel better about your job, then do we have the go-giver show for you!

Today I’ll be speaking with John David Mann, entrepreneur and award-winning cauthoer of nurmerous NYT best-sellers including Flash Foresight and The Red Circle, and a paradigm busting new favorite of mine…well, two really, The Go-Giver, and the Go-Giver Leader.

It’s not often a book comes along today that shakes me to the core. But particularly as we’re asking, who do we want to be when we grow up, here at Inspire Nation, or how do we take things to a whole new level, that these books are incredibly important.

Today we’ll talk about taking your life to a whole new level, dream big, reaching your dreams, and achieving what you once thought impossible, but through a completely different direction, and ironically, plan of attack, then you likely ever thought of.

That plus we’ll talk about the power of muddy beginnings, a ping poing stadium, and why you DO want to let them see you sweat.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How John started his own high school.
  2. How he started his own high school, and later went back and taught there as part of the faculty
  3. How he became a concert cellist, then became a composer, then went into natural health
  4. How he found his way to publishing and becoming a best-selling author
  5. How he began working with his co-author Bob Burke
  6. What’s the power of visualization – and how it created a worldwide best-seller
  7. What happened when The Go-Giver came out.
  8. How the concept of a go-giver has come about, and why it’s so accepted (and needed) today.
  9. Why ‘does it make money’ is such a vital question
    1. And why we’re not talking about taking a vow of poverty
    2. Why it’s so important to make money as well.
    3. Why you want to ask about giving first, and then powerfully ask about monetizing a very close second.
  10. What is the second law of compensation (And what it has to do with Dr. Demartini and The Secret)
  11. Why your compensation is determined by how many people you touch
  12. How Clayton Anderson focused on helping others and was able to become an astronaut
  13. How Rodney Dangerfield reinvented himself before helping others which absolutely transformed his career.
  14. What are the 3 reasons to work
  15. How the lead characters in The Go-Giver and The Go-Giver Leader both found their callings and were so open to unfamiliar ideas
  16. How John didn’t have time to write the Go-Giver, and yet, how he made time and it transformed his life…changing his business and career in the process!
  17. Why serving others can be your calling
  18. What John thinks of ‘Do What You Love and the Money will Follow’
  19. Why we need to say ‘how does this serve’ and then ‘does this make me money’
  20. Why what’s in the way is the way.
  21. Why 50/50 is a losing proposition
  22. Why you want to focus on the other person’s win (especially important in relationships and marriage…not to mention friendships!)
  23. What’s the danger of score-keeping and scorecards in relationships
  24. Why receiving is the natural state of giving
  25. Why we want to accept compliments (and don’t get to refuse the gift)
  26. Why self-love is so important
  27. Why there’s a limit to how much you can give if you don’t allow yourself to receive it (like giving and receiving love, or giving and receiving wealth and money for that matter)
  28. Why Bob Proctor (from The Secret) is not talking about taking a vow of poverty (A main character in the book is based on Bobo Proctor from The Secret)
  29. How do we keep ourselves grounded
  30. What’s the beauty of humility
  31. Why Stephen King says you ‘write the first draft with the door closed, the second draft with the door open’)
  32. What are the four pillars of success and what’s the importance of ‘soul’?
  33. Why it’s all about giving leadership vs. taking leadership
  34. Why a go-getter is not the opposite of a go-giver.
  35. To find John all books, sample chapters, excerpts, plus weekly blog, plus contact link going directly to John.

John David Mann Shares The Secret to Excellence, Success, Mastery & Leadership (+ relationships!) In & Out of Business Whether Entrepreneur, CEO or anywhere in-between! Inspiration | Motivation  | Career | Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help | Inspire

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May 9, 2016

If you’ve ever struggled to find your life purpose or figure out what you want to do in this world to live an inspired and fulfilling life, then do we have the purposeful show for you!

If you’ve ever watched The Secret, then you know our next guest. Today I’ll be talking with Dr. John Demartini, a leading authority on human behavior and personal development, and the author of 40 books published in over 29 different languages and the author of a new favorite of mine, The Values Factor, The Secret To Creating an Inspired and Fulfilling Life.

And that’s what we’ll be talking about today, uncovering who you really are, what makes you tick, and what your true purpose is, the one that’ll bring you greatest happiness and success, and that’s in perfect alignment with your values.

That plus we’ll talk about Vim and Vigor, the danger of woodrose seeds, learning to read at 18, why Paul Braggs was more important than vinegar, and what in the world it means to be TV watching learning disabled.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What happened after he got his arm and leg braces off at age 4.
  2. How the constraint at the time turned out to be a true gift
  3. How he left home and school before turning 14 and began living on the streets
  4. How he became a street kid
  5. How surfing big waves (and all of his journey) helped him now
  6. What’s the importance of a cone in Dr. Demartini’s life
  7. How he almost died on a 40 foot wave
  8. How he was saved in Hawaii in a life-threatening situation
  9. What was the night his life changed
  10. What Paul Bragg (of Bragg’s Vinegar) taught him that transformed his life
  11. Why we have values backwards, and what the real importance of values is.
    1. What’s a hierarchy of values
    2. What voids have to do with your hierarchy of values
  12. How he lives on a ship called The World, which full-times travels around the world
  13. Why we want to celebrate our voids, or what’s most missing in our lives
  14. What the meaning of fulfillment is.
  15. Why it’s important to focus on filling the void, rather than on the void yourself
  16. Why you need to define your life and what’s most important to you.
  17. Why you have to say no to the outer world and yes to the inner vision
  18. What’s the danger of the word ‘should’…and why you don’t want to ‘should yourself’
  19. What’s a value determination process to help someone determine their values rather than the social norms.
  20. How your life demonstrates your values every day
    1. His are: Researching, Writing, Traveling and Teaching
    2. Important to look at what a person fills there space with.
  21. How to determine your values
  22. Tips for wealth building
  23. Tips to save and invest to build your wealth (and the secret to becoming a millionaire)
  24. How to know what to spend your money on to build wealth
  25. What are appreciables vs. depreciables in investment
  26. Why he looks at everything based on his Return on Investment
  27. More tips for getting wealthy
  28. What Parkinson's law has to do with savings
  29. How he started saving with a dollar an hour savings and grew it to a million dollars a month savings
  30. What’s a 10-yaer and a 100-aner vs. of course, a millionaire!
  31. What it means that the people you hang out with have the most influence on your life
  32. Why it’s so important to surround yourself with people doing extraordinary things if you have an extraordinary life
  33. “Never live where you can’t see the farthest horizons”
  34. Why helping and caring for others is required to achieve incredible wealth and abundance
  35. How do our challenges help us achieve our highest purpose
  36. What is teleology and why it’s important
  37. What’s the difference between an inspirational educator and a motivational speaker
  38. How to help children be inspired
  39. How is whatever I’m experiencing perform my highest mission
    1. How is actually charging a fee, investing the money, saving the money, help me reach more people, provide better service, help the client.
    2. “What is the benefit to the client of the new fee” and “what are the drawbacks of the new fee”
  40. What’s the important of labeling and linking
  41. Student Ross Joseph (movie opening “Impossible Dream”)
    1. Taken people who you would least expect to do something extraordinary and watch them do inspiring things
  42. How to find out more, and find his upcoming events: – there you’ll find an events calendar and upcoming seminars such as the Breakthrough Experience upcoming in Miami, then Phoenix, then Tokyo. Plus lots of videos and educational information – truly an ‘educational experience!’
  43. Why you want to give yourself permission to do something extraordinary in the time you’re here and give yourself permission to be you, and to shine!

Dr. Demartini from The Secret Shows Powerful Ways to Find Purpose, Happiness & True Financial Freedom + Saving, Investing & Becoming a Millionaire! Law of Attraction | Business | Career | Inspiration | Motivation | Happiness | Positivity | Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help

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May 8, 2016

If you’ve ever felt there’s more to life than just what meets the eye, and want to learn how to tap into it, for greater success, happiness, and peace in all that you do, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Therese Rowley, Business Consultant to Fortune 500 companies and CEO’s, adjunct faculty at top universities including Northwestern, medium, intuitive, and the author of a fascinating book, Mapping a New Reality: Discovering Intuitive Intelligence!

And that’s what I want to talk with Therese about today, about uncovering our own unique intuitive gifts, learning how to use them, and mapping our own realities.

That plus we’ll talk about Shirley Maclain, institutionailizing retreats, a Clairol makeup mirror, why Plato is About to Croak, and who in the world was Just Jennifer

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. Why does Caroline Mystic call you a Mystic without a Monastery
  2. Why she wanted to be priest
  3. What happened at Communion?
  4. What was the fierce voice she heard at 9
  5. How she let go of the attachment of anything that wasn’t the source of love
  6. Why it’s important to ask ‘what does that mean to you?’
  7. Why we draw drama into our lives
  8. How hard is it to stay in that connected place
  9. How do we discover our own gifts
  10. How do we define the truth – and what is it?
  11. How has she balanced heart and head, balancing gifts with the corporate side
  12. What ho’oponopono can help
  13. How does she get her messages when she does an intuitive reading
  14. What is clairsentient
  15. How do we begin to break the cycle with our emotions.
  16. How we get in our own way with the Law of Attraction
  17. Gregg Braden and The God Code – and how prayer works
  18. How do we pray for ourselves?
  19. How everything is love
  20. How fear can help us
  21. How do we help kids coming in today who have very strong intuitive minds
  22. Why kids are getting misdiagnosed (Jim Web Misdiagnosed Gifted Children)
  23. What are “Twice Exceptional Kids”
  24. Psychic Kids Conference in Ashland Oregon
  25. – can find tab for parents, and free material to help children
    1. Also intuitive readings and mastermind parents groups for communities

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May 7, 2016

If you want to feel better, happier, shake those blues, get out of a funk, or sleep better than you’ve ever slept before, then do we have the happiness, sleepy show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with natural health, Ayurveda and sports medicine expert Dr. John Douillard. He’s the creator of, former director of player development and nutrition advisor for the New Jersey Nets, repeat guest on the dr. OZ show, and the author of 6 books, including one of my all-time favorites, Body, Mind and Sport.

Today we’ll talking about the physiology of happiness, and the changes we can make through diet, exercise sleep habits and more, to boost our oxytocin, get happier, and feel better throughout the day. We’ll also look at ways to sleep easier, sleep deeper, and finally get the rest we need and deserve.

That plus we’ll talk about shower power, blue light, what in the world are glymphatics, the importance of play, the danger of the news and why buying more shoes, coffee or cinnabuns, are never the answer. Bummer.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. A brief history on Dr. John Douillard and running the Deepak Chopra Center Massachusetts.
  2. How he began working for the New Jersey Nets
    1. How they went from 3rd most injured team in the league to 3rd least injured team in the league
  3. What is reward chemistry?
  4. Why buying more shoes isn’t the answer.
  5. What is the Cinnabun effect.
  6. What the science is of oxytocin
  7. What is epigenetics
  8. Why is nasal breathing so important for us?
  9. Why compassion and helping others is so good for our chemistry
  10. What kind of diets are great for better moods (not to mention for our health)
  11. Why is lymph health so important and what are glymphatics
  12. What did they find at the University of Virginia that revolutionizes brain health.
  13. What we can do for the lymphatic system of the brain
  14. How does he feel about alkaline water
  15. Why he’s a big  fan of a 3 season diet (and wrote a book called the Three Season Diet)
  16. Benefits of active release technique and muscle activation technique
  17. How much is exercise helping from a happiness point of view and how much do we want to be doing of it?
  18. What are the happiness benefits of exercise?
  19. How does he feel about HIT training, high intensity training?
  20. How important is sleep for the brain
  21. Why you don’t want to sleep on your back for your brain
  22. What are the major reasons people don’t sleep?
  23. What eating has to do with sleep, and when we want to eat to sleep better
  24. Why people feel like a ‘truck hit me’ when you wake up – and what to do about it.
  25. What are the 3 major causes of aging?
  26. What’s the importance of the skin of your intestinal wall
  27. What’s the importance of your intestinal track microbes
  28. What’s the importance of the lymphatic system
  29. Why your sleep and happiness depend on the happiness of your intestinal skin
  30. Why you want high fiber foods, particularly beans to replenish the gut
  31. Why the 3 B’s are so important. Beats, beans, and blueberries.
  32. How do you build back into beans
  33. What’s the magic ‘starter’ bean
  34. What bean has anti-flatulence factors.
  35. What’s the benefit of hot foods
  36. Key benefits for the body from meditation
    2. Yoga, breathing, meditation, and what the key is to do with this
  37. Why do we want to do random acts of kindness – and how can it help us.
  38. What it takes for microbes to thrive in your body.
  39. sign up for great stuff for free
  40. 28-Day Ayurveda Challenge eCourse: Receive 20% discount with this code: inspire28AC

  41. The “one minute” guided meditation

Dr. John Douillard Shares Tips to Greater Happiness, Positivity & Better Sleep from Ayurvedic Wisdom & Modern Science from Diet, Nutrition, Supplements, Exercise & Meditation! Mental Health | Inspiration | Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help | Inspire

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