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Mar 31, 2016

If you’ve ever struggled with fighting in relationships, keeping relationships, or keeping the peace in relationships, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Bob and Judith Wright, best-selling authors, human development experts, relationship FIGHT masters and authors of their latest masterpiece, The Heart of the Fight.

And that’s what we’ll be talking about today, about how fighting can be good for a relationship, incredibly healthy, and healing, if done well, and no that doesn’t mean always winning.

That plus we’ll talk about dueling over dollars, the hidden middle finger, making love and war, and how a day on Oprah can turn into the family feud.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What happened on Oprah?
  2. Where is the only place you’re allowed to compete (in a relationship)?
  3. Why “good relationships require great fights”
  4. Why you’re avoiding intimacy when you’re avoiding fights
  5. Why fighting is engaging (and in the relationship fully)
  6. What are a few of the 15 types of fights that make or break relationships
  7. What’s the real fight over toilet seats?
  8. What does a fight over money really mean?
  9. What’s the ‘hidden middle finger’?
  10. What does the ‘you embarrassed me” fight really mean?
  11. How do we move past emotional scarring from past fights
  12. Why no one gets more than 50% of the blame
  13. Why time-outs aren’t just for kids
  14. Can you sense in a moment when you’re buttons are pushed that it may be good for you or the relationship?
  15. Does finding “the right one” or your “soulmate” mean you won’t fight?
  16. What is the “goal” of a relationship
  17. What the myth is to “love someone just the way they are”
  18. What’s the difference between acceptance and love?
  19. Why love is not a place, but instead love is life
  20. What does it mean “we fight because we yearn”?
  21. Why is active listening some of the worst relationship advice?
  22. Why it’s so important to be able to express and acknowledge the truth, always.
  23. Why the willingness to acknowledge the truth is so important
  24. How do we keep from going into a fight or flight lizard-like brain response when in the heat of the moment?
  25. How do you set up ground rules (such as a timeout) ahead of time.
  26. What’s the right ratio of constructive vs. ‘destructive’ interactions
  27. What are positive tools for engagement (in a fight)
  28. What is bidding for attention?
  29. What does it mean to pick a perfect prick?
  30. Why the right person might be a perfect prick?
  31. How these techniques help singles
  32. Why chemistry is so overrated
  33. Words of wisdom or advice for singles
  34. Why book tours (like a Barefoot Running book tour in a 2-seater with 2 dogs) is a great way to test your relationship
  35. What does it mean to get it up?
  36. What does emotional maturity mean and why is it so important?
  37. How do we become a couple and ‘individuate’ at the same time?
  38. Words of wisdom for parents and fighting?
  39. Why it may be important to fight in front of the children
  40. Why makeup sex may not be as it appears to be
  41. Go to download free chapter
  42. What is a soulmate myth?
  43. A guided ‘deep yearning’ meditation

Bob & Judith Wright Share How to Fight Right For a Great Relationship & To Keep Your Marriage or Partnership Strong - Plus Dating Advice for Singles & A Guided Relationship Meditation | Inspiration | Love | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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Mar 30, 2016

Hi everyone, Welcome back I’m Michael Sandler your host on Inspire Nation, along with repeated guest, uber-coach, and super-star radio host, CJ Liu of Fire it Up with CJ.

If you’ve ever struggled with decisions, needed clarity, or wondered what in the world you should do, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking about your gut…not digestion that is, but INTUITION. What it is, where it comes from, how to use it, and why it’s so darn good, IF we only take the time to listen.

That plus we’ll talk about getting clarity, your inner GPS, strengthening that heart muscle, and what in the world Krispy Kreme donuts have to do with tornados.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What’s your head to heart ratio?
  2. How do you stay out of a game of fear or of ego?
  3. Why you may need to ‘play the game’ and what that looks like, when looking for jobs or working on LinkedIn.
  4. How do you tell how much heart is at play vs. head?
  5. How do you know when something is a heart idea?
  6. What Alan Cohen, Author of A Course In Miracles Made Easy, has to say about language affecting your life
  7. Why you don’t want to force things, or you shut yourself off from the intuition and the magic
  8. The importance of being open and curious (to receive the intuitive hits)
  9. How to use synchronicities (Carl Jung) for guidance
  10. How animals can give you signs if you’re open to listening
  11. What Robert Moss – who wrote Sidewalk Oracles, says about synchronicities and ‘cledons’ (overhearing snippets of a conversation that tell you what to do)
  12. If there isn’t clarity, how do you determine if it’s head or heart?
  13. What chills, goosebumps (or even tears) may mean
  14. How to use muscle testing to help us listen to our intuition
  15. How to practice getting out of your head space to hear your intuition
  16. What the concept of ‘it came out of left field’ means to you
  17. Random running tips from coach Michael to prevent overuse injuries
  18. How do we work to strengthen our intuitive muscles or strengthen your ‘inner GPS’
  19. How CJ and I met through an intuitive hit from the uber-publicist Beth Grossman
  20. Why it’s so important to act on your intuition
  21. Why space is required to get an intuitive hit (and why it’s so important to listen)
  22. To Hear More From CJ Liu visit

Michael Sandler & CJ Liu Show How To Uncover Your Intuition, Listen More Clearly, & Learn How to Strengthen Your Life-Saving & Life-Changing, Intuitive ‘Inner GPS’ Muscles! Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Business | Career | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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Mar 29, 2016

If you’ve ever struggled with wealth, and wondered why in the world others can get it, but no matter how hard you try or focus on it, it just doesn’t come your way, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Mitch Horowitz, Editor of one of my new all-time favorite books, by one of my favorite authors. It’s The Miracle Power of Your Mind: The Joseph Murphy Treasury a compilation of 24 all-time favorites by Joseph Campbell, including The Power of Your Subsconscious Mind, Believe in Yourself, Fear Not, and Riches Are Your Right.

Today we’ll talk about the power of the mind, and your subconscious to create anything you desire. We’ll look at how it works, how to use it, what you don’t want to do, and even the best ways to pray!

That plus we’ll talk about surgery without anesthesia, the power of magnetized steel, and why in the world, you want to daydream while you’re in a sleepy state!

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. Why physical books are not dead
  2. How did Mitch get interested in Joseph Murphy’s work
  3. What one concept from Joseph Murphy does Mitch keep coming back to?
  4. How Joseph Murphy came to metaphysical philosophy and the positive thinking movement nearly a century ago
  5. How the Power of Your Subconscious Mind sold 20 million copies
  6. What is a good way to prayer (or ignite the energies of your own mind)
    1. Why “Mind” and God may be seen as synonymous
  7. What is the power and importance of “faith”
  8. What is the importance of “confidence”
  9. What ethics has to do with confidence
  10. Why it’s so important to cultivate a ‘sense of success’ and why it’s so important to consort with people who build your success
  11. A powerful piece of advice Olivia Newton John once had for young artists
  12. What’s the importance of the subconscious mind
  13. What’s the difference between the conscious objective mind and the much deeper engine
  14. Is there a difference between Joseph Murphy’s view of the Universe and The Secret
  15. What Mitch’s differences are with Rhonda Byrne about the Secret, and why Mitch applauds her for making it.
  16. Why choice is so important and powerful in our lives
  17. How do we turn things over to the subconscious?
  18. What makes an effective affirmation?
  19. What’s the power of the placebo effect, and the mind-blowing results Harvard researchers found in 2010.
  20. Why does Joseph Murphy believe Wealth is a state of mind.
  21. Why Joseph Murphy says it’s ‘appropriate to pray for money’
  22. How life is a kind of circuit and why you need the ‘circuit to be complete’
  23. What Joseph Campbell mean by “it’s your right to be rich”
  24. What are positive ways to affirm money
  25. Why is it so important to cultivate your feelings?
  26. Why it’s so helpful to find ways to benefit all people
  27. Why nothing is wrong with manifesting Mercedes
  28. What does Joseph Murphy mean by “easy does it” which may have come from Alcoholics Anonymous’s Bill Wilson
  29. What is napitation and how naps can help for meditation
  30. The importance of not straining
  31. What does Joseph Murphy have to say about imagination (which is a term he got from Neville Goddard – who is perhaps Mitch Horowitz’s favorite Positive Mind hero!)
  32. Why “imagination is the engine of creation”
  33. When do we start introducing this literature (New Thought Literature) to children
  34. Find him at
  35. “What Do I Really Want” guided meditation

Mitch Horowitz Shares The Miracle Power of Your Mind, the Joseph Murphy Compilation Discussing The Secret, Law of Attraction, Subconscious, Health, Wealth, Happiness & Success Plus Guided Meditation! Inspiration | Motivation | Business | Career | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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Mar 28, 2016

Want to be a Badass, Kick a little butt, and live your greatest life possible?

Want the most Badass Wealth Consciousness in the world?

Then do we have the show for you!

Today we’re talking with Jen Sincero, super bad-ass success coach and the run-away best-selling author of YOU ARE A BADASS.

In her words a few years ago, she said goodbye to her home in California to travel the world indefinitely and encourage as many people as possible to live lives of unbridled awesomeness.

Unbridled awesome, who couldn’t use more of that?

So today, we’ll talk about being a badass, living a kick-ass life, why fear is for suckers, and how you can live a life of unbridled awesomeness!

That, plus the G word, doing, not spewing, loving the one you is, following your crotch…it’s not what you think, taking Hell Bent for Glory Action, plus how to make money your new best friend!

 Topics Include:

  • Taking Risks is Essential
    • Coaching
    • Finding a way to get an 85K coach
  • Lighting a fire under you’re a**.
  • Raising your energy
  • Letting go of fear
  • Change your beliefs around $$$.
  • The crab affect – most often the people who love you the most pull you down
    • We have made caring someone a negative
    • Family – don’t add fear, doubt and worry.
  • Come from a place of expansive thought and belief
  • Having an expanded mindset.
  • Jen Sincero 6 Rules of Wealth Consciousness
  • and the Law of Attraction for Wealth and Abundance
  • Why you need an Audi over a Honda!
  • Becoming who you desire to be before you are that person
    • You can’t create a new reality from the reality you’re presently in
  • Come from a place of abundance, not lack\
  • Want is a state of lack
  • Writing a letter to money
    • Learn what is going on around money in your subconscious
    • Question all the negative beliefs you have around money
  • Get clear with your desires, and the why’s behind it
  • If you want the car go drive it
  • If you want the house, visit the house
  • Get emotional and that will help you get over the challenges
  • Don’t need to know the how, just need to know the why
  • Have the emotion and the how will start to reveal yourself as you take those leaps of faith
  • Raise the frequency first
  • Hell bent for glory action
    • Will get intuitive hits all the time when have higher frequency, will scare the heck out of you!
    • Have the leap of faith
  • Getting the “BS” (big snooze, aka EGO) under control
  • Importance of mantras in getting past your big snooze
  • Life turning to (BEEP) before it turns to shinola!
  • Killing your ego or your old self
  • In nature there is no growth without friction
  • Consider friction a sign you’re on the right path
  • Meditation as medication! Critical as you’re expanding your mindset.
  • How to make your brain your b*tch.
    • Meditation
    • Not falling prey to negative thoughts, beliefs and words.
  • There’s nothing as powerful as a freight-train full of F-yeah!
  • Leading with your Crotch
    • Put the fun back in and see what you can get away with!
    • Remember done is better than perfect!
  • Fear is for suckers
    • Can be your buddy
  • Healthy competition and peer pressure

For More Info:

Jen Sincero Shows How to Attract Incredible Abundance & Take the Law of Attraction to an Entirely New Level Through Her Badass Rules of Wealth Consciousness! The Secret | Spirituality | Inspiration | Motivation | Business | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

Mar 27, 2016

If you’ve wondered how to tap into your soul, get inner guidance or wisdom, or connect with your higher self, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with John Holland, best-selling author, radio-show host, and one of the top psychic mediums and spiritual teachers in the country. He’s also the creator of some of the most interesting or accurate sets of tarot cards we’ve ever worked with.

Today we’ll talk about psychic tarot, plus tapping in to your own inner guidance, for greater peace, happiness, and love in your life, plus growing your own intuitive gifts.

That plus we’ll talk about unsolved mysteries, falling out of trees, and what in the world is spiritual book camp.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. Why John was always the different one or the sensitive one in the family
  2. How John began to see things
  3. What happened at a janitor’s cave when John was a child
  4. What was unusual about Grandma Rose and Aunt Shirley
  5. How Aunt Shirley would win horse races with her gifts
  6. How John had to keep his abilities quiet
  7. How the family’s home was miraculously spared when an entire block of apartment buildings burned
  8. What happened as a boy when he fell out of a tree
  9. The miraculously occurrence while driving on the 10 in LA
  10. How our soul tries to talk with us.
  11. What was John’s wake-up call just after 30
  12. Why John is so thankful for his wake-up call
  13. What was the Arthur Findley college or ‘spiritual boot camp’
  14. What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium
  15. Can we all raise our vibes to touch on mediumship?
  16. How John can teach mediumship
  17. What’s a development circle
  18. What is spiritualism and what happened to John in England (and how synchronistic events took place)
  19. What is Psychic Tarot and how did it come about?
  20. How did John make his tarot cards
  21. A tarot card reading to show how it works.
  22. How to trust your feelings
  23. How to move past the fear or resistance when you’re using your intuition
  24. What’s the most important question to ask when it comes to intuition
  25. What’s the importance of asking “is it coming from me or to me”
  26. How do you know it’s not you?
  27. How to tell the difference between intuition and imagination
  28. How to tell if you’re clairsentient, clairvoyant, or clairaudience (which is the hardest to develop)
  29. Can a husband and wife develop their clairaudience to ‘walkie talkie’ between the two of them?
  30. What are the keys to developing your skills:
    1. Meditation
    2. Chakra
    3. Aura
    4. Breath
  31. Why you want to stay grounded as you develop your spiritual gifts
  32. What you need to do for mediumship
  33. What meditation helps, and how it helps for practicing readings
  34. How John works with the SPCA and the CODA fund under donations see a whole page on the CODA fund
  35. Why you want to do something nice this week for someone out of the blue
  36. What’s the ‘ripple effect’
  37. com – can even choose a card on the website (and check out the frequently asked questions), recommends checking out the newsletter as well
    1. On Hay House Radio live every Monday
  38. Coming to Mexico (and elsewhere) as well!
  39. Why it’s so important to know you are a soul that comes with a body
  40. A short “Raising the Power” meditation

John Holland Shows Us How to Discover, Develop & Strengthen the Psychic Abilities Inside Each of Us, Plus How to Use Psychic Tarot Cards & a Guided ‘Raising the Power’ Meditation. Inspiration | Mediumship | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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Mar 26, 2016

If you’re struggling with health challenges, unsure where to turn, and wonder why in the world your body is betraying you, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with neuropsychiatrist, physician, and medical intuitive, Mona Lisa Schulz, best-selling author of numerous books including The Intuitive Advisor and All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuiton

Today we’ll be talking about the connection between your body and your life, what injuries and illness are trying to tell you, how to listen, and what steps to take to get you healthier, happier, and pain or illness free again, beginning today.

That plus we’ll talk about gall bladders and green pants, hitting walls, accidental tourists, trauma Olympics, and why if the world ended today, there’d still be cockroaches, and Cher.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What she began writing when she was 5
  2. How long she had to keep her intuitive skills quiet
  3. What happened on her first day as a psychiatrist
  4. How she predicted someone’s gall bladder case before she even met the patient.
  5. How nurses could predict medical emergencies in advance
  6. How to learn to listen, or listen in your dreams, or look around for someone who looks unusual.
  7. What is ‘hamburger helper’ for intuition?
  8. How not listening to emotional intuition leads to having to listen to medical intuition
  9. Why it’s important to watch your mood and watch your body.
  10. Why medicative intuitives typically have a ‘screw loose’
  11. And why medical intuitives usually have poor health, or have had dramatic health challenges
  12. Book Clan of the Cave Bear from the 1980’s
  13. Why shaman’s are often not normal, or have abnormal health
  14. Why black sheep often have special gifts
  15. What is ‘The Song of the Soul’
  16. Why you don’t want to blame yourself for your health conditions
  17. Medical conditions help give you steering or guidance but aren’t there for blame or guilt.
  18. How to use the healing chart in Mona Lis Schulz’s book as a dashboard to tell you what’s going on with your body.
  19. How injuries and illness can be divided into seven energy or emotional centers
  20. How to read the ‘dashboard’ of your body to know how to take action
  21. What a rash or low bone density can tell you.
  22. What lights up when you’re having difficult with money or love
  23. Why people tend to have two lights at a time
  24. What lower back pain means
  25. What do problems with kidney’s and kidney stones mean?
  26. What’s the danger of retirement and kidney stones.
  27. What happen when a man loses power and money in the world what happens to his prostrate
  28. What passion and partnership means for your health
  29. What communication has to do with your health
  30. What perception has to do with health
  31. What spirituality has to do with your health
  32. What ADHD means from a medical intuitive perspective
  33. How to compensate with ADHD with nutritional supplements and herbs, but how to love your brain as it is as well.
  34. Where would you send someone if they have cancer?
  35. What it means if a life-threatening disorder is out of your control
  36. How Jung got in an argument with Freud over dreams and symbols
  37. How cats affect MonaLisa Schulz’s radio show, and Inspire Nation too!
  38. Why cats brought a snake into MonaLisa’s radio show, and what she did about it!
  39. Why you should use every symbol and every image to find out what it means
  40. When things are life-threatening look at 7th chakra and take a fearless inventory of your work
  41. Why you should write a life grant (proposal to your higher power) to your higher self
    1. How long you want to live
    2. What do you want to do
    3. What personel and financial support do you need, granted to you to achieve that purpose
    4. Dream – look around – look at animals – feng shui to declog energy – have a counselor or spiritual advisor discuss feelings – go to nutritional counselor – herbalist – and go to traditional main-stream medicine
  42. Why the book is called ALL IS WELL, Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition
  43. What would you do if you were a parent and a child was sick?
  44. To Have an Intuitive Reading or Learn More About Medical Intuition or call 207-846-6475, also teaches 7 day long intensive medical intuitive certification programs
  45. What can you tell us about toxic mold syndrome?
  46. What’s an effective treatment for allergies?

Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz Shows You How to Communicate With Your Body to Overcome Health Challenges, Heal & Grow Strong (And Save Your Life!), Using Medicine, Intuition, Nutrition, and Affirmations! As Seen On Oprah! Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help

For More Info Visit:

Mar 25, 2016

If you love animals, pets, the furry ones, or the scurry ones, or simple enjoy time in nature, watching the birds, or the deer and the antelope roam, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Gene Baur, animal activist and co-creator of the Farm Sanctuary and author of Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: The Ultimate Guide to Eating Mindfully, Living Longer, and Feeling Better Every Day.

Today we’ll talk about the Farm Sanctuary, and the lives of farm animals, plus how to live and eat more humanely and why sheep, cows, pigs and goats, may all make great pets…as long as you have a VERY LARGE back yard!

That plus we’ll talk about Hilda, Jelly Bean, Hope the Pig, Bob Comis’s runt, Snowie and Shotzie, Opie the cow, and the love of Susie’s life, Larry the 3000 pound cow.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What’s the story behind Hilda, and how did Farm Sanctuary start?
  2. What is the rendering industry?
  3. What happens to farm animals that pass away?
  4. How they saved Hilda
  5. Who was Jelly Bean?
  6. How did Farm Sanctuary get started?
    1. Watkins Glen
    2. Orland California
    3. Near Los Angeles
    4. Opening one with John and Tracy Steward in New Jersey
  7. How are cows different than cats and dogs?
  8. What can people do to source meat humanely?
  9. Why even free range, organic chickens are de-beaked
  10. Can a chicken be a lap animal and make a sound like a purr?
  11. Who was Hope the pig?
  12. Michael’s experience volunteering on a dairy farm
  13. What happens to ‘humanely’ treated cows on a large dairy farm
  14. Bob Comis, the humane pig farmer and the runt that changed his life
  15. What are a few small steps people can make to change our eating habits just a little
  16. What is Meatless Monday?
  17. What’s the eco footprint of eating meat
  18. Why you could feed 10 people on a vegie diet for the resources it takes to feed 1 person on a meat diet
  19. What the organic term with meat really means
  20. Can you have a pet goat?
  21. Can you adopt a farm animal?
  22. Why it’s true that sheep need to be sheared each year
  23. Is there such a thing as ‘scrap leather’ that manufacturers use?
  24. The story of a pig named Julia
  25. Who was Larry, the 3000 pound cow who was the ‘love of Suzy’s life’
  26. Who was Opie the calf?
  27. How do you humanely feed cats?

Gene Baur Shares Heart-Warming Stories of Rescued Farm Animals & How We Can All Eat Better, Shop More Humanely & Help Save the Planet By Living the Farm Sanctuary Way. Inspiration | Motivation | Vegetarian | Vegan | Diet | Self-Help | Inspire

For More Info Visit:

Mar 24, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted more love, greater love, or to find the greatest love of your life, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Laura Berman, Nationally syndicated Radio show host and New York Times Best-Selling author of Real Sex for Real Women, and the author of Quantum Love, Use Your Body’s Atomic Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire.

And so today we’ll talk about quantum love what it is, how we can cultivate it, and ways to bring it into our lives, consider this show the law of attraction meets love.

That plus we’ll talk about the energy of kissing, the power of the number nine, why three minutes matter, and how in the world to manifest quantum sex.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What is an AFGE?
  2. What was Dr. Laura Berman’s dark night of the soul
  3. How it was predicted Laura was about to have a crisis
  4. Why Robert Ohotto suggested Laura Berman needed to ‘land her plane’.
  5. How ‘The Secret’ and the Law of Attraction affected Dr. Berman
  6. How Dr. Laura Berman went to see Therise Rowley, psychic intuitive
  7. How it turns out her son is clairsentient
  8. How she was able to repair the relationship with her eldest son while healing from breast cancer
  9. What was the seed for her healing?
  10. How she was forced to look at her fear and scarcity
  11. What she was forced to learn about from her cancer
  12. What were the inflammatory causes of her cancer
  13. How we’re essentially human tuning forks and what this means for our relationships and our emotions
  14. What Neurobiologist Jill Bolte Taylor who wrote ‘Stroke of Insight’ teaches us about ‘blank slate’
  15. What ‘home frequency’ and how it can change your life
  16. What the importance is of resonance and having people match you at your frequency
  17. What was Dr. Berman’s ah ha moment that started her down the road to Quantum Love
  18. What’s a Jedi-mind trick for your relationship
  19. How your vibrational frequency or ‘state’ can be quantifiably measured
  20. What is a quantum love map?
  21. How Dr. Michael Beckwith was woven into the Quantum Love Map.
  22. How do you get yourself unstuck from ego frequencies.
  23. What does it mean to get clear about what you want out of love – and how to manifest love
  24. How to manifest love when you want a relationship, or in a relationship (how to start at the end)
  25. Love’s Danielle Laporte’s Fire-Starter Sessions – and what happened on a particular New Year’s Eve
    1. What are your core-desired feelings? (Really important in the law of attraction world and the quantum love world)
  26. What are quantum love goals?
  27. Find out how you really want to feel in love
  28. Why it’s so important to put yourself in the time of imagining
  29. How you can move yourself into the frequency of your emotion to help bring about or manifest a match
  30. How to quantum match (entrainment) to overcome relationship difficulties
  31. How do we overcome limiting beliefs (which is typically the stopping point in the law of attraction)
  32. How to change our subconscious thoughts?
  33. What is Quantum Sex?
  34. What is mind-body-spirit pleasure?
  35. What does an ‘energy hangover’ mean for singles and sex?
  36. Why you may want to protect your heart if you’re having casual sex
  37. What’s the intention blessing and how does that help with your different sexual scenarios
  38. How a rose-quartz phallus helped someone to heal from deep emotional wounds
  39. What is the pink sparkly vagina?
  40. What is the energy of kissing?
  41. What is testicular breathing?
  42. How to understand your attention and the power of thoughts when it comes to sex and quantum sex (and what your chakras have to do with it)
  43. How to build a circle of energy to create a full body sensation for full body arousal and orgasm
  44. What is a fire-breath orgasm?
  45. What parents should teach their kids about quantum love (and quantum parenting)
  46. Where can people go to find out more – book, radio show (35 markets)
  47. Guided Open-Hearted Meditation (can also be a biofeedback system for yourself)


Dr. Laura Berman Shares How to Use The Secret and The Law of Attraction for Greater Love, Better Relationships, and out-of-this-world Quantum Sex! Plus Guided Meditation | Inspiration | Motivation | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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Mar 23, 2016

If you’ve felt pulled off track, swirled in emotions, or on an emotional railroad train to nowhere then do we have the show for you.

Today we’ll be talking with coach and uber-famous radio show host Fire it Up with CJ.

Today we’ll be talking about our emotions, and in particular, out of control emotions, where they come from what to do with them, and how in the world to let them go.

Plus we’ll talk about post-offices, cashier lines, and why exchanging those mangos, might not be as easy as it seems.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What to do when you’re spun out or your emotions are out of control.
  2. How to let food be thy medicine to help you get ‘grounded’
  3. What’s a pattern interrupt?
  4. What emotions visit you frequently, what it means, and what to do about it
  5. How our emotions are gifts
  6. How to strengthen your intuition and make quick decisions
  7. How to use muscle testing on a daily basis
  8. What’s the gift of ‘I don’t know’ and what’s the ‘gift of maybe’?
  9. What plateau’s are never what you expect them to be
  10. What are different types of anger?
  11. How do we diffuse anger?
  12. Why you need to watch your emotions to protect your energy levels
  13. What is F.O. Holding and how can it help?
  14. How to surf the wave of your emotions
  15. How to you stop your emotional train and take a pause
  16. What’s one classic way to take an emotional pause you may have never thought of – but works!

CJ Liu and Michael Sandler Share Powerful Methods for Handling Fear, Anger & More to Get Positive, Re-Energize & Make the Most of Your Days! Inspiration | Motivation | Spirituality | Psychology | Mindfulness | Meditation | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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Mar 22, 2016

If you’ve ever found yourself negative, chastising, berating, or picking on YOURSELF and getting in your own way, then do we have the 180 show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Melissa Ambrosini, TV Star, Dancer, Model, and Author of Mastering Your Mean Girl and silencing your inner critic, and becoming wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy, and bursting with love.

And that’s just what we’ll talk about, the mean girl and mean boy inside of each one of us, how we can silence them, kick them out of our lives, and generate the success, happiness, and love we desire.

That plus we’ll talk about your internal GPS, meeting your soulmate, bunjee jumps and bikinis, why you want to ban the B word, and why caterers cancelling at the last minute, may be the greatest wedding gift in the world!

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How did you end up dancing at the Moulin Rouge in Paris?
  2. What is Operation Self-Destruct?
  3. How she heard about Self-Love from Louise Hay
  4. What was Melissa’s first step to heal the mean girl or mean boy inside of ourselves
  5. What a mean girl or mean guy is and where it comes from
  6. What is an internal GPS?
  7. “What would love do right now?”
  8. How do you heal a sense of worthiness?
  9. What is a worthy-ometer?
  10. What’s the 3-step mastering your mean girl process?
  11. How do we love our body and begin to get a super-healthy body.
  12. What it means to ‘come from your why’.
  13. What is an easy practice in self-love we can all do?
  14. How do we begin to find our passion and purpose in life?
  15. How fear is a sign you’re on track
  16. What’s an abundance mindset?
  17. What does a mean girl or mean guy have to do with spirituality?
  18. How do we cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself?
  19. A simple way to find some time to meditate?
  20. Go to can also get the Mastering Your Mean Girl ten week activation program and find 10 Mastering Your Mean Girl meditations

Melissa Ambrosini Shares How to Become Healthy, Wealthy & Overflowing with Love by Mastering Your Inner Critic, Gaining Self-Worth & Growing an Abundance Mindset! + Guided Meditation! Inspiration | Motivation | Law of Attraction | Self-Help | Inspire

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Mar 21, 2016

If you feel like you’re being pulled in too many directions, have too many competing demands, or are working yourself to the bone, but not getting where you want to go, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Greg McKeown, author of one of my all-time favorite books, the NY Times best-seller Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.

Today we’ll talk about the power of less, of letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you and focusing all your efforts on just what’s essential.

That plus we’ll talk about the how to go in monk mode, why we all want to go fly a kite, why sleep is the new status symbol, what a dinosaur covered in pink flamingos has to do with anything, and why from here on out, there’s no more Yes. It’s either Hell Yeah, Or No!

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What is the power of less?
  2. How’d Greg go from Law School in London to Essentialism
    1. Question: What would you do if you could do anything?
    2. What his dad said to Greg when he told him he was thinking of quitting law school – and what in the world Hamlet has to do with anything
  3. Why is it that otherwise successful people and companies don’t break through to the next level?
  4. What is the paradox of success?
  5. What’s the challenge that comes with success?
  6. What is the undisciplined pursuit of more, and why is it so dangerous (and it’s the natural extension of success)
  7. Why success can be a catalyst for failure
  8. Why according to Bill Gates “success is a very poor teacher
  9. How do we become successful at success?
  10. What is a contribution or fulfillment gap?
  11. What does it mean to retire in roll?
  12. Why you should do only the things that bring you the most value
  13. Why saying yes to everyone is saying no to everything
  14. Why you want to do few things done better to break through to the next level
  15. Why our culture is biased to on having to do it all – which makes it more difficult to have success
  16. What’s the philosophy of non-essentialism?
  17. Why you can’t have it all.
  18. Why we want to choose less but better
  19. Why the undisciplined pursuit of more makes Greg McKeown furious because it is “a lie which does not deliver on any of its promises”
  20. Why the undiscipline pursuit of more
  21. Why the antidote is the disciplined pursuit of less or better.
  22. What is a core mindset or the logic of essentialism?
  23. How to clean out your physical and metaphorical closet
  24. What Mary Condley suggests (about cleaning out our closet)
  25. What’s the importance of the simple question “Does it spark joy?”
  26. How to explore; eliminate and excute; use resources to Reallocate – in the closets of our life
  27. What’s the invincible power of choosing to chose?
  28. Why you don’t ‘have to do’ things
  29. Why the power of choice can be ‘forgotten’ with non-essentialism
  30. What’s the ‘invincible power of choice?
  31. Why Southwest Airlines has been so successful, and what we all can learn from them
  32. What’s the harm of a straddled strategy?
  33. How do we protect our time so we can start to narrow things down?
  34. What is the 90% rule?
  35. Why you constantly want to increase the dial of selectivity
  36. Why if it’s not a definite lens, it’s a definite no.
  37. Why do we want to all go fly a kite?
  38. Why play is essential and why we want to play our way to learn (especially important for our children!)
  39. Why is sleep the new status system?
  40. What’s a bogus badge of honor in the busy-ness bubble we’re in
  41. How we’re waking up to sleep being critical to high performance
  42. What the mind blowing truth is on the 10,000 hour rule from the Eric Anders study that’s quoted in Malcolm Gladwell’s book.
  43. Why you do not want to ‘be a machine’
  44. Why sleep is a must because it ‘helps you discern the vital few from the trivial many’
  45. Why relationships with children are ‘hard if you work easy at them and easy if you work hard at them’
  46. What’s the importance of the idea of ‘inter-generational family’
  47. How to get first chapter for free – sign up for his newsletter at
  48. What are a few of Greg McKeown’s favorite books?
  49. Why we should all read a bit of the ‘wisdom literature’

Greg McKeown Shares The Secret To Success Through the Disciplined Pursuit of Less - How Essentialism Will Change Your Life & Catapult Your Business & Career | Inspiration | Motivation | Time Management | Entrepreneur | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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Mar 20, 2016

If things feel too complicated to you today, whether it’s your work, your homelife, or even your spiritual or meditation practice, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Brad Warner, a Soto Zen Priest, punk bassist, film-maker, Japanese monster-movie marketer and author of Sit Down and Shut Up, Hardcore Zen, Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate, and his latest, Don’t Be A Jerk.

Today I want to talk with Brad about simplicity, about what zen really is, what it means, and how in the world it can help today, more than ever. And what in the world it means like to meditate like a Buddhist.

That plus we’ll talk about the Flintstones, Loch Ness monster, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, and why Star Trek really was WAY cooler than Lost in Space.

Questions and Topics include:

  1. Do you have a Godzilla collection?
  2. How’d you become a monster movie marketer?
  3. How and when Brad Warner got into Zen Buddhism
  4. How Brad lived in Kenya while he was growing up.
  5. How Brad got into punk rock
  6. Why a Zen Buddhist is the ultimate rebel?
  7. “How am I the status quo???”
  8. How Zen Buddhism practice is ‘dirt simple’.
  9. Who is Zen Buddhist Master Dogen?
  10. How meditation gets you to naturally question things.
  11. What’s a monk of a different style?
  12. How Brad Warner is an ordained soto lineage monk.
  13. What does Monkhood mean for things like dating?
  14. What does ‘ethical behavior’ mean for a monk?
  15. If an elephant’s chasing you, why it’s okay to run up a tree.
  16. What celibacy did and did not mean for Zen monks in the past.
  17. How most of Buddhism has gotten really complicated
  18. What does it mean to think the thought of not thinking?
  19. What’s the importance of ignoring your own thoughts –
  20. Why you don’t want to try stopping or suppressing your own thoughts.
  21. What is a goalless practice?
  22. What surfers riding the Eisbach in Germany has to do with anything
  23. What Santa Claus and the Easter bunny have to do with existence
  24. What is the Zen definition of existence?
  25. What it means to be ‘waves on an ocean’?
  26. What is ‘freaky Buddhist philosophy stuff’?
  27. What is Osoji, the big cleaning?
  28. What is house-cleaning of the mind?
  29. What does Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunyu Suzuki have to do with a big cleaning?
  30. Why mindfulness could be moving too fast?
  31. What you want to do (when meditating) to make sure you don’t ‘freak out’
  32. How balance brings him the woo-hoo.
  33. Can visit Brad’s Blog (Will be in NY at the end of April)
  34. What’s the #1 thing Brad Warner learned from Dogen?
  35. Why you want to take a little time out each day to pause and not add any stimulus
  36. Why ‘reading about the practice is not the practice’.
  37. How do we begin to practice zazen?
  38. Why you want to meditate as long as you can stand it, and then…
  39. What to do when thoughts come up and you’re meditating
  40. What’s to do if someone can’t sit to meditate

HOW TO MEDITATE LIKE A ZEN BUDDHIST MASTER - AND IN ONLY 5 MINUTES!!! Brad Warner | Spirituality | Self-Help | Health

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Mar 19, 2016

If you ever felt you’re aging too quickly, get cold after cold, or your immune system just isn’t what it used to be, or how you think it can be, then do we have the anti-aging, health-boosting show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with New York Times Best-Selling author and Longevity expert Dr. Mark Liponis co-author of Ultra-Prevention and best-selling author of The Hunter Farmer Diet Solution and Ultra-Longevity.

Today I want to talk with him about ultra-longevity, and ultra-health, how boosting our immune system can help us live longer, healthier, and more energized lives!

That plus we’ll talk about the power of dance, developing a dream mantra, the power of music-therapy, and why we all need our vitamin L – Love that is.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. Why is Hook a favorite movie?
  2. What got him into holistic medicine?
  3. What is Canyon Ranch and how did Dr. Mark Liponis end up there?
  4. What Dr. Liponis and his wife have learned by volunteering in Laos.
  5. What is Immune System 101?
  6. What is the innate intelligence of the Immune System
  7. What is innate immunity?
  8. What is the thymus and why is it so important?
  9. How does having a stronger immune system help us live longer?
  10. Why dirt is so good for the immune system
  11. What can we do to strengthen, smarten, rebalance, and ‘control’ our immune system?
  12. How stress produces an immune system response
  13. How stress leads to inflammation
  14. How sleep apnea affections inflammation
  15. What’s the importance of the breath and the immune system?
  16. What’s the power of the sigh?
  17. Why wind-instruments, singing, and the dijereedoo are great for breath work
  18. How can we use food to bolster or get our immune system into balance?
  19. The importance of not eating too much
  20. How our metabolism slows as we get older
  21. What are some immune friendly foods?
  22. A supplement you should take if you don’t take fish oil (as a vegan)
  23. What are two of the most important high-fiber foods to eat daily – that you may not even think of.
  24. Why you need to start slowly when eating beans
  25. How does sleep affect the immune system
  26. A secret to a good night’s sleep you’ve probably never thought of?
  27. What are the dangers of sitting?
  28. What is Vitamin L?
  29. What’s the importance of a pet?
  30. What’s a love journal?
  31. How can you use Facebook as a love journal?
  32. Can you tell us about Bilbo Baggins house on Lord of the Rings?
  33. What’s the danger of mold in a home?
  34. Why vitamin D is very important in the winter time
  35. What it’s important to know about probiotics vs. antibiotics
  36. Why fiber’s so important for probiotics

Dr Mark Liponis Shares The Secret To Ultra Longevity, Ultra Prevention & Anti-Aging to Help You Live Longer, Healthier & More Vibrantly While Eating Great & Boosting Immune System! Health | Weight-Loss | Diet | As Seen on Dr Oz | Canyon Ranch | Inspire

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Mar 18, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to feel better about living, feel great about life, leaves worries, guilt and heart-aches behind, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Alan Cohen a contributing writer for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the author of 24 popular inspirational books, including the best-selling The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, the award-winning A Deep Breath of Life, and the classic Are You as Happy as Your Dog?

Today we’ll be talking about his latest book, A Course in Miracles Made Easy.

We’ll talk about moving from fear to love, how to go from a place of worry and concern, to one of joy, abundance, and happiness. And how to truly be at peace in the moment, no matter what arises.

That plus we’ll talk about, Pete the Duck, authority figurines, lifestyles of the rich in spirit, and why God has memory issues.

(Plus a Guided Meditation)

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. When was Alan first exposed to Course in Miracles?
  2. How A Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore was written at the same time Alan was reading A Course in Miracles
  3. How A Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore lifted and changed his mind of consciouisness?
  4. How did Alan Cohen feel when he was reading A Course in Miracles?
  5. How would Alan Cohen define A Course in Miracles
  6. Why Alan Cohen wrote A Course in Miracles Made Easy – to help people understand and sift through A Course in Miracles
  7. Where did A Course in Miracles come from and who scribed it?
  8. Who was Bill Setford and Hellen Suttman
  9. Was Hellen able to live A Course in Miracles after she scribed it?
  10. Why a lot of medium’s and channel’s lives don’t match their teachings
  11. How A Course in Miracles isn’t Christian, but is universal, even if written a bit in Christian language
  12. How the Lesson of A Course in Miracles is Love
  13. Why A Course in Miracles is not the ‘anti-Christ’
  14. How we are all love
  15. How we are all beloved
  16. How no one has truly sinned
  17. How everyone belongs to Heaven
  18. How we are all Children of God
  19. What happened with Cliff Kline and the robber
  20. How do we choose love over fear?
  21. How do we recognize we’re going into a place of fear?
  22. Who played the voice of God in Moses?
  23. Why you don’t want to play it small and choose to be little
  24. What’s the difference between the small self and the great self?
  25. Any exercises we can do on a moment to moment basis to cultivate our greatness
  26. A technique from Christian Almayrac – Dr. Happiness
  27. What does it mean to Get Real?
  28. Why the world we think is real is actually the inside-out, upside down world
  29. Why we don’t want to ‘get real’?
  30. Why the Wright Brothers were told to ‘get real’?
  31. Why Alan Cohen doesn’t work with realists, but instead visionaries.
  32. Why Anwar Sadat only works with miracles
  33. How the ego is scared bleepless by a change from the status-quo
  34. Why the unknown is where the advancement takes place.
  35. What Pete the Duck has to do with anything
  36. Why it’s ultimately important and extremely vigilant to watch our thoughts
  37. Why you want to watch out for going down the rabbit hole of dark thinking
  38. How Jersey Al used to still be alive and well
  39. What’s a great pattern breaker to let emotions go?
  40. How we are all one and how we always meet ourselves wherever we go
  41. What is an authority figurine?
  42. How Mother Teresa stopped a war to save kids in Beirut during the war
  43. How the only power is spirit
  44. What does A Course in Miracles say about guilt and sin
  45. Why there is no sin, only errors
  46. Why God has memory issues – and sees only our love!
  47. What are lifestyles of the rich in spirit?
  48. How John Robbins wrote the Pulitzer Prize nominated Diet for a New America
  49. What Steve Jobs said about the spiritual value vs. material value
  50. How do you be a miracle worker?
  51. What advice would you give for parents based on A Course in Miracles
  52. and now doing a life-coach training for people who want to become personal life coaches
  53. Beautiful short guided meditation

Alan Cohen Shares The Secret to Living Your Greatest Life & How To Choose Love Over Fear Thru A Course In Miracles + Guided Meditation! Inspiration | Spirituality | Business | Career | Health | As on Oprah | Chicken Soup for Soul | Self-Help | Inspire

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Mar 17, 2016

If you’ve ever felt anxious, moody, stressed out, your relationships are falling apart or you feel all alone, then do we have the show for you!

Then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Dr. Amy Banks, psychiatrist, and relationship expert about her latest book, Wired To Connect: The Surprising Link Between Brain Science and Strong, Healthy Relationships.

Today we’ll talk about how to strengthen our brain for better relationships, more success in life, and greater happiness, in all that we do.

Plus we’ll talk about the smart vegus, Uncle Mitty the frog, rabbit’s playing dead, Italian monkeys,supermirroring and what Mr. Yuck has to do with anything?

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What do Italian Monkeys Have to Do with Anything???
  2. What are mirror neurons?
  3. Why the theory of separate self is gone
  4. What happened to Uncle Milty the tadpole
  5. Why Western cultures have the greatest difficulty due to the value of separation and independence
  6. Why healthy interactions may be more important than quitting smoking
  7. Dean Ornish – Book called Love and Survival which documents studies on the healing power of connection and health protection of protection
  8. Why Mr. Yuck has to do with the poison of discontentment
  9. Why the idea that physical connection between a child and adult to have the necessary connections to grow into a robust resilient adult
  10. What competition has to do with nurturing and emotional health
  11. Why competition can be very harmful
  12. How Dr. Banks uses the relational cultural theory
  13. Why caring is so radical?
  14. What are the 4 neural pathways for healthy relationships?
  15. What is the devious cyberball experiment
  16. Why the alarm system in our minds may go off when it shouldn’t
  17. What is the mirroring system and what is resonance?
  18. How smiling and greeting someone can stimulate the smart vagus nervous system
  19. How social media can actually HELP you and stimulate your smart vagus nervous system
  20. What’s the benefit of pets
  21. What is relational mindfulness or what Jessica and I call “gazing”.
    1. What are the benefits of gazing?
  22. What can we do to soothe the dorsal anterior singulate cortex?
  23. What can we do to protect ourselves from mirroring if we’re care givers or extra sensitive?
  24. How to do a SPOT check when there’s a cycle in a relationship
  25. How do we get the dopamine reward system back on line?
  26. How do we remove addictions to heal a relationship
  27. Advice for people who are repeating bad relationships
  28. Important words of wisdom for parents and your kids
  29. and
  30. Brief guided meditation or practice to experience a ‘positive relational moment’

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Mar 16, 2016

If you’re exhausted with trying to drive the ship, do it all on your own, by disappointment after disappointment, or simply feel like you’re pushing a boat uphill, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with the coach and uber-famous radio show host CJ Liu, of Fire It Up With CJ about letting go of your ego, and truly freeing yourself.

We’ll talk about what the ego really is, why it’s gone awry, and what we can do help it work with us, rather than against us.

That plus we’ll talk about overcoming anxiety, getting in the flow, and why you don’t want to stay in fear, when you’re swimming with the sharks.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. Why you don’t want to push a boat uphill
  2. What’s going on with CJ’s Ego
  3. What’s a brain gap and why doesn’t the ego like it?
  4. How events radical change our lives – and our memories
  5. How you clean out the toxic junk in your mind
  6. What is the power of intention?
  7. How to move past the ego or reconnect with your higher self
  8. Why we identify with our ego and grow so attached to it…even when you’re holding on to negatives
  9. Why Dr. Joe Dispenza says we’re addicted to the chemical and hormonal response associated with the ego
  10. Why the ego is important for self-preservation
  11. What ego and fear have to do with each other
  12. Why what Matt Kahn says that we are all one means
  13. What Dr. Rick Hanson says about anchoring positive emotions – and how to embody it.
  14. How to stop yourself when you’re spinning
  15. Why you want to lock in positive emotions when you experience them
  16. What’s the power in going silent, even for a moment or two
  17. How to give yourself a chance to rest, or give yourself a gap
  18. How to pause between tasks.
  19. What’s the importance of a pause
  20. What’s the importance of getting back in the body
  21. How to let go as you’re doing more.
  22. The importance of learning how easily you can do something
  23. The importance of allowing, and letting things go.
  24. Why you want to stay in a place of love and gratitude.

Michael Sandler and CJ Liu Share Ways to De-Stress, Quiet the Mind, Get in the Gap, and Go With the Flow to Help You Have Greater Happiness, Success and Fulfillment in All You Do! Inspiration | Spirituality | Business | Career | Self-Help | Inspire

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Mar 15, 2016

Today we have a very inspired entrepreneur, artist and athlete, who will be talking with us about overcoming hurdles, chasing your dreams, and doing what it takes to succeed. He should know, he’s built over 20 companies worth over 100 million dollars (combined).

His name is Mike Stemple, and I’m proud to call him my friend, and our first mentor, when we were putting our first company RunBare together, what feels like eons ago. Mike has a knack for cutting through the B.S. and getting at the core of what it takes to succeed. He’s done this with dozens of startups, while running ultra-endurance races, and in his own way, with his artwork as well. If you’ve ever driven i-25 through Denver, you’ve likely seen his Denver Bronco’s mural on a prominent building.

I think though, what impresses me most about Mike is his inability to quit, hear no, or get discouraged, no matter what. To make 20 million dollar companies, means being willing to fail, and fail a LOT, something Mike knows a lot about too. But he knows how to ride fear, or look past it, something I’m fascinated by.

Mike’s life hasn’t been all roses, he lost his hearing as a child and developed a speech problem. He damaged his brain in a car accident at 24 losing his medical and military career. He’s struggled with depression himself, and with severe illness, something I’ll let him tell you about.

But Mike has come back, time and time again, not just to build companies, but to inspire us all. At age 39 he became a sponsored athlete after running hundreds of miles across the desert sands in the Sahara. I guess that’s why he calls himself, a full-time inspirer.

Questions Include:

  • What was life like for you as a kid?
  • How did you become a serial entrepreneur?
  • You’ve had numerous very serious health-challenges and really trying times. In retrospect, why do you think these happened?
  • What’s your mission in life? How would you say it’s changed or evolved?
  • How or why did you ever think, I’d like to become a sponsored athlete and run across the sahara?
  • How do you get the idea to start a company?
  • What have been some start ups we may be familiar with?
  • I’ve recently heard the expression from numerous sources fail fast. What do you think of failure?
  • Can You Talk About the Law of Attraction, The Secret, and Yoda
  • You used to have a website, what do you mean by that?
  • What’s the illness you’ve struggled with?
  • Recently, you struggled through a pretty dark time. I think we ALL go through dark times, if we can recognize that, they often make us stronger. What did you go through and how did it change you?
    • What advice would you give for parents raising kids, or to empower kids these days?

Topics Include:

  1. Lost hearing – learning how to communicate
    1. Learning it was okay to fail
    2. Learned failure will only happen if work hard and try but success will only happen if try
    3. Yoda – try or not try – disagrees, thinks all there is is the try
  2. Fail and Fail Fast
    1. Rails against Yoda Quote, because greatest things in his life at moment thought failure was imminent – if believed it was absolute, that there was nothing beyond
      1. Law of Attraction & The Secret
    2. Ran Atacama Desert Crossing
      1. Didn’t want to play it safe
      2. Wanted to truly “live”
  • Act to prove his health
  1. Training became his full-time job
  2. Separated shoulder on flight to Chile
  3. Spiritually was vacant – didn’t go there with full respect of The Universe
  • Spiritual experience – changed person
  1. “I lived my whole life to become the person I am today – was it worth it?”
  2. Flipped “worth” question around – was my life worth it to The Universe
    1. Realized lived so much about “me” was I worthy of my life?
  3. Back from desert
  4. Succeed more than you lose
  5. Favorite moments
    1. 20 100 million dollar plus companies or “step children” to him
    2. Skinit
    3. Rich N Wraps (3M bought them)
    4. Odojo,
    5. Lesoro,
    6. Enriche
  6. Courage vs. Bravery
    1. Courage exists in fear, bravery transcends it
    2. Like’s courage since has to be with fear
    3. Learns to separate the rational vs. the irrational fear.
  7. How do you predict success?
    1. “Effectual Action”
      1. Premise #1 (bedrock of overcoming fear)
        1. Overcoming who are you?
        2. What do you know?
        3. Who do you know?
          1. Everything will come out mediocre if try to do it all yourself
        4. Passion is the box that holds the above 3 questions together
  • Can’t do a “money idea”
  1. Why “Wet T-Shirt In A Box” is a Million Dollar Idea, but NOT the right way to go.
  3. Passion idea is always best – must be something you totally believe in
  • YOU must be YOUR avatar!!!
  • Johnny Iveand Steve Jobs, biggest fans of their products
  1. Can’t be about the money…world is littered with start-ups this way
    1. Has to be about your passion – if you’re not 100% a believer in it, you won’t have the strength for your company.
    2. Always refer to your company as if it’s an individual and a person.
  2. Have to be very introspective
  3. Premise #2 Acceptable loss – what am I willing to lose by doing this venture?
  • Are you passionate about it???
  1. Human condition – suffering will come to us
    1. Everyday given choice, free will, to chose, to dream, to aspire to be better
  2. Live life, put it all at risk, put it to the edge and beyond, create with no ego
  1. Have Courage
  2. Believe your worthy of doing extraordinary things: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckenberg, Richard Branson…they are no different than us, we all have the right, we just need to go out and seize it.
  3. Feed dreams and starve fears!!!

 Mike Stemple Shares How To Overcome Fear, Build Companies, & Achieve the Life of Your Dreams! Serial Entrepreneur, Ultra-Runner, Artist & Brain Injury Survivor! Business | Career | Inspiration | Motivation | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help | Inspire



Mar 14, 2016

If you’ve ever felt failure, loneliness, rejection, loss or trauma, guilt, low self-esteem or almost any other emotional difficulty you can think of, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Guy Winch, PhD, Clinical psychologist, speaker (he’s got a top viral ted-talk) and the best-selling author of a book that’s in 20 different languages worldwide, Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday Hurts!

And that’s just what we’ll be talking about today, how to heal your emotional wounds, or at least patch them up before they get inflamed infected, or fester out of control...

That plus we’ll talk about social snacks, loneliness and cigarettes, David the Yankees Guy, and why you might not want to show a woman your elmer fudd underwear collection.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How to heal your emotional wounds
  2. Why Guy Winch wanted to help patients immediately who came in with emotional wounds, rather than wait until things got worse
  3. Why we’re very clear how to respond to physical wounds, but we struggle to respond to emotional wounds
  4. Why we need to think of emotional wounds as the same way as physical wounds
  5. What is an emotional gym?
  6. What is emotional first aid?
  7. Who we make a problem worse without realizing it
  8. How we make things worse with rejection – and what we can do about it.
  9. The twisted psychologist experiments done on rejection.
  10. What’s first aid to deal with rejection?
  11. What is a self-affirmation and how does it help?
  12. What can you tell us about negative self-esteem and a weak emotional immune system?
  13. What’s wrong with positive self-affirmations?
  14. How do we bolster self-esteem?
  15. What’s an internal approach of self-compassion?
  16. What loneliness and cigarettes have in common?
  17. How to move past loneliness
  18. What happened with loss and grief?
  19. How to move past failure
  20. Who was David the Yankees Guy
  21. What it means that Emotional First Aid is now in 20 languages.
  22. Website: (book, Ted Talk) also and “Guy” also blogs for psychology today and can find those links on his website as well.
  23. Important Warning On Your Mind – And what it’s telling you

Guy Winch PhD Shares Secrets to Healing Emotional Pain, Trauma & Everyday Hurts Fast, Before They Set Up Shop! Includes Rejection, Failure, Loneliness, Grief, Self-Esteem & Much More! Inspiration | Motivation | Psychology | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

For More Info Visit:

Mar 13, 2016

If you’ve ever struggled to find your life purpose, feel completely stuck or wonder why you keep repeating pattern after pattern after pattern, or why you feel like you keep being a victim, then do we have an illuminating show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Rob Schwartz, a pioneer in the field of pre-birth planning, the study of how and why we plan our own lives and the author of two groundbreaking books, Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of The Life You Planned Before You Were Born, and Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before you were born.

And that’s just what I want to talk with Rob about today, about understanding our life’s plan from before we were born, and how we can move past our stuck patterns to live our greatest lives.

That plus we’ll talk about whales, elephants, horses and more, and why in the world our pets are here.

Questions and topics include:

  1. What is a spirit guide?
  2. Rob’s first experience listening to a medium
  3. How it triggered an awakening or a ‘remembering’ in Rob
  4. What was Rob Schwartz’s transformative experience?
  5. What does it mean to be made of unconditional love?
  6. What is pre-birth planning based on?
  7. How did Rob sign up for an abusive childhood?
  8. How the pre-birth planning perspective helps you in your life.
  9. How pre-birth planning helps keep us from a victim-mentality
  10. Why tragedy isn’t at all what it appears to be.
  11. How he came into the between life work with Michael Newton (the life between life field, or between-life soul regression).
  12. Who are the council of elders?
  13. Why life plans always involve service to others.
  14. How hearing your soul purpose can help bring a sense of peace
  15. Why being ‘off-track’ is often exactly where you’re supposed to be.
  16. How and why incarnation ends
  17. What is a higher self, and what is ‘the soul’
  18. How do we know if it’s the higher self speaking or your higher self?
  19. How all ‘abiding’ healing begins – and what that means for you.
  20. Why healing is really all about becoming the most loving person you can be.
  21. What are soul groups?
  22. Will we see our loved ones after they’ve passed away.
  23. Why did pets come here?
  24. What is a miscarriage? What is abortion?
  25. What are repeating patterns and getting stuck?
  26. Why is there often a pattern of a lack of abundance?
  27. How do we move past the pattern of a lack of abundance?
  28. How do we stop repeating an abusive relationship?
  29. How automatic writing – a form of journaling and channeling – can help you get in touch with your higher self
  30. Why automatic writing when half awake is a great practice
  31. Uplifting words for those going through difficulties
  32. Rob Schwartz is looking for people to interview for the next book (if you go into trance easily and freely) can contact Rob at or on contact page at Can also check out lots of book excerpts at his website as well.

Rob Schwartz Helps You Discover The Real Meaning of The Life You Planned Before You Were Born & The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before you were Born! Channeling | Spirituality | Medium | Past Life Regression | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

For More Info Visit:

Mar 12, 2016

---An Interview with John Gray, World's Number One Best-Selling Author of Men are From Mars, and Staying Focused in a Hyperactive World - Natural Solutions for ADHD, Memory, and Brain Performance---

If you’ve wondered why so many of us and our kids are diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and given prescription drugs today, or if you suspect you may have ADD yourself…and what in the world to do about it, then do we have the show for you!

We’ll be speaking with John Gray, author of the Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, the ground-breaking best-selling non-fiction book of all time and of Staying Focused in a Hyper World.

This is a fascinating topic to me, I coached kids and adults with ADD for over ten years, and I once wrote a best-seller on it myself - College Confidence with ADHD. Yes, I was once called the worst student my teachers ever had, and was put on Ritalin years before they even had the term ADD.

Today we’ll talk about what ADD really is, if you or your kids may have it, and what in the world to do about, NATURALLY.

If it wasn’t for the rewiring of my mind I’ve done, I’d say I’m bouncing out of my seat for the answers!

Questions Include:

  1. What is ADHD?
  2. Why do so many people have ADHD today?
  3. Before we dive in, I believe you were diagnosed 12 years ago with Parkinsons, do you mind sharing with us about it?
  4. What does Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s have to do with ADD?
  5. Scary Statistics:
    1. 1 out of 10 children – ADHD
    2. 1 out of 9 American students seriously contemplate suicide each year
    3. one out of 8 teens suffers from depression
    4. 1 out of 7 women over 55 will get dementia
    5. 1 out of five americans suffers from a mental disorder in a give year
    6. 50-60% of all college students on ADD medications
    7. 1 out of 42 american boys (in 2013) were diagnosed with autism, when in 1980 it was one out of 10,000.
  7. What is ADHD? (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  8. Is ADHD overdiagnosed and over-medicated?
  9. Does Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ever go away?
  10. Why is oxidative stress the #1 challenge fore the brain.
  11. How do stimulant drugs change a child’s brain?
  12. What is the connection between sugar and ADHD
  13. What are the long term effects of stimulants?
    1. Dopamine down-regulation
  14. How do we heal the brain?
    1. Diet
    2. Supplements
    3. Exercise
    4. Hot Baths
  15. Proven solutions
  16. How do you see meditation helping to rewire the mind?
  17. Is there a meditation component to all of this?

See Inspire Nation Show for a John Gray meditation

And for more information visit

John Gray the #1 best-selling author shares his success over ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Parkinsons w/out prescription medication, permanently healing & rewiring the mind! Men are From Mars | Inspiration | Spirituality | Health | Diet | Children | Self-Help | Inspire



Mar 11, 2016

If you’ve ever struggled to get things going, get unstuck, improve your relationships, or simply kick your life into a higher gear, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with CJ Liu, coach and host of the super-popular Fire It Up With CJ Show.

Today we’ll talk about the importance of self-love. What it looks like. How you grow it. Why you want to practice it. And when you want to do it…if not all the time.

That plus we’ll look at how silly it sounds, how crazy it looks, and why you might not want to do it, in the middle of a business meeting.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How CJ Liu had a brain scan during a meditation at a Joe Dispenza retreat
  2. How her heart rate (HRZ –heart rate variability) was measured by Heart Math
  3. How CJ Liu had a kundalini awakening experience
  4. A little bit about seeing auras
  5. How Michael stayed alive during a near-death experience by focusing on light and love (self-love)
  6. Why in the toughest times you need to let go of negative thinking and focus 100% on self love.
  7. What Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief) says about healing and epigenetics
  8. Why giving away love brings more back to you
  9. Why love is not an unlimited resource
  10. Why it’s so important to be gentle with yourself
  11. How the old Michael pushed himself to heal (and through himself in a 10K with one working arm and leg)
  12. Why “I love myself” is such an incredibly important mantra and thought-shifter
  13. What’s a different way to determine how special you are
  14. Why you want to practice self-love QUIETLY during a business meeting
  15. How CJ had an interview with someone that was supposed to go from 10 minutes to 50 minutes.
  16. A unique self-love technique from CJ Liu
  17. Why it’s so important to love yourself before you love others (putting your oxygen mask on yourself first)
  18. Why it’s so important to ask what you can do for YOURSELF in the moment.
  19. A sticky note self-love coaching exercise for you.
  20. What Robin Sharma (The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and we interviewed for The Leader Who Has Not Title) suggests for self-love and self-care.
  21. What in the world we can do with a tennis-ball for self-love.
  22. What Donna Nakazawa says about acute childhood traumas.
  23. Why Michael highly recommends Kamal Ravikant’s book Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

For More Info Visit:

Mar 10, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to feel more empowered, stronger on your own two feet, live your passion, or shine brighter than you’ve ever shined, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Pamela Alejandra Galaz Valdez, artist and founder and creative director of The Healing Love Art tour.

Today we’ll be talking about empowering you through self-expression, what this means, how to do it, and how it can help you live your greatest life.

That plus we’ll talk about kids, books, Earthing, and what in the world imaginary 7 year olds, running barefoot through the dirt, has to do with anything.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What happened on November of 2008?
  2. What Pamela chose to do after 6 years of unsuccessful treatment for cancer
  3. What happened when she was told she had only a year to live
  4. How she broke her wrist in 7 places, and what she did with her left hand only to change her life and raise funds for treatment
  5. How she began to heal through the power of art
  6. What is Pamela’s prescription for overcoming cancer (which may work for you, IF it resonates with you)
  7. What happened with a bake & art fundraiser
  8. How Pamela spreads love through sidewalk art
  9. What has happened when Pamela has tried to go back
  10. What topophelia (and what does it have to do with cooties???)
  11. Why community or Ohana is so important
  12. Why for some men (or women) a mastermind group can be there community or Ohana.
  13. What does color and the 7 chakras have to do with healing?
  14. Why you want to get out of your comfort zone?
  15. How do we be Nemo?
  16. How do we identify and them empower ourselves?
  17. “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’
  18. Where does self love fit in?
  19. The importance of what you want to focus on.
  20. How Pamela started working on a children’s Earthing book
  21. What is earthing and how it changes our lives
  22. What is the healing love art tour?
  23. What positive event came out of not getting paid
  24. Where to find out more from Pamela - – retreat on Maui March 25-28 “empower through emotion”
  25. Healing Through Feeling
  26. How Divine Love helps us all to heal
  27. What does the expression when the art comes out, so does the magic
  28. Why love is magic and what does this mean
  29. A brief morning gratitude meditation

Pamela Alejandra Share Her Inspirational Comeback from Cancer Story and How You Can Follow Your Passion, Overcome Anything, and Live the Life You Desire! Inspirational| Motivational | Spiritual | Spirituality | Self-Help | Career | Art | Health | Love | Plus Guided Gratitude Meditation!

For More Info visit:

Mar 9, 2016

If you’ve ever heard that thoughts are things, and that we create our reality, but wonder what in the world that has to do with your day to day life, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Dianne Collins, a consultant to entrepreneurs,, executives and celebrities, and award-winning writer of Do You Quantum Think, a new favorite on our 'new' reality.

I want to understand what Quantum Thinking really is, how do we practice it, why do we want to, what it means for our lives, and why it’s more important now than ever.

That plus we’ll talk about living fully dimensionally, what holographic really means, and what we can all learn from King Tut.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How Dianne Collins ended up hanging with Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Russell Targ (physicist, originator of laser and author of Miracles of Mind) and shaman for Solstice 2000.
  2. What was the Mayan prophet sharing about why it’s so important to embody this wisdom for now.
  3. How we exist in quantum fields
  4. What is Quantum Think
  5. Why our old view of the world was a very limiting view?
  6. Why our energy levels and emotions affect our lives.
  7. What are the 5 Natural Faculties of Mind
    1. Power of Intent
    2. Intuition
    3. Subtle energy
    4. Resonance – the manifestation faculty
      1. Everything occurs because of sympathetic resonance
      2. This is why we attract certain things into our lives
  • Why an opera singer can break glass
  1. How we can generate our own resonance to attract what we want to attract
  1. Why the heart’s so much more powerful of a transmitter than the brain, but why according to the Heartmath Institute we want to be careful of an either/or.
  2. What Bob Proctor in The Secret says about electricity and how it relates to manifestation
  3. What does a holistic and a holographic world look like?
  4. What is a literal quantum leap in consciousness
  5. What she learned from Doctor Fred Alan Wolf that helped her develop the system of Quantum Thinking
  6. How do we wrap our minds around Quantum Thinking to make a Quantum shift?
  7. How everything is attached to everything else, and how we’re not just attracting, but emanating outwards as well.
  8. For more on holography check out and Mark Diamond
  9. What a powerful re-creation is to Quantum Think
  10. How to manifest
  11. What is intention vs. intent
  12. Why the future is already here
  13. Why according to Dr. Amit Goswami there’s a possible world, and an actual world, so we can change the future in the present. – that the possible world has existence.
  14. How to manifest giant goals (law of attraction) through Quantum Thinking (and why it doesn’t quite working after listing to the secret).
  15. The difference between Bob Proctor’s Law of Attraction gratitude exercise, and Quantum Thinking
  16. How to trick our minds for manifestation.
  17. What is the wretched self-syndrome that keeps us from manifesting.
  18. How to bring more money into your life
  19. How to manifest 1 million dollars
  20. What conscious relationship with money you need to create
  21. Go to for more on Dianne’s work.
  22. How to create from intent

Dianne Rollins Show How You Can Create a New Reality & Harness the Law of Attraction Through Quantum Thinking – Create Wealth, Achieve Your Dreams, Find Greater Happiness & Manifest Abundance!!! Inspiration | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help | Inspire

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Mar 8, 2016

We all know thoughts create things, and that changing our thoughts can change our reality. We've known it since Napoleon Hill and Think and Grow Rich.

But while people have written hundreds of books on it over the last 30-50 years, none of them address the core belief...or how to change our beliefs!

Kimberly Heart, ultra-successful career coach to Fortune 500 and 100 CEO's, top exec's, and entrepreneurs does just that, diving into our subconscious and how to rewire our hearts our minds, and our lives!

This is a talk about changing yourself to attract everything you desire into your life. Whether that’s healthier relationships, a better job, the love of your life, greater happiness, everything all starts on the inside. So she shows you how to recognize and begin the process of change…AND how to do it without needing a cosmic hit with a 2x4. In our society we hold up people who martyr themselves for change, she talks about how kind, gentle, and loving change can be for yourself, and that it doesn’t require pain. In fact, self-love is the most important place to start and to attract into your life everything you desire.

She talks about reprogramming your subconscious, fixing your inner wiring, and moving past the programming we’ve add since we were a little child, or as she calls it “the seven year old driving the ship”. She talks about healing the inner child, and healing the subconscious, and how freeing, liberating, and how great it feels. And she talks about taking our lives to a new level, both through exercises in her book, and by working with a mentor to be there in a guiding, non-judgmental way to help you make the big changes. Talks about a never-ending process of growth, how growth is our life’s work, but also how beautiful it can be.

And talks about our childhood, why our wiring is the way it is, how we can rewire almost in an instant. And how important it is to work on ourselves for our kids. That we must put the oxygen mask on first for ourselves, before helping our kids. How are kids will mirror us, so if we’re martyring ourselves and unhappy in the name of taking care of our kids, our kids will learn to be unhappy, and untrusting in what we say (do as I say, not as I do).

Last, talks about the value of helping others and changing the world, and that change, truly is an inside job. Change ourselves first and foremost, just as loving ourselves first and foremost, to change the world.

Kimberley Heart Share How to take The Secret & Law of Attraction to the Next Level by helping us rewire our minds & hearts to master our beliefs. | Inspiration | Motivation | Career | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help

| Napoleon Hill | Think and Grow Rich | Law of Attraction | The Secret | Inspiration | Motivation | Career | Entrepreneur | Success | Self-Help 

Mar 7, 2016

If you’ve ever felt stressed, worried, freaked out, or burdened with concerns you just can’t let go of, or if it feels like a saber-tooth’s about to jump out at you, and there’s no where to hide, then do we have the destressifying show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Davidji, a true expert in the field of stress management, and authors of the Secrets of Meditation and his best-selling book Destressifying: The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, lasting fulfillment, and Peace of Mind.

Today we’ll be talking about destressifying your life, getting you out of the fight or flight, I’m about to be eating by a tiger-mode, and help you discover a path of de-stress, greater ease, and far more peace, no matter what you’re doing.

That plus destressifying at work, on the phone, on an airplane, and even before the TSA…

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. How he left Zen after only two weeks.
  2. What happened to Davidji after 9/11
  3. How he went to study with (and later work for) Deepak Chopra.
  4. Why it doesn’t take 20 years of meditation to reach a place of peace.
  5. Can stress be good for us?
  6. Can you combat stress?
  7. How Eureka moments can turn us into Super-rats, or super people!
  8. What is destressifying?
  9. What do you do when the saber-tooth tiger emails you?
  10. How Elizabeth Blackburn, 2009 Winner of Noble Prize discovered Telomeres
  11. How pattern interrupts can make us happier
  12. How Joe Montana saved the Superbowl with a Mind-stopper!!!
  13. What’s the importance of the presence moment
  14. Why a spanner may be in the works!
  15. What is “tactical breathing” or sixteen seconds
  16. A brief mindfulness meditation to stop your mind and give you an instant chance to breathe.
  17. How sixteen seconds can give us the time we need to defuse and step back before we make a decision.
  18. How do we bring pause to people in war zones, or countries with war?
  19. How fight or flight can serve you, and how to tone it down when you need to.
  20. How do we rewire for greater awareness and to stop the fight or flight response, and all of it’s negative (cortisol, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc…) challenges.
  21. How do we interrupt the patterns in our mind
  22. How we can practice RPM - rise, pee and then meditate!
  23. A second brief meditation you can practice anytime to help you quiet your mind.
  24. How can we help cultivate self love.
  25. How he brought Blue Courage Awareness Training BCAT training for police officers.
  26. How we transform the world by transforming ourselves.
  27. How to send love to the TSA, and what to do to stay relaxed with airport security – particularly if you’re ‘randomly selected’
  28. A meta-kindness meditation
  29. About Peaches the Buddha Princes, a rescued Mindful Morkie – who has over 3000 friends on Facebook.
  30. Several musicians who practice meditation.
  31. What’s a chocolate   tasting meditation? 
  32. com to join the sweetspot meditation community
  33. Why kindness matters.
  34. A kindness META guided meditation.

Davidji, Worldwide Mindfulness Trainer to EMT’s, Military & the Police and Former Dean of the Deepak Chopra Center University, Shares Mindfulness Techniques & Meditation to Instantly Destressify or Knock Stress Down! Spirituality | Health | Self-Help

For More Info visit:



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