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Nov 14, 2015

Hi Everyone, Michael Sandler here, your host on Inspire Nation. Today we have a very special relaxing meditation from our guest Patrick McKeown, author of the amazing new book, The Oyxgen Advantage.

This meditation can be done in the morning or at night, and has great long-term benefits if done on a regular basis.

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I send love. I send light. And many, many blessings your way. Namaste.

A beautiful soothing meditation to put your body, mind & soul at ease. Helps relax & rewire the body for greater focus, patience & inner peace throughout your day, plus melts stress away. Patrick McKeown, Author of Oxygen Advantage.

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Nov 14, 2015

This is part two of our fascinating interview with Patrick McKeown, a world-renowned expert in the field of breathing, and the best-selling author of The Oxygen Advantage.

In part two we’ll look at more of the incredible benefits of changing your breath, and how to begin. We’ll cover relaxation, rewiring the mind for less stress and anxiety, how to get a better night’s sleep, eliminate sleep apnea, increase focus and reduce adhd systems, and for athletes or those looking to get in better shape, look at the performance, health, and fitness benefits from simple changes to your breath. Yes, you can literally boost your VO2. And yes, it can help you loose weight too!

That plus how you can reduce or eliminate asthma in both kids and adults, by changing the way we breathe.

This is one power-packed interview, so let’s dive right in and shine bright. 

Topics Include:

  1. When you’re stressed you breathe quickly and can’t get oxygen to the brain
    1. So you can’t think
  2. Gives us an exercise to rewire the body so we can cope with stress much better.
    1. Repeating for just a few short weeks makes structural changes in the brain
    2. In 3-4 minutes can take someone from a flight or flight response to a rest and relax response – from sympathetic to parasympathetic
    3. This exercise helps reduce snoring – helps reduce sleep apnea
    4. Focusing on air shortage anchors mind on the breath – aka silences mind
    5. May be better than many meditation techniques because almost automatically quiets the mind
  3. Nasal Breathing for Improving Sleep Quality
  4. Humans were meant to breathe through nose
  5. Only 4 animals breathe through mouth, but are still nasal breathers
  6. Farm animals only breathe through mouth when they are very sick
  7. Athletes are missing the most important part of training
  8. Oxygen is sexy
  9. Everyday breathing affects your fitness and affects your sport
  10. The performance benefits of working on the breath
    1. More enjoyment
    2. Improved performance
    3. Can improve VO2 Max
    4. Improved Economy
    5. Reduce exercise induced asthma
    6. Reduce stress on the heart
    7. Lower heart rate
    8. Less inflammation
    9. Less injuries
  11. Asthma and over-breathing
  12. How asthma is curable if we get the breathing under control
  13. For parents with kids with asthma
    1. Watch your child breathing
    2. Is the mouth open?
    3. Do they snore?
    4. Are they holding their breath?
    5. Are they changing positions in sleep (obstructive sleep apnea)
    6. Huge link between sleep disorders and ADHD
  14. For adults with Asthma
    1. Pay attention to the breath
  15. Lower the breathing rate, lower the body weight
    1. When you change breathing, weight loss occurs
    2. Eat more when stressed
    3. Eat less when unstressed
    4. When using the breath you reduce stress, and reduce appetite
    5. High altitude individuals are thinner
  16. Wrap-up – why everyone should look at their breath

Learn how to boost your fitness, performance & sex drive, dramatically improve your sleep, health & well-being, plus reduce weight, quiet your mind & even improve asthma, all by changing how you breathe!

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Nov 13, 2015

Did you ever wish you could be happier right now, much happier? That life could be, well, happier in each moment, more puppies and roses, or that at least the sun could be shining more than half the time?

Well then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Tal Ben Shahar, a former Harvard pyschology professor and a leader in the field of positivity and happiness. He’s also the author of the best-selling book: Choose the Life You Want: The mindful Way to Happiness.

Today we’ll be talking about at least 10 key ways to CHOOSE Happiness in Each moment, plus the power of smiling and why we both do it before starting the show, plus why we might want to forgo that new Porsche, and instead head for Cabo pronto. Arriba!

Interview Topics Include:

  1. Got into studying happiness because wasn’t happy studying computers
  2. Generosity Brings Happiness
    1. There was a study that gave you money to go shopping
      1. Shoppers high had 1 day stick – then gone
      2. Those who were give money to instead give away, had more stick, even a week later
  • Hebrew word natan, palindrome, same word backwards, because of the relationship of giving and receiving
  1. Being Present Brings You Happiness
    1. Eric, Blind Home Designer
    2. Hellen Keller
    3. Brings happiness and boosts immune system
  2. Being in a state of Gratitude brings you happiness
    1. Hellen Keller was a consummate appreciator
  3. Being Present and Grateful is a super-powerful happiness duo
    1. What Barbara Frederickson calls heartfelt positivity – feeling good in the moment
    2. Einstein , either nothing is a miracle or everything is
  4. What are key ways to be mindful for happiness
    1. Like working out
      1. Can go to gym
      2. Or bring activity to everything
    2. Mindfulness
      1. Can meditate
      2. Or can make every moment a mindfulness practice
    3. Listening to someone contributes to their physical health
      1. Kids self-esteem is higher
      2. Also affects employees in workplace – sick less when listened to more by boss or colleagues
      3. One of best predictors of job productivity is the answer to “do you have a best friend at work” – having someone hear us out.
    4. Having Pets contributes to wellbeing and happiness
    5. In every moment can cultivate mindfulness
      1. Amy Cutty – Physical Posture
      2. Doing dishes can be mindful
      3. When eating –
    6. 5-10 minutes a day of mindful eating a day can improve our wellbeing
    7. Posture can improve wellbeing, happiness, and body chemistry
      1. High power pose –
        1. Rooster pose or big-shot pose
      2. Increases testosterone and reduces cortisol
        1. Demostrates confidence
      3. Weaker pose
        1. Increases stress hormones, decreases testerone
        2. Hunching forward at computer isn’t good for our psychology
      4. The permission to be human
        1. Allowing ourselves to experience any and all emotions
        2. Difficult of self-help gurus
          1. Can’t be happy all the time
          2. Cannot suppress or block emotions
        3. Allowing yourself to experience emotions
        4. The idea of the lucky person – phenomenon of luck and Dr. Wiseman
          1. More open
          2. Interpret events differently
        5. Be a benefit finder, not a fault-finder
        6. How to become more of a benefit finder
          1. Teach it
          2. Write about it
          3. Have reminders around you
        7. Bringing humor and lightness to your life
          1. The healing power of humor – Norman Cousins
            1. Prescribing humorous activities – the power of humor is remarkable
          2. Ellen Degeneres
            1. Combining Dance and Humor
          3. The Wonder Drug video on
            1. Ellen and TBD (Too Busy Disorder)
              1. So important to do less rather than more
            2. Changing our beliefs and the mind-body connection
              1. How do we shift those beliefs
              2. Carol Dweck –
                1. Fixed mindset vs. growth mindset – self fulfilling prophecy
              3. Having a fixed vs. a growth mindset
              4. Shoot for more positive experiences – even small experiences
                1. The value of experiences over goods
              5. Supporting a child’s dreams
              6. Spirituality – having a meaningful, purposeful experience
                1. See your work as significant or purposeful
                2. Doesn’t have to be in a great or big experience or ah ha moment, it can be in just about every moment of our lives.
              7. Happiness is in the details – in the minute-to-minute decisions we make
                1. Jon Kabat Zinn – wherever you go, there you are – being present to the experience

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Nov 13, 2015

Hi Everyone, Michael Sandler your host on Inspire Nation. Today we have a very short happiness meditation to help you find a ray of sunshine in any moment, in any situation. This meditation goes well with today’s guest, Tal Ben Shahar, a former Harvard Positivity Professor and author of Choose the Life You Want: The mindful Way to Happiness.

You can of course do this meditation anytime you want, and use it as a mantra or reminder to bring you back to a state of happiness in any moment.

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I send love. I send light. And many many blessings your way. Namaste.

Okay, this is a very simple meditation.

To begin, I’d like you either sitting up good and tall, which is a position of confidence, or laying on your back on the floor.

First I’ll have you begin with a few nice, deep slow breaths. In and out gently through the nose.

Next I’d like you to imagine one of the most positive experiences of your life. It could be something recent. It could be from your childhood. It could the birth of a child. Your wedding day, or anything else that made you feel on top of the world.

As you continue to breathe in and out, take a minute and put yourself back there…

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Nov 12, 2015

We’ve been talking a lot lately about bringing out the gifts within each us and living your greatest life. But what do we do if we don’t know our gifts inside of us, or have no idea where to turn with them?

Well, as the expression goes, who you gonna call…ghost busters? No in this case you’[d call Sue Frederick, a Career Intuitive, who helps people discover their greatest path and wrote a beautiful book I see your dream job.

Today we’ll cut through a bit of the confusion, and talk about uncovering our gifts and discovering our own paths, whether that’s in our current field, a new field, or somewhere out in Far Left Field. In short, today we’ll learn how to unwrap the gifts we came here with to discover what on earth you were meant to do.

That, plus we’ll learn ENERGETIC PERSONAL RESUCITATION, OR EPR, or how in the world to tun up our vibes and shine extra bright!

Topics Include:

  1. Following our soul path
  2. Using different tools to intuit our soul path
  3. The importance of meditation and listening to our inner voice/intuition
  4. Determining what your gifts are
  5. Do what you run from
  6. How do you connect the dots once you know what you’re passionate about?
    1. Getting moving
    2. Taking Baby Steps
  7. Meditation practice to access intuition
  8. Effectiveness of a Sanskrit mantra
    1. Om Namashiviya
    2. Shifts energy to a higher frequency
    3. In higher frequency and energy realms fear is replaced by love
  9. Shifting Energy
    1. Tools
      1. Gratitude
    2. Understanding the innate sweetness inside of each one of us
    3. Get back to our nature, bring that to work, to relationships
      1. Helps us connect soul to soul
      2. Get past ego, get past personality, get past fear
    4. Helping people bring out their “sweetness”
    5. From Debbie Downer to Thank You Dad
    6. Using laughter to slay the downer dragon
    7. Why do we need to take action right away once we’ve discovered our path
    8. Counseling kids on their greatness
    9. Have to go after your passions
    10. Have to bring your energy to the table

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Nov 12, 2015

Today we have a very special meditation to help us release burdens and fears and vibrate at a higher level. This meditation is from our recent guest, career and life intuitive Sue Frederick. It’s called the Break Your Heart Wide Open Meditation, and it’s perfect if you’re having a rough day, tough time, grieving or need to let go of pain to help you raise your energy and move forward. I think it’s something we could all benefit from!

A brief note on this meditation, she’ll ask at one point you put your hand in front of your heart, with your thumb and forefinger together. I want to describe this too you. Please take your right hand and flip it palm up. Now place it palm up, right in front of your heart, up against your chest.

Keep it palm up, touching your chest, but touch your thumb and forefinger (first finger together so they make a circle). This in essence will be your scooper or shovel you’ll use in the meditation to help you remove and release pain, worries, and concerns. She’ll coach you through it, I just wanted to make sure you can visualize what you’ll do with your hand.

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I send love. I send light. And many, many blessings your way.


Leaves your fears, worries, and burdens behind with this meditation designed to help you raise your energy, overcome challenges & move ahead! Sue Frederick | Inspiration | Intuition | Motivation | Spiritual | Mindfulness | Healing | Spirituality | Love | Religion | Self-Help


Nov 11, 2015

If you’ve ever felt a twisting in your gut, nervous, anxious, or a dreaded fear that just won’t go away, like there’s a piano just above you getting ready to fall, then you are NOT alone, and do we have the show for you!

Today I’m interviewing Kevin Davis, Anxiety Coach and Co-Host of the top-rated Anxiety Coaches Podcast!

We’ll talk about why we all face anxiety, what it means, and most importantly what we can do to leave it behind. Anxiety shouldn’t stop us from loving the lives we lead, or leading the lives we’d love.

Plus we’ll also look at what to do when panic does come up, so we’re not immobilized or feeling sick to our stomach.

Today we’ll cut those strings to the dangling piano, and work to free ourselves from the fear so we can truly Live Fearlessly.

Topics Include:

  1. Kevin’s Near Fatal Car Accident
  2. What is PTSD?
    1. What is CPTSD – complex PTSD
      1. Multiple Events
      2. Childhood
    2. How Anxiety and PTSD Involves daily triggers and replaying of the events
      1. Leads to not trusting one’s body
    3. How Kevin pulled himself out of the hole
      1. Started using guided visualizations – that relaxation time, doing that every day, trains the brain (exercises the brain) to help you to calm down.
    4. As long as you’re human and have a pulse, you’ll experience some anxiety at some point.
    5. Definition Anxiety
      1. Worrying about things that may or may not happen in the future
    6. Lao tzu on Anxiety and Depression
      1. The How To’s – There is no simple rescue, it is a practice
        1. Focus on past, have depression
        2. Focus on future, have anxiety
      2. The most important thing:
        1. Finding the trick that works for you to force yourself back into the moment
        2. Focusing on something
        3. For example Public Setting…
          1. Mindfulness – focusing on a distant person in great detail
          2. Rubber-band snapping on wrist to force you back into the present moment
        4. What is Anticipatory Anxiety and How to Control It
          1. Anxious now and more likely to be anxious in the situation
        5. How to Use Visualization for Success to Control and Eliminate Anxiety
          1. Racing in Europe and burning success or an automatic response into your body and mind
        6. Key Point: Don’t let your thoughts have so much power!
        7. com

Check Out Kevin’s Inspire Nation Show Meditation As Well!

And for more info visit:

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Nov 11, 2015

Take a relaxing stroll on the beach and watch your worries wash away in this beautiful guided meditation by Kevin Davis, co-host of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast. Inspiration | Motivation | Meditation | Mindfulness | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help

Hi Everyone, Michael Sandler here, your host on Inspire Nation. Today we have a relaxing, stress-reducing, guided beach meditation from our recent guest Kevin Davis, co-host of the Anxiety Coaches Podcast, or

You can listen to this meditation any time of the day, my favorite for this is mid-afternoon on a day off, or in the evening, just before going to bed.

To hear Kevin’s interview or more meditations from me or our guests, visit our Inspire Nation Show or

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Nov 10, 2015

We’re always talking about how YOU can improve yourself and YOU can change your life, but it’s often exhausting and filled with worry, and how do we know what’s best for us anyway?

Well if you’ve ever wondered if you’re trying too hard, striving in the wrong direction, or have no idea where to go-or how to right the ship, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Toesha Silver, and she’s here not a minute too soon! She’s the best-selling author of Outrageous Openness and the recently released Change Me Prayers: The Hidden Power of Surrender.

Today we’re going to talk about a very powerful way to live. It’s called Outrageous Openness, or how to be open to the world around us and the divine within or how to seek a divine plan so life happens through us, and for us, rather than by us. That plus why giving away your Seinfeld collection, may just set you free.

Topics Include:

  1. Life happening through you and for you, rather than by you
  2. Scammed by scammer, but the money returned
  3. It’s about creating space to allow
  4. Not about chasing, pushing, grasping
  5. Tosha’s Story
    1. Was very sick for 3 years
    2. Idea of offering to a force of love
    3. Not about asking for help with “my” problem
    4. What would happen if it stopped being my problem, my life, the “small self” ownership
    5. If I get out this life is now owned by you, show me the actions you want me to take
    6. Felt hopeless because illness had gone on so long
  6. How do you stay out of the trap of striving, wanting, and worrying
  7. Right action begins to happen through you
  8. So important to create space rather than pushing to make it happen
  9. Offer it to the divine and say “show me the first step”
  10. What’s the Trouble with the Law of Attraction
    1. The energetic part is great, we attract according to our vibration
      1. Keep vibration high will attract to that
      2. If it’s low (anger, darkness, etc.) will attract to that
    2. Trouble is, it’s often used to give a shopping list…like shopping list to Costco
    3. Problem is, there’s often a divine plan that’s far greater for us
  11. How do we let go without losing our grandest vision
  12. Think of what you’re doing on behalf of love, and love knows all the steps that need to happen
  13. Instead of saying I need say I offer
    1. Need hands open to receive.
    2. Become able to bless the obstacles
  14. Vision boards are beautiful, but very limiting, very small
  15. I am here to serve love,
  16. Think of inviting Love in as an ally
    1. Use very simple prayers (and meditation) of invitation
      1. Help me to center, help me to trust love
    2. Having a God Box – putting all of your worries in your God Box
    3. How to let go (of Seinfeld) and de-clutter
    4. Having a sacred fire with our vision boards
    5. The breadcrumb trail – when what you desire is offered to the divine you start to get shown a trail
    6. Offering does not mean passivity
    7. How to listen and hear – an inner knowing
    8. How do we cultivate the inner knowing
      1. Part is through the prayers – offering it over
    9. It’s not do more, strive more, give more, but instead get centered and OFFER back
      1. Completely different recalibration of your energy
    10. What Surrendering Really Means

For more information visit

Discover Why the Law of Attraction & the Secret Can Leave You Exhausted, While Outrageous Openness Leaves You Recharged, Rejuvenated & At One with Your Highest Good! Tosha Silver | Inspiration | Motivation | Meditation | Spirituality | Career | Love | Self-Help

Nov 10, 2015

Hi everyone, Michael Sandler here, your host on inspire nation. Today we have a very short, relaxing and liberating meditation from our recent guest, Tosha Silver, the Best-Selling Author of Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead.

This meditation can be done any time of the day, and I highly recommend it if you have big decisions or heavy burdens that are weighing on you.

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I send love, I send light. And many, many blessings your way.


For more information and meditations visit

Relax and Release Your Burdens to the Universe or the Divine. You’ll Feel Lighter, More At Ease, and More Connected & Centered, Body, Mind & Soul! Tosha Silver – Author Outrageous Openness | Inspiration | Motivation | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help

Nov 9, 2015

Do you ever feel there’s greatness inside of you, a higher purpose or calling, something grander more meant for your life, if you could only figure out what it is or how in the world to tap into it. If so then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Derek Rydell prominent life, business, & career coach to Emmy and Academy Award Winner,s Fortune 500 execs, and evolutionary leaders in business, spirituality nad the healing arts. And he’s the best-selling author of several books, including Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change.

I must say, Emergence it one of the most radical books on life change I’ve read, but I mean that in a GREAT way.

For Derek Rydall empowers you to be your most amazing self, one much grander than you ever could have imagined!

So today we’ll talk about Emergence 101, about understanding who we truly are, how to discover our gifts, and to grow from the tiny humble acorn, to the magnificent oak, we were each meant to be!

Topics Include:

  1. Why “Self-Improvement” is an oxymoron
  2. What “the end of self improvement” really means
  3. Derek’s story for self improvement, which didn’t work.
    1. Why he was:
      1. Suicidal
      2. Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol
  • Struggled to drive across bridge without pulling it off the edge
  1. Coral Reef Near-death experience – Had to surrender
  2. Discovered the “self” trying to improve was a fiction
  1. Went to monastery to become a monk
  2. Learned we’re not broken –
  3. Instead we must learn how to dust off the perfection which is already there
  4. We are already perfect, whole and complete!
    1. The challenge with the Law of Attraction is that it’s trying to attract, improve or achieve from a limited perspective
    2. Attracting from a limited perspective creates a barrier or resistance to what is already trying to emerge.
    3. It’s like trying to serve two masters or ride two horses at the same time
  5. Law of attraction – manifestation cycle – why it often doesn’t work
    1. The true meaning of whole-work, not homework.
    2. How to tune in to our true self
  6. How to know “you are already whole and complete”
  7. Are you congruent with this truth?
  8. Why Ego and The Tribe get in our way
    1. Ego is designed to keep us the same – is an artifact of our evolutionary growth
      1. So tribe tries to keep us down, and ego tries and prevents change – isn’t letting us evolve
        1. Happens in our “tribe” called our family as well, is a vestigial protective device
        2. Need to separate yourself from that until you can hold your space in that expanded place.
      2. THE EMERGENCE MODEL – Whatever’s “missing” is what you’re not giving
        1. Because the truth is, everything really truly is within you.
      3. How to be the light
      4. Emergence is the “ultimate weight loss program”
      5. How to turn on the divine power within.

For More Information Visit

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Nov 9, 2015

Feel Incredibly Inspired, Empowered, Motivated, Energized & Blissfully Relaxed with this amazing meditation! Led by Derek Rydall Best-Selling Author of Emergence & Coach to Top Hollywood Stars & CEOs! Inspiration | Motivation | Spirituality | Self-Help

Hi Everyone, Michael Sandler here, your host on Inspire Nation. Today we have an amazing treat for you. This is one of the most empowering guided meditations I’ve ever experienced. It’s led by Derek Rydall, Best-Selling Author and Coach to Academy Award Winning Hollywood Stars and Top CEO’s. It’ll inspire you to bring out your best as well.

You can do this meditation any time of the day, and expect to feel like a rock star and completely on top of the world when you finish.

If you like this meditation, please do us a HUGE favor and rate and review our show on iTunes. It’s the #1 way to show your love, and help others to find the show. And of course, it’s mega-great karma points. Thanks so much! A key note: we’re told it’s easier to do on a computer than a phone, if you’re on a phone, you have to back out of the show, search for inspire nation, then looking for the ratings and review tab.

To check out Derek Rydalls equally incredible interview and more meditations by me and our guests, visit our Inspire Nation Show, and

I send love, I send light. And many many blessings your way.


(Similar meditations to Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra, or NLP work by Tony Robbins)

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Nov 9, 2015

The How-To's of Emergence

This is part 2 of our interview with Derek Rydall prominent life coach to Emmy and Academy Award Winner,s Fortune 500 execs, and evolutionary leaders in business, spirituality and the healing arts. He’s the best-selling author of several books, including Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change.

In part one we learned how we all have greatness within, and like an acorn that grows to be a mighty oak, we can each grow into our greatness.

So in part 2 we’ll look at the how-to’s of growing this mighty oak, and how to discover the incredible power and inconceivably great destiny that lies inside each one of us.

It should be a life-changing ride!

Topics Include:

  • Life isn’t happening to you, but through you, as you and for you – it is a HUGE shift and reframing
    • First stage of Emergineering – Vision – Seeing the Completed Vision
      • There is a seed of genius in you
      • A lot of problems we experience are a symptom of us not being rooted in our deepest vision
      • How do we figure out our deepest vision?
        • Vision Blinders
      • The Soul Profile - Exercise to see what’s trying to emerge in us
        • Think of three or four people who are amazing…
      • How to think outside of the fish bowl – will save the fish though!
      • Have to know where we are going, or we will get lost
    • Second Stage of Emergineering – Congruent Conditions
      • Now can build on the direction we built in stage 1
      • Using Visualization to Get in Touch with the Frequency of the Vision
        • Careful not to focus on future, but on the frequency, to let your highest destiny come through!
      • Your destiny is beyond your imagination – Your imagination can only rearrange what we know
      • What’s most important is the imagination of the soul, not of the mind
      • How to go from Station B-Lack to K-RICH
      • Once you have the vibration, articulate what are the qualities of that vibration
        • What are the feeling qualities?
          • Break down each quality with LIFT practice
            • Living in the FEELING Tone
            • Look at people, places, objects, and activities
            • Activate what gives you joy!
          • How to create a life by design, rather than by default, out of this emerging vision
          • To bust out, you need momentum so you don’t keep getting pulled back.
          • Remember you are complete
          • “If I am really this deeply supported in life, and if everything I want in life is already here, how would I show up in life?” What might I take a chance on, what would I start, what might I finish?”

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Nov 8, 2015

If you’ve ever wanted to feel better, enjoy life more, and feel our oneness or our interconnected being-ness with everyone and everything around you, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking Lama Surya Das, considered one of the foremost Western Buddhist meditation teachers and scholars. The Dalai Lama affectionately calls him “The Western Lama”. And He’s the best-selling author of 13 books including Buddha Standard Time, Awakening the Buddha Within and his latest book Make Me One With Everything:

Today we’ll be talking about oneness and inter-meditation, or connecting to everyone and everything around us. We’ll talk about why we should do it, how we should do it, when we should do it, and what in the world we have in all have in common with a hot dog.

Topics Include:

  1. What did the Dalai Lama say about a hot dog?
  2. Are we surfing the cresting wave of evolution
  3. How have things changed?
  4. You mention the Dalai lama giving high level teachings to thousands now, why is that?
  5. Why did you write this book?
  6. What is your mission?
  7. Why is it so important to interconnect, and particularly NOW?
  8. Is interconnection a relatively new idea or as old as the Buddha?
  9. What was your experience in France in hermitage retreat with intermeditation?
  10. What is intermeditation
  11. What is Thich Nhat Hanh’s interbeing?
  12. What is the difference between intermeditation – all inclusiveness, and mindfulness? Being aware or bringing all of our perception in?
  13. When I forget who I am, I serve God, when I forget who I am, I am God ~Hanuman
  14. Function Practice
  15. Main Practice
  16. Difficulties along the road?
  17. I intermediate on subways, but my favorite is at intersections, with drivers passing by.
  18. Co-meditation
  19. Are we in a new era?
  20. How have times changed?
  21. Are more of the esoteric teachings being shared?
  22. You spoke of the Dalai lama giving high level teachings before thousands now, why is this?
  23. How do we find peace in ourselves, and bring peace to the world
  24. Webination
  25. Neoroscientists – Richard Davidson, and Dan Siegel
  26. Tonglen – giving and receiving
  27. Lojong – attitude transformation and spiritual refinement
  28. Everyone is going to die someday, but who amongst us will choose to truly live
  29. Atisha – the lamp master – systematized Lojong – “taming” or “mastering”
  30. What is true attention or lucid attention and how do we cultivate it?
  31. What is nowness awareness or presencing?
  32. After attention is self-acceptace or compassion
  33. Be aware of the fragile and impermanent nature of your life
    1. Live the Buddhist tantric committment of looking at everyone and everything as Buddhas
  34. Be aware of the implications of your motivations and consequences of your actions
  35. My religion is kindness (I just said “My religion is We”
  36. Co-meditating with the dalai lama
  37. Co-meditating with our guides
  38. Natural meditation – clouds, trees, etc.
    1. Intermeditating with trees
    2. Intermeditating with animals
  39. The less full of myself I am, the more room there is for others.

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Nov 7, 2015

Hi Everyone, Michael Sandler here, your host on Inspire nation. Today we have an extra-short, super-special relaxing mindfulness meditation from our guest Lama Surya Das, whom the Dalai Lama affectionately refers to as The Western Lama.

You can do this meditation anytime of the day, and almost anywhere, although I wouldn’t do it while driving.

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Nov 7, 2015

Perhaps you've seen Dr. Terry Wahl's viral Ted Talk with over 2 million views!

If you’ve ever had inflammation, an auto-immune disease, sore joints, heart-disease, asthma, high blood pressure, or if you’re just plain human, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’re interview Dr. Terry Wahls, one of the most extraordinary doctors out there. She’s come back from MS, and from a life in traditional medicine, to develop a functional medicine protocol to help us all live healthier, more energetic lives TODAY, and to come back from autoimmune disorders from MS, to Luppus, Lyme Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, and the list goes on and on and on.

Today we’ll talk about the heart of disease, why at it’s source, it’s all cellular dysfunction, where it comes from, and most importantly, what in the world we can do about it, beginning TODAY.

That’s most important to me, that and kicking butt energetically. Jessica and I don’t have a show to run, but we want a family too, and we’re both coming back from long-term illness, her more than me. But if we admit it to ourselves, aren’t we all struggling in some way health-wise? We were never meant to be tired, achy, and old before our time, or brain-fogged at any age. And we were never meant to live on pharmaceuticals and a lifetime suppy of supplements.

So I am so excited to talk with Dr. Wahls today.

Show Notes and Topics Include:

  1. Ted Talk – Mind Your Mitochondria
  2. From Wheelchair to Walking
  3. Did you believe you could come back – what possessed you to look for an answer?
  4. History – steady decline even with aggressive treatment
  5. Discovered institute of functional medicine
    1. Redesigned life based on
    2. Took functional medicine plus supplement approach
  6. Ted Talk – 2 million views in 2011
  7. Getting “younger”
  8. All autoimmune disease is the same at it’s origin
    1. Immune cells are at heart of how run biology
      1. Asthma, IBS, krohns, ulcerative cloritis, rheumatoid arthritis, schelarderma, psoriasis, MS, lupus, type 1 diabetes, acne, artherosclerosis, schizophrenia
      2. Most chronic diseases that aren’t affected may be found to be auto-immune in nature
  • Mold-toxicity syndrome
    1. Auto-immune related
    2. Chronic swelling in one extremity
      1. Damaged blood vessels, whether veins or lymph ducts leaving that limb
      2. Also autonomic nerves that regulate flow could be damaged
    3. If exposed to bold, many of us our immune cells can attack, and clear it from system.
    4. Some of us can’t clear them as well, cause damage to organs, rev up inflammation and if have auto-immune process make it more severe
  1. What’s the difference between a diagnosis and a disease?
  2. Difference between conventional and functional medicine approach
    1. Example: uses IBS
    2. Conventional: use immune suppressing drugs
  3. Different “levels” for functional medicine
  • Create more health for your cells, and healthier cells make helather organs and healthier body
  • Basis is wahls diet plans
    1. Level 1 – tons of vegetable
      1. e. 9 cups of veggies
      2. 3 cups is one plate – so 3 plates of veggies each meal
    2. Organic grass fed meat – though can do it as vegetarian
  1. Meditation
  2. Moving the body every day
  3. How is this diet different than standard paleo diet
  • What is ketosis
    1. Can starve health-promoting bacteria in gut
    2. Ketosis 6-12 months will help starve out candida
  • Make starchy vegetables raw – gut will ferment them into ketones and won’t
  • Berries and fruits okay
  1. Limit apples, pears bananas
  • What are good fats vs. bad fats
    1. Which to have, and which to stay away from
  • No gluten
  • No dairy – casein bad, but ghee may be okay.
  • The 1 month test
  1. How do you tell if you have a leaky gut?
  • Algae and Seaweed
  • Sea salt vs. commercial salt
  • Don’t need dairy/calcium need vitamin D and K2
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Zeolite, Clays
    1. Can make you mineral deficient
  • Important tests to get
    1. Don’t necessarily need tests
  • Need stress-reduction techniques
    1. Importance of meditation for stress-reduction (mindfulness, yoga, breathing, etc.)
  • Usually can tell w/in 1 month moving in right direction
    1. But hard to sustain because is in addiction
    2. Remove from the house – get family’s support
  • Currently recruiting for next trial – people with recurring MS with fatigue
  • Swank diet vs. Wahls diet

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Nov 6, 2015

Today you’re in for a special treat! I just finished an interview I’ll have up in two weeks, but I was so excited by what our guest shared, that like a kid in a candy store I wanted to get you this exercise right away!. So today we have a very relaxing, and powerful breathing exercise and meditation brought to you by our upcoming guest Patrick McKeown, a world expert on the Buteyko breathing method and author of seven books on the breath including the brand new Oxygen Advantage.

You often hear me talking about breathing in and out through the nose. There are many powerful reasons for that, one in particular is to help the mind go quiet, and rewire.

This exercise in particular will help you do just that. By practicing this exercise, you’ll literally making changes to your brain that will help you throughout the day, and any time you experience stress. This exercise will help you cultivate greater concentration, focus, patience, and relaxation, even under heavy stress. With practice it can even help you sleep better.

---Perfect Too for ADHD or a Hyper-Active Mind!!!--- 

It’s very powerful, which is why I practice it quite often, and I always stress breathing in and out through the nose.

Patrick will first discuss some of the benefits of this breathing method, then lead you in a very informal breathing meditation.

My recommendation is to listen through fully the first time, then go back to where the music begins and dive straight into the meditation, tuning out his words as you go along.

This is an exercise you can do any time of the day to immediately reduce your stress and quiet the mind. You can do this at work, at your computer, on break, at the dinner table, in bed, on a train, or almost anywhere you can think of. However, as a powerful breathing exercise that can dramatically quiet the mind, I do not recommend it while driving a car or operating heavy machinery.

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We’ll have Patrick McKeown’s full interview up in about two weeks. To check our more interviews or meditations, visit our Inspire Nation Show, or

I send love, I send light. And many, many blessings your way.


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Nov 5, 2015

If you’ve ever had your life touched by a pet, a friends pet, or even heard of someone’s life being completely transformed by the love of, or for an animal, then do we have a special treat for you.

Today we’re talking with Dr. Bernie Siegel, the best-selling author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles. He’s one of the most well known doctors there, who talks about humanizing medicine, compassionate care, and the choice to live fully and die at peace. In 2011, Bernie was honored by the Watkins Review of London, England, as one of the Top 20 Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet

Of course, he’s also the author of the newly release Love, Animals and Miracles a book that speaks to my soul.

Today we’ll talk about the healing power of love and animals, how they’re much more than just furry or scaly creatures, and how they have an almost magical power to transform our lives and fit in, in our crazy world. If you’re looking for inspiration, or a smile, then today’s celebration of animals and the love and miracles they always bring is for you!

I can’t wait to hear the stories he’ll tell!

Notes from Interview Include:

  1. Why Dr. Siegel is a Jungian Surgeon
  2. Why a mechanical approach to medicine is broken
  3. Why animals always come from the heart
  4. What he learned from his pets
    1. House rabbit
  5. Past regression – once killed with a sword, now heal with a sword
  6. Animals all get along as family
  7. Even a turtle and fish became best buddies!
  8. You can communicate with animals
  9. Animals speaking to us
  10. Animals at Nursing Homes
  11. Animals healing us - the healing power of animals
  12. Healing vibration of cats – the purring
  13. Petting an animal changes your chemistry
  14. People recover from heart surgery better if go home to a pet
  15. For single women – get a dog, take a walk, you’re more likely to meet a guy
  16. Cats, Laptops, and Keyboards
  17. Being called to animal shelters
  18. Animals passing away and the messages they give us
  19. Furfy passing away – animals passing away in their sleep
    1. Wants animals to be surrounded by love, with us when passing away, not at the vets, it’s a much simpler transition
  20. Animals coming back “reinpregnating” vs. reincarnation
  21. Animals are here to teach us, and they become family.
  22. Save the worms!
  23. What saving a turtle, the FBI, and guns have to do with each other.
  24. Jackson Chameleons
  25. Monty the snake
  26. How do animals help us to heal?
  27. Having an animal to care for forces our bodies to heal – particularly for seniors!
  28. “The still pond” the mindful experience, or mindfulness experience of having a pet
  29. We need to learn from our animals how to be in the present moment
  30. Don’t focus on what’s not right, but focus on what IS right.
  31. Why you should name a pet Sex.
  32. Miracle Oscar and recovery from cancer
  33. The healing power of touch
  34. The power and importance of body memories
    1. Transplants and body memories
  35. Plus much, much more!!!

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Nov 5, 2015

Today we have a very special, short, yet empowering and healing animal protector meditation from our guest Dr. Bernie Siegel, best selling author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles, and his latest book, Love, Animals and Miracles.

You can do this meditation any time of the day, but I Iike it best first thing in the morning, to help me set the ton for a beautiful day ahead, and help give me strength for any challenges that may come my way. It’s a beautiful reminder for the special animal inside each and every one of us.

I’m part coyote or dog myself, and I may be a squirrel too. And I definitely love to run hills like a goat, and soar like an eagle!

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To check out Dr. Bernie Siegel’s interview on Love, Animals and Miracles, or to hear more meditations by me or our guests, check out our inspire nation show, or

I send love, I sent light, and many, many blessings your way.

Namaste. WOOF WOOF!

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Nov 5, 2015

There’s an expression I once heard from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, you must die while you’re still alive, or you must almost go through your own death in order to truly live. Well, having gone through two near-death experiences, I think there’s something to that, though I’d never wish it on anyone.

But there’s a simpler way too, if we can open up our hearts, and learn from others.

Well today we have an amazing spiritual teacher on the show. His name is Mark Nepo. He’s the New York Times best-selling author of The Book of Awakening and his new book Inside the Miracle.

He’s experienced incredible suffering while having cancer not once, but twice, and at the same time as his former wife. But even in his darkest moments he didn’t become bitter, instead, he’s learned how to truly live, and I believe he’d even call it a miracle.

And that’s what I want to talk about today, about how to embrace life fully, to overcome fear, and to dive in in head on and heart-on.

Topics Include:

  • Why you can’t block fear, you can only let it through, like wind through a tree.
  • Radical acceptance
  • Letting go of the hopes and dreams and goals in order to open up
  • How letting go is the kindling of our aliveness
    • Sometimes the dream doesn’t come true, but WE come true.
  • Story of Japanese monk Tetsugen
  • Pay attention to what brings you alive, follow what brings you alive.
    • Trust literally means to follow your heart
    • Respect literally means to look again
  • How to reframe and have trust in the middle of something difficult
    • Under everything we go through there is solid ground.
  • To be broken is no reason to see all things as broken.
  • Even if we fall down, we’re on solid ground…build from wherever you’re at, even if it’s a square inch.
  • Alcoholism vs. Make-aholism
  • Best way to honor someone we love is to be the best switch we can
  • Story of Janice and Tom
  • The teaching power of trees – rooted and leaves sway with the wind, they give
    • We must be rooted, and we must sway or be flexible
  • A miracle is a process, not an event.
  • How to follow your heart
    • Integrity toward aliveness
  • How to listen to your hearts
    • Being in the present moment – mindfulness – closest to everything that ever lived
    • Stay in that perfect present moment.
  • Your heart and your life are bigger than anything you can feel and experience
    • Trust that our heart will find a way
    • Whatever is opened in us is more important than what opens us.

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Nov 4, 2015

Today we’re going to do a very special, kindness and compassion mediation. This is a great meditation to help you feel better, and help raise the vibration of the entire planet!

You can do this meditation any time of the day, and I especially recommend it for the middle of the day, particularly when you’re around others.

This meditation goes beautiful with today’s guest, Mark Nepo, NYT best-selling author of The Book of Awakening and his new book Inside the Miracle, who’s had to learn a thing or two about kindness and compassion, particularly for himself.

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I send love. I send light. And many, many blessings your way.


Okay, this is an exceptionally simple meditation.

You can do this anywhere, at any time. This is a go to meditation of mine on subways, in traffic, at intersections, or anywhere else people are stressed.

Emotion is an energy, which means a frequency…everything is a frequency. And the more we focus on the energy of kindness and compassion, the more we can change the frequency of everything and everyone around us.

Things like to come into vibrational harmony, hit a tuning fork, and everything around it begins to vibrate at the same frequency…and the bigger and stronger the fork, the more of an affect it has.

So the more you’re in a frequency of kindness and compassion, the more others will be as well…and if they’re not quite there, you’ll still help them to be a bit more loving, less anxious, and all-around feel better.

Best of all, you’ll feel better too. Science has shown that thinking of others, releases the most amazing healing, and feel-good chemicals and hormones in the brain, chemicals we can’t release when we focus only on ourselves...

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Nov 4, 2015

Want to be a Badass, Kick a little butt, and live your greatest life possible?

Want the most Badass Wealth Consciousness in the world?

Then do we have the show for you!

Today we’re talking with Jen Sincero, super bad-ass success coach and the run-away best-selling author of YOU ARE A BADASS.

In her words a few years ago, she said goodbye to her home in California to travel the world indefinitely and encourage as many people as possible to live lives of unbridled awesomeness.

Unbridled awesome, who couldn’t use more of that?

So today, we’ll talk about being a badass, living a kick-ass life, why fear is for suckers, and how you can live a life of unbridled awesomeness!

That, plus the G word, doing, not spewing, loving the one you is, following your crotch…it’s not what you think, taking Hell Bent for Glory Action, plus how to make money your new best friend!

 Topics Include:

  • Taking Risks is Essential
    • Coaching
    • Finding a way to get an 85K coach
  • Lighting a fire under you’re a**.
  • Raising your energy
  • Letting go of fear
  • Change your beliefs around $$$.
  • The crab affect – most often the people who love you the most pull you down
    • We have made caring someone a negative
    • Family – don’t add fear, doubt and worry.
  • Come from a place of expansive thought and belief
  • Having an expanded mindset.
  • Jen Sincero 6 Rules of Wealth Consciousness
  • and the Law of Attraction for Wealth and Abundance
  • Why you need an Audi over a Honda!
  • Becoming who you desire to be before you are that person
    • You can’t create a new reality from the reality you’re presently in
  • Come from a place of abundance, not lack\
  • Want is a state of lack
  • Writing a letter to money
    • Learn what is going on around money in your subconscious
    • Question all the negative beliefs you have around money
  • Get clear with your desires, and the why’s behind it
  • If you want the car go drive it
  • If you want the house, visit the house
  • Get emotional and that will help you get over the challenges
  • Don’t need to know the how, just need to know the why
  • Have the emotion and the how will start to reveal yourself as you take those leaps of faith
  • Raise the frequency first
  • Hell bent for glory action
    • Will get intuitive hits all the time when have higher frequency, will scare the heck out of you!
    • Have the leap of faith
  • Getting the “BS” (big snooze, aka EGO) under control
  • Importance of mantras in getting past your big snooze
  • Life turning to (BEEP) before it turns to shinola!
  • Killing your ego or your old self
  • In nature there is no growth without friction
  • Consider friction a sign you’re on the right path
  • Meditation as medication! Critical as you’re expanding your mindset.
  • How to make your brain your b*tch.
    • Meditation
    • Not falling prey to negative thoughts, beliefs and words.
  • There’s nothing as powerful as a freight-train full of F-yeah!
  • Leading with your Crotch
    • Put the fun back in and see what you can get away with!
    • Remember done is better than perfect!
  • Fear is for suckers
    • Can be your buddy
  • Healthy competition and peer pressure

For More Info:

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Nov 3, 2015

Hi Everyone, Michael Sandler here, your host on inspire nation.

Today we have a very relaxing and empowering Badass meditation from Jen Sincero, our recent guest and author You Are a Badass, How to stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.

 This empowering meditation can be done anytime of the day, but I personally love it for morning and evening reprogramming of my mind.

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To Hear Jen Sincero’s recent interview on abundance and a Badass wealth consciousness, or to hear more meditations from me or from our guests, check out Inspire Nation, or

I send love. I send light. And many, many blessings your way.


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Nov 3, 2015

Today we have a very inspired entrepreneur, artist and athlete, who will be talking with us about overcoming hurdles, chasing your dreams, and doing what it takes to succeed. He should know, he’s built over 20 companies worth over 100 million dollars (combined).

His name is Mike Stemple, and I’m proud to call him my friend, and our first mentor, when we were getting our first company RunBare together, what feels like eons ago. Mike has a knack for cutting through the B.S. and getting at the core of what it takes to succeed. He’s done this with dozens of startups, while running ultra-endurance races, and in his own way, with his artwork as well. If you’ve ever driven i-25 through Denver, you’ve likely seen his Denver Bronco’s mural on a prominent building.

I think though, what impresses me most about Mike is his inability to quit, hear no, or get discouraged, no matter what. To make 20 million dollar companies, means being willing to fail, and fail a LOT, something Mike knows a lot about too. But he knows how to ride fear, or look past it, something I’m fascinated by.

Mike’s life hasn’t been all roses, he lost his hearing as a child and developed a speech problem. He damaged his brain in a car accident at 24 losing his medical and military career. He’s struggled with depression himself, and with severe illness, something I’ll let him tell you about.

But Mike has come back, time and time again, not just to build companies, but to inspire us all. At age 39 he became a sponsored athlete after running hundreds of miles across the desert sands in the Sahara. I guess that’s why he calls himself, a full-time inspirer.

Questions Include:

  • What was life like for you as a kid?
  • How did you become a serial entrepreneur?
  • You’ve had numerous very serious health-challenges and really trying times. In retrospect, why do you think these happened?
  • What’s your mission in life? How would you say it’s changed or evolved?
  • How or why did you ever think, I’d like to become a sponsored athlete and run across the sahara?
  • How do you get the idea to start a company?
  • What have been some start ups we may be familiar with?
  • I’ve recently heard the expression from numerous sources fail fast. What do you think of failure?
  • Can You Talk About the Law of Attraction, The Secret, and Yoda
  • You used to have a website, what do you mean by that?
  • What’s the illness you’ve struggled with?
  • Recently, you struggled through a pretty dark time. I think we ALL go through dark times, if we can recognize that, they often make us stronger. What did you go through and how did it change you?
    • What advice would you give for parents raising kids, or to empower kids these days?

Topics Include:

  1. Lost hearing – learning how to communicate
    1. Learning it was okay to fail
    2. Learned failure will only happen if work hard and try but success will only happen if try
    3. Yoda – try or not try – disagrees, thinks all there is is the try
  2. Fail and Fail Fast
    1. Rails against Yoda Quote, because greatest things in his life at moment thought failure was imminent – if believed it was absolute, that there was nothing beyond
      1. Law of Attraction & The Secret
    2. Ran Atacama Desert Crossing
      1. Didn’t want to play it safe
      2. Wanted to truly “live”
  • Act to prove his health
  1. Training became his full-time job
  2. Separated shoulder on flight to Chile
  3. Spiritually was vacant – didn’t go there with full respect of The Universe
  • Spiritual experience – changed person
  1. “I lived my whole life to become the person I am today – was it worth it?”
  2. Flipped “worth” question around – was my life worth it to The Universe
    1. Realized lived so much about “me” was I worthy of my life?
  3. Back from desert
  4. Succeed more than you lose
  5. Favorite moments
    1. 20 100 million dollar plus companies or “step children” to him
    2. Skinit
    3. Rich N Wraps (3M bought them)
    4. Odojo,
    5. Lesoro,
    6. Enriche
  6. Courage vs. Bravery
    1. Courage exists in fear, bravery transcends it
    2. Like’s courage since has to be with fear
    3. Learns to separate the rational vs. the irrational fear.
  7. How do you predict success?
    1. “Effectual Action”
      1. Premise #1 (bedrock of overcoming fear)
        1. Overcoming who are you?
        2. What do you know?
        3. Who do you know?
          1. Everything will come out mediocre if try to do it all yourself
        4. Passion is the box that holds the above 3 questions together
  • Can’t do a “money idea”
  1. Why “Wet T-Shirt In A Box” is a Million Dollar Idea, but NOT the right way to go.
  3. Passion idea is always best – must be something you totally believe in
  • YOU must be YOUR avatar!!!
  • Johnny Iveand Steve Jobs, biggest fans of their products
  1. Can’t be about the money…world is littered with start-ups this way
    1. Has to be about your passion – if you’re not 100% a believer in it, you won’t have the strength for your company.
    2. Always refer to your company as if it’s an individual and a person.
  2. Have to be very introspective
  3. Premise #2 Acceptable loss – what am I willing to lose by doing this venture?
  • Are you passionate about it???
  1. Human condition – suffering will come to us
    1. Everyday given choice, free will, to chose, to dream, to aspire to be better
  2. Live life, put it all at risk, put it to the edge and beyond, create with no ego
  1. Have Courage
  2. Believe your worthy of doing extraordinary things: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckenberg, Richard Branson…they are no different than us, we all have the right, we just need to go out and seize it.
  3. Feed dreams and starve fears!!!


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Nov 2, 2015

Today we have a very short, unique, fun heart-chakra meditation. This one’s sure to put a smile on your heart.

This meditation offer’s the perfect balance for today’s interview with serial entrepreneur and ultra-endurance athlete Mike Stemple, who talks about moving past the BS, to succeed in business, in life, and in everything that comes our way.

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To check out Mike Stemple’s interview, or to hear more meditations from me, or our guests, visit our Inspire Nation Show or

I send love. I send light. And many, many blessings your way.

Namaste. Woo hoo!

Okay, this is a super-simple, yet really fun meditation, Jessica Lee, my wife and co-host on inspire nation shared with me. You can do this meditation any time of the day, and anywhere you’d like, it’s particularly fun to do on a park bench, on the subway, or anywhere you can radiate love all around you. Of course, you can certainly do it from the privacy of your own home as well. And if you have pets, particularly kitty-cats, expect them to come around.

To begin, as always, I want you to breathe nice and slow and deep in through the nose, and out through the nose as well.

Nice and slow and deep.

Now imagine a glowing three-dimensional warm glowing ball in your heart-chakra or center point in your chest…

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